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7 Simple Steps To Apply Eye Makeup For Wide Set Eyes:

7 Simple Steps To Apply Eye Makeup For Wide Set Eyes: October 10, 2017

Out of the many eye shapes, wide set eyes have a lot of distance in between the eyes. If you do the right eye makeup on such eyes, it can make a lot of difference to your whole appearance.

Eye makeup for wide set eyes:

There are 8 eye shapes, today we will concentrate on wide set eyes.

7 Simple Steps To Apply eyeshadow for wide set eyes:

1. Start by Shaping your Eyebrows:

Thick and filled eyebrows make the eyes appear closer.

2. Apply Neutral Colour on the Eyelid:

Apply a neutal shade to the eyelids extending slightly to the outer corner of the eye and a bit above the crease. Use primary colors like light brown or a Champaign along the eyelid.

3. Lower Lash Line:

Using a thin brush, apply a slim colour line below the eye; it should be the same colour as the one you have applied on the eyelid.

4. Inner Corners Of the Eye:

Apply a darker colour like dark brown towards the inner corner of the eyes and fade it towards to the outer corner. This makes the eyes look narrow because the attention is on the inner corner.

5. Highlight Your Eyes:

Highlight using a color below the brow bone, in the center directing the eye to the pupil. Blend it with the crease color.

6. Line your Eyes:

Take a very dark color, tap it to the inner corner of the eye, and extend it to the middle of the to get the illusion of closer set eyes.

7. Apply Mascara:

Apply a coat (more if required) of mascara so that the look is complete and will last longer.

This method helps the eyes look narrow than usual; the darker shade gets all the emphasis on the inner corner of the eye making them look closer.

I hope you have enjoyed makeup tips for wide set eyes. Do let me know by commenting below.


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