54 Best Hair Color Ideas For Women To Try In 2024

The most flattering hair color ideas to get inspired for that much-needed fun transformation

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Hair colors have the power to add that extra charm to your hair like no other. And if you want to pair that dyed hair with some amazing hairdos for a complete look, you have come to the right article. Here, you will find some cool hair color styles worth trying. Scroll down and find your inspiration.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Make sure your hair is healthy. If your hair is damaged and brittle, focus on a healthy hair care routine first.
  • When dyeing your hair at home, follow all the instructions on the package to a T.
  • If you want a complete hair color makeover, visit a salon. Hair coloring is a chemically damaging process, so it’s better to let professionals handle it.
  • Bring lots of pictures to your appointment. Make sure you discuss your budget and upkeep. Some colors are going to require more frequent visits to keep them fresh.

54 Stunning Hair Color Ideas For Women In 2024

1. Long Hair With Blonde Money Piece

Image: Shutterstock

Money piece hair color is in trend right now. And if you have dark golden brown hair, this blonde money piece highlight is all you need. The blonde shade in the front adds the much-desired radiance to your face and brightens the dark hair. It looks super classy and is perfect if you want hair color ideas to accentuate your face.

2. Wavy Red Hair With Slime-Green Ends

Image: Shutterstock

If we have to choose one color that looks fab on everyone, it would be red. From cool to warm and neutral undertones, it looks lovely on all. Combine this classic and fiery color with slime-green or dark green ends and make a style statement wherever you go! The color is ideal for anyone who wants to try something different yet keep it safe.

3. Jet Black Braided Hair With Rich Espresso Highlights

Jet black braided hair with rich espresso highlight hair color styles
Image: Getty

The appeal of jet black hair is ageless. Here smooth front fringes, braided headband and soft curly ends with rich espresso highlights have made the look even more eye-pleasing.

4. Straight Caramel Hair With Highlights and Lowlights

Straight caramel highlights and lowlight hair color styles
Image: Getty

Rich caramel is one of the trendiest hair colors that can be tried out by fair-skinned beauties. You can pair your long, straight and smooth hair with light or dark golden blonde highlights and dark caramel brown or light caramel brown lowlights.

5. Rich Auburn Blonde Waves With Center Part

Rich auburn blonde wave hair color styles
Image: Getty

If you want to choose from the darker shades of red, this rich and dark auburn can truly impress you. Create a center part and let your mesmerizing waves cascade your shoulders. Depending on your natural hair color and skin tone, you can also pick from shades of mahogany, burgundy, cherry red, wine red, light mahogany brown, or dark mahogany brown highlights to your hair.

protip_icon Quick Tip
This rich auburn blonde is fantastic at bringing out the warmth and radiance in olive and deeper skin tones and balancing pink undertones in fair skin tone.

6. Light Reddish Blonde Retro Waves With Texture

Light reddish blonde retro waves hair color styles
Image: Getty

This retro hairstyle with highly textured waves and neat side bang is especially suitable for light reddish blonde hair. Highlight a few strands with the golden blonde shade and add a touch of elegance to it.

7. Ballet Bun On Light Auburn Hair With Brown Lowlights

Ballet bun on light auburn with brown lowlight hair color styles
Image: Getty

In this picture, a beautiful ballet bun is sported on flattened as well as smoothened curly light auburn hair. Dark brown lowlights give the hairstyle a whole new dimension. You can also go for light chestnut brown or dark chestnut brown lowlights to compliment your complexion.

8. Brushed Back And Volumized Dark Reddish Brown Hair

Brushed back volumized dark reddish brown Hair Color Styles
Image: Getty

The shade of dark reddish brown is perfect for brunettes. It gives hair a soft and subtle hue that can complement your personality perfectly. Brush your locks back and tease them until extreme volume is obtained.

9. Charming Peach Blonde Updo With Wavy Side Bang

Charming peach blonde hair color styles with wavy side bangs
Image: Getty

No other hair color is as delicate and charming as a peach blonde. It has given this slightly messy updo with a thin wavy side bang a real sophisticated look. You can also add light peach, light rose gold, or dark rose gold highlights to add depth and dimension to your hair.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Peach blondes have a smooth, pastel color tone that is subtle and reminiscent of peach sorbet. This one is perfect for those fair-skinned beauties, and if you have those amazing blue or green eyes, it will bring them out.

10. Pinkish Purple Reverse Layers With Bangs

Pinkish purple reverse layers hair color styles with bangs
Image: Getty

If you want to paint your hair light and glossy, go for this unique pinkish purple one. Here, the sleek reverse layered locks with face-contouring side bangs are looking simply awesome! You can also opt for a mix of dark lavender, rose gold, and light lavender to add more playfulness to the whole look.

11. Very Short Platinum Blonde Bob With Teased Top

Very short platinum blonde bob hair color styles with bangs
Image: Getty

Platinum blonde is one of the most graceful shades for smart short hair. See how it has made this very short bob with teased crown and curled top look totally edgy. Whether you go for light platinum blonde or dark platinum blonde, the process requires extensive hair bleaching for dark hair colors.

12. Fiery Red Short Textured Bob With Shaved One Side

Fiery red short textured bob hair color styles shaved on one-side
Image: Getty

Look bold and beautiful with this bright red hot hairstyle. It is a short bob with a long side-swept bang as well as nearly shaved one side, and the fiery red shade has made it even more attention-grabbing.

13. Layered Curly Bob With Deep Purple Highlights

Layered curly bob hair color styles with deep purple highlights
Image: Getty

Purple is very much in fashion these days. So, if you are also in love with this beautiful shade, opt for this layered and textured curly bob with deep purple highlights. You can also play around with light purple and light blue highlights to add a pop of color to your hair.

14. Yellow-Gold Hair With Pale Yellow Lowlights

Yellow gold hair color styles with pale yellow lowlights
Image: Getty

Add a golden glow to your face by painting your hair attractive yellow-gold with pale yellow lowlights here and there. Tease and twist the top and finally secure it at your crown.

15. Intense Auburn Twisted Topknot On Coily Hair

Intense auburn twisted topknot hair color styles on coily hair
Image: Getty

Coily hair itself looks exceptional. And if you color it intense auburn like this, you will easily stand out from others. To make the most of your hair color, choose to wear a huge twisted topknot.

16. Shoulder-Length Middle-Parted Ombre Waves

Middle parted ombre hair color style on shoulder length wavy hair
Image: Getty

If you want something different from monochromatic black brown hair, go ombre! This is an exclusive coloring effect, and you can look effortlessly chic in this middle-parted dark brown to golden blonde ombre waves.

17. High Blue-n-Purple Braided Ponytail On Cobalt Blue Hair

High blue and purple braided ponytail on cobalt blue hair
Image: Getty

Only those who have enough confidence should go for this dazzling hairstyle. It is a high braid-wrapped front ponytail on cobalt blue hair, and the long sleek pony is made to look amazing in shades of blue and purple.

On a vibrant journey of hair color experimentation, Satshya, a blogger and social media star, recounts her bold choices, ranging from streaks of orangish blonde at 18 to platinum blond sections, blue, teal, and a purple-ish pink galaxy storm later on. She encourages embracing the temporary nature of hair colors, stating, “It’s so much fun experimenting with different colours and I whole-heartedly encourage anyone who wants to do it. It’s hair – it grows, it fades, it falls. Make it colourful while it lasts (i).”

18. Medium-Length Copper Hair With Vintage Curls

Medium length copper hair with vintage curls
Image: Getty

In this vintage hairstyle, the lower half of the medium-length hair is curled and textured while the side bang is set over one eye flawlessly. Alternatively, the bright copper color has given it a great boost. You can add light copper brown and dark copper brown balayage to add depth and contrast to your hair.

19. Light Natural Blonde Updo With Highly Volumized Top

Light natural blonde updo with highly volumized top
Image: Getty

When carried off properly, light natural blonde looks utterly elegant. Just take a look at this high updo with rolled up and highly volumized top. Extremely graceful – we must say.

20. Pink And Orange Waves With Rounded Front Fringes

Pink and orange waves with rounded front fringes
Image: Getty

Jazz up your girly look with these vibrant pink and orange layered waves. It comes with short; rounded front fringes and the hair should be colored uniformly by dividing it into two equal sections.

21. Straight And Smooth Deep Pink Hair With Side Bang

Straight and smooth deep pink hair with side bang
Image: Getty

An entire pink head can accentuate your feminine quotient to a large extent. Just color your straight and smooth hair deep light pink or dark pink along with that beautiful side-swept bang and see the difference.

22. Middle-Parted Straightened Hair With Multiple Colors

Middle parted straightened hair with multiple colors
Image: Getty

When it comes to shaking up your regular look, go for chemical straightening and apply multiple shades on your curls. In this particular look, the midnight ruby hair has been highlighted with dark brown, light brown, ash brown, light natural blonde, etc.

23. Layered Deep Purple Hair With Straight Front Fringes

Layered deep purple hair with straight front fringes
Image: Getty

A deep purple shade on your hair can alter your appearance completely. Check out this straight layered hair with thick front fringes. The headband has made the hairstyle even more modish.

24. Bright Yellow Short Bob With Layers And Texture

Bright yellow short bob with layers and texture
Image: Getty

If you have the right attitude, you can color your hair bright and gleaming yellow without any hesitation. It is a short layered bob with extreme texture, and the shade has made it look quite warm too.

25. Relaxed Chocolate Brown Waves With Layers

Relaxed chocolate brown waves with layers
Image: Getty

The shade of chocolate brown goes excellent with medium-length wavy hair. Here, the layered relaxed waves are painted chocolate brown with golden blonde highlights and left loose over the shoulders.

26. Straight Smooth Half-n-Half Hair With Front Fringes

Straight smooth half-n-half hair with front fringes
Image: Getty

This is a pretty half-n-half hairstyle in which the long straight and smooth hair is colored in two different shades. The upper part including the fringes is painted jet black while the lower section is colored deep pink.

27. Light Golden Brown Hair With Pastel Blue And Green Streaks

Light golden brown hair with pastel blue and green streaks
Image: Getty

You can look subtly gorgeous by embellishing your light golden brown waves with pastel green and pastel blue streaks here and there. Don’t forget to curl up the ends of your hair slightly.

28. Center-Parted Bright Orange Hair With Side Fringes

Center parted bright orange hair with side fringes
Image: Getty

Bright orange hair reflects immense energy and enthusiasm. If you consider yourself filled with these two much-needed powers, give this middle-parted bright orange hairstyle a try for sure.

29. High Donut Electric Blue Bun On Smooth Hair

High donut electric blue bun on smooth hair
Image: Getty

Choose electric blue as your perfect hair color and rock this hairstyle like nobody can. Pull all your hair together to your crown and create a high donut bun. Also, flatten and smoothen the top neatly.

30. Curly Orange-Pink Bob With Peach and Light Yellow Highlights

Curly orange pink bob with peach and light yellow highlights
Image: Getty

Give yourself a doll-like look by painting your curly layered bob striking orange-pink. Do not forget to add those light yellow and peach highlights in order to make the shade a bit more interesting.

31. Long Layered Waves With Blend Of Pink And Blue

Long layered waves with blend of pink and blue
Image: Getty

If ‘bold’ is what defines your style statement the best, this remarkable hair color will impress you a lot. Here, the shades deep pink and electric blue are beautifully blended to paint the long wavy layers.

32. Voluminous Pale Purple Mohawk

Voluminous pale purple mohawk
Image: Getty

You might have seen black or blonde Mohawk quite a few times. But if it is a matter of making difference, nothing can beat this pale purple Mohawk with additional volume.

33. Smooth Cobalt Blue Bob With Curved Ends

Smooth cobalt blue bob with curved ends
Image: Getty

It is a smooth side-parted bob with faintly curved ends. But what has made it special is its arresting cobalt blue hue. However, skip the roots while coloring your hair in order to retain the soft black tinge.

34. Carrot Red A-Line Bob With Straight Front Fringes

Carrot red a line bob with straight front fringes
Image: Getty

Here is a smooth and sleek A-line bob with curved edges and straight front fringes. The bright carrot red has turned this simple and no-fuss hairstyle into a fresh and sizzling one.

35. Dark Brown Hair With Golden Blonde and Red Highlights

Dark brown hair with golden blonde and red highlights
Image: Getty

Golden blonde highlights on dark brown hair might be quite common. Let us make it strikingly different by adding some true red to it. The shades are simply making the long straight hair look gorgeous!

36. Loose Golden Brown Hair With Vibrant Streaks

Loose golden brown hair with vibrant streaks
Image: Getty

Play with rainbow colors on your golden brown locks and enhance your vibrancy. Add streaks of light natural blonde, deep pink,dark purple, pastel pink, dark blue, bright green, dark peach, pastel green hair here and there. Also, let your tresses flow down your shoulders in order to show off the hues.

37. Dual-Toned Curly Hair With Tucked In Front Fringes

Dual toned curly hair with tucked in front fringes
Image: Getty

Curl up the sides of your hair intensely and round up the ends of the fringes to make it look tucked in. Now, paint it jet black on one-half and golden blonde on the other. Your dual-toned hair is ready!

38. Long Green Bob With Light Natural Blonde Highlights

Long green bob with light natural blonde highlights
Image: Getty

Light green is not a very popular hair color. But just have a look at this long bob with front fringes, natural blonde highlights and curved ends. The green is going quite well with this hairstyle.

39. Very Short Silver Bob With Sky Blue Tinge

Very short silver bob with sky blue tinge
Image: Getty

If you have long been trying to get a classy look, opt for this elegant silver hair color with a splash of sky blue at the top. The rolled up puffy top and the nearly shaved two sides make it an awesome style. You can also experiment with other shades of gray like dark gray, light silver, and dark silver also pair well with sky blue.

40. Long And Straight Extra-Light Natural Blonde

Long and straight extra light natural blonde
Image: Getty

Those with brown or olive skin can always adopt this extra-light natural blonde hairstyle in order to complement their look. Keep your long smooth and layered hair loose and choose an outfit wisely.

41. Short Chocolate Cherry Bob With Textured Curls

Short chocolate cherry bob with textured curls
Image: Getty

Chocolate cherry is a stunning hair shade, which has been quite popular nowadays. In this short bob with textured curls, the beautiful color is paired with soft black lowlights. You can also experiment with a beautiful shade of black cherry and pair it with dark brown lowlights for a unique look.

42. Hair With Golden Brown Smooth Upper And Pink Curly Lower

Golden brown hair color with pink lower curly
Image: Getty

Give your hair a dual appearance with this distinctive style. The upper golden brown section of the hair is kept smooth while the lower deep pink section is curled up intensely. Moreover, all the hair is gathered at one side to emphasize the colors nicely.

43. Hair-Wrapped High Ponytail On Tri-Colored Layers

Tri-colored layers hair color on wrapped high ponytail
Image: Getty

It is a long layered hair with three differently shaded sections – dark brown upper, golden blonde middle and light pink lower. Just turn it into a high ponytail and wrap up its base with a thin section of hair.

44. Cinnamon Red Bob With Layers And Fringes

Cinnamon red bob hair color with layers and fringes
Image: Getty

You can make your signature bob look incredibly glamorous by painting it cinnamon red. Here is the shade has complemented the short boyish bob hairstyle with graduated fringes perfectly.

45. Ruby Pink High Bun With Accessories

Ruby pink high bun hair color with accessories
Image: Getty

Check out this large high bun with a neat and smooth top. The sweet ruby pink shade and those cute accessories have made it totally adorable.

46. Golden Blonde Bob With Soft Black Lowlights

Golden blonde bob hair color with soft black lowlights
Image: Getty

Spice up your golden blonde hair with a touch of soft black just like the hairstyle shown here. The stacked bob with side-swept bangs and black lowlights is enough to make you a trendsetter.

47. Soft Black Hair With Silver Streaks and Brown Highlights

Soft black silver streak hair color with brown highlights
Image: Getty

Look ravishing in your long soft black layered hair just by adding thick silver streaks and dark brown highlights to it. Don’t skip that long straight side bang hugging one side of the face gracefully.

48. Copper Red High Ponytail With Peach Front Fringes

Copper red hair color with peach front fringes
Image: Getty

This is another stunning hairstyle in which the entire hair is colored a deep copper red, and the front fringes are painted peach. You can create a high ponytail and wrap it with a thin section of hair while letting the fringes rest on your forehead.

49. Reddish Blonde Hair With Golden Blonde Streaks

Reddish blonde hair color with golden blonde streaks
Image: Getty

Add a twist to your reddish blonde hair by painting the front section of your hair golden blonde. Roll up the highlighted streaks and add texture to it in order to get an unusual look.

50. Orange Red Layers With Bangs And Yellow Lowlights

Orange red layers hair color with bangs and yellow lowlights
Image: Getty

If charm and vibrancy are all you are looking for, this would be the ideal choice for you. Pick the sizzling shade of orange-red for your medium-length layered bob and add a zing to it by opting for yellow lowlights.

51. Volumized Light Yellow Bob With Pink and Peach Highlights

Volumized light yellow bob hair color with pink and peach highlights
Image: Getty

Add extreme volume to your shoulder-length light yellow bob and texturize the layers nicely. Here, the look has been enhanced drastically by adding pale pink and peach highlights to it.

52. Funky Multicolored Bob With Intense Texture

Funky multicolored bob hair color with intense texture
Image: Getty

Finally, here is an utterly funky and extremely playful hairstyle for you. Texturize your bob hair intensely and paint it with different colors, such as purple, pink, red, copper, black, orange, and so on. Be creative with your hair and see the difference!

53. Sultry Mushroom Brown Hair Color

Gigi Hadid with mushroom brown hair
Image: Shutterstock

It is one of the most effortless hair colors for those with lighter hair to transition into a carefree look. The ashy and rich variant of brown is not a hair trend that just comes and goes. If you are looking for a hair color to suit your long hair, this one will never go wrong when worn as long tousled waves.

54. Side Swept Caramel Ombre Hair

Mandy Moore in caramel ombre hair
Image: Shutterstock

This color glides from a dark authentic brunette to lightened caramel ends. The rich and luxurious ombre shade gives a decadent look to your tresses. With a curly lob, the color creates a face-framing statement that can complement lighter skin tones and eye colors.

Infographic: Hair Color For The Seasons

he entire concept of dyeing your hair could be exciting, regardless of how it would look on you. Many people like coloring their hair to express something about their personality. If you have a thing for seasons, we have a few suggestions on what hair colors would suit the best in each. Learn more from the infographic below.

hair color for the seasons (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

We are sure you are aware that fashion trends never go out of style, and that they always make a comeback years later. But can the same be said for hair colors? Are hair colors as timeless as fashion trends? The answer is yes! Most of the hair color looks you see here, from caramel highlights to auburn waves, are styles from the past decade that still hold up. From Emma Stone’s reddish blonde Hollywood waves to Katy Perry’s unicorn ponytail, these styles prove that some hair colors transcend time. So, scroll up, pick your favorite color trend, and try it out for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hair color for women over 50?

The best hair color for an individual not only depends on age but also on skin tone. However, platinum blonde, honey bronde, and copper with blonde highlights are some of the best hair colors for ladies over 50.

What hair color is good for people over 60?

Silver, ash blonde, dark ash blonde, light blonde, platinum, dark blonde, and light ash blonde are the most suitable hair colors for individuals over 60.

What color of hair makes you look younger?

Warm and light hair colors like chestnut, honey blonde, caramel blonde, dark ash brown, and light ash brown can help with a youthful and radiant appearance.

What hair color make brown eyes pop?

Warm-toned hair colors look best with brown eyes. However, as brown is a neutral color, it pairs well with most hair colors.

Key Takeaways

  • Waves or curls add dimension and movement to your colored hair.
  • You can opt for ombre hair or get highlights, lowlights, and balayage for a contrasting look.
  • Auburn shade complements people with olive and dark skin tones while caramel is a trendy color for those with fair skin tones.
hair colors ideas

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Discover your glam style with these captivating hair color ideas. Check out this video for different natural tones and bold colors that you can try. Let the true you shine through!

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