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50 Latest Edgy Hairstyles For All Hair Types

50 Latest Edgy Hairstyles For All Hair Types Hyderabd040-395603080 January 18, 2019

Following the latest hairstyle trends and looking perfectly edgy can be quite difficult, especially if you are planning for it for the first time. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for the bold, vivid hairstyles that are all in rage. All you need to do is carry the hairstyle with sufficient confidence and proper attitude. Now, let us give you some latest edgy hairstyle ideas and that too for all types of hair. Here we go:

A. Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Very Short Hair:

The trend in the recent years is to sport very short hair. Here are some edgy hairstyles for very short hair:

1. Super Coily Buzz Cut Hair:

Super-Coily-Buzz-Cut-Hair Pinit

Image : Getty

A buzz cut is just the previous stage of bald hairstyle in which the head is almost shaved or the hair is trimmed extremely short. Here, the kinky coily hair has given added twist to it.

2. Textured Blonde Boy Cut:

Textured-Blonde-Boy-Cut Pinit

Image : Getty

Your hairstyle can bring out the tomboyish personality in you. Go for this typical boy cut on your natural beige blonde hair and texturize the layers neatly in order to look truly smart.

3. Bright Yellow Textured Pixie:

Bright-Yellow-Textured-Pixie Pinit

Image : Getty

Edgy pixie hairstyles is one of the latest as well as the most popular styles for women with very short hair. Look cool, fresh and absolutely charming in this bright yellow pixie with perfectly textured layers.

4. Rolled Back Bob with Messy High Top:

Rolled-Back-Bob-with-Messy-High-Top Pinit

Image : Getty

Whether it is a formal event or a casual hangout, this light reddish brown bob can always give you the right look. Roll all your hair back and tease the top section to mess it up, thereby creating a moderate height.

5. Volumized Hair with Shaved Sides:

Volumized-Hair-with-Shaved-Sides Pinit

Image : Getty

Side shaving is very much in fashion these days. To get this look, you just need to shave both sides of your head partially, roll back the highlighted golden blonde hair and puff it up to get volume at the top-front. Spritz hairspray to keep the pouf intact.

6. Rounded Silky Bob with Side Sweep:

Rounded-Silky-Bob-with-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image : Getty

This sleek, cheek-length, light golden blonde bob can frame your face perfectly with its rounded shape. There should be a deep side part and the layered side-swept bang should cover the forehead for a youthful look.

7. Casual Blonde Bob with Messy Wavy Top:

Casual-Blonde-Bob-with-Messy-Wavy-Top Pinit

Image : Getty

This light beige blonde bob is just another example of a trendy hairstyle for very short-haired girls. Keep the length of the top-front hair a bit longer, create waves on it and give it a messy finish.

8. Wavy Textured Bob with Outward Curls:

Wavy-Textured-Bob-with-Outward-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

This is a cute and adorable version of a regular wavy textured bob. Part it to one side and curl up the ends of the textured waves in an outward direction. Nice, isn’t it?

9. Boy Cut with Long Asymmetric Side Sweep:

Boy-Cut-with-Long-Asymmetric-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image : Getty

As you can see, it is a very simple side-parted boy cut hairstyle, which features a long slightly feathered side-swept bang with a choppy or asymmetric structure. Give it a try and look totally edgy.

10. Dark Rooted Bob with Feathered Front:

Dark-Rooted-Bob-with-Feathered-Front Pinit

Image : Getty

Look fashionable beyond doubt from all aspects with this light golden blonde bob with ash brown roots. Side-part the hair and give it a rounded shape, while the ends of the front hair should be feathered.

B. Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Short Hair:

Having short hair is probably the only hairstyle with which you can experiment a lot. Here are some edgy hairstyles for short hair:

11. Curly Black Mohawk:

Curly-Black-Mohawk Pinit

Image : Getty

When it comes to looking trendy with short hair, Mohawk is considered as a superb choice. Here is a jet black version of the typical Mohawk in which both sides are almost shaved and the middle hair is transformed into luscious curls.

12. Messy Highlighted Pixie with Graduated Bang:

Messy-Highlighted-Pixie-with-Graduated-Bang Pinit

Image : Getty

Here is a natural blonde pixie with ash blonde highlights for girls with short hair. The sharp graduated side-swept bang and the slightly tangled finish are two biggest traits of this amazing hairstyle.

13. Sleek Side-Parted Asymmetric Bob:

Sleek-Side-Parted-Asymmetric-Bob Pinit

Image : Getty

Part your asymmetric bob to one side and apply wax to get a sleek look. The long blunt hair at one side and the intense dark brown highlights have made this simple bob quite eye-catching.

14. Textured Blonde Waves with Headband:

Textured-Blonde-Waves-with-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

Headband is one of the most versatile hair accessories with timeless appeal. Add texture to your golden blonde wavy bob and roll it back in a not-so-organized manner. Finally, bedeck it with a pretty headband.

15. Beige Blonde Bob with Multiple Twists:

Beige-Blonde-bob-with-Multiple-Twists Pinit

Image : Getty

Divide your short beige blonde bob into several small sections, twist them up one by one and secure with bobby pins around the head. A very unique yet very demanding hairstyle it is.

16. Choppy Black Bob with Uneven Fringes:

Choppy-Black-Bob-with-Uneven-Fringes Pinit

Image : Getty

The most exclusive thing about this glossy black bob is that it comes with a choppy effect, which gives its top section a stacked and volumized look. The front fringes should also be irregular in length for a perfect harmony.

17. Side-Parted Angular Bob with Dense Curls:

Side-Parted-Angular-Bob-with-Dense-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

No matter what your face shape is, a short angular bob can enhance your look significantly. Create a side part on your layered bob hair and curl it up by taking in small sections. Enjoy you trendy and sensational hairstyle!

18. Layered Dreadlocks with Side Part:

Layered-Dreadlocks-with-Side-Part Pinit

Image : Getty

Dreadlocks are a big hit among women with Afro-textured hair. You just need to part your short layered and curly bob to one side and create multiple fine dreadlocks on it.

19. Fluffy Platinum Blonde Bob with Waves:

Fluffy-Platinum-Blonde-Bob-with-Waves Pinit

Image : Getty

A platinum blonde bob is always appreciated by short-haired women and here, the bob is made to look even more dramatic with large airy waves and considerable volume. Elegant – we must say!

20. Messy Highlighted Curly Bob with Long Side Bang:

Messy-Highlighted-Curly-Bob-with-Long-Side-Bang Pinit

Image : Getty

This is a shiny dark brown bob with light brown highlights. In this hairstyle, the curly hair is totally messed up at the top and a long spiral side bang is embracing the face lovingly. Quite a trendy and chic look!

C. Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair:

The scope for medium-length hair to be edgy is rather limited. Here are some edgy hairstyles for medium-length hair that you could try out:

21. Sexy Beachy Waves with Mess:

Sexy-Beachy-Waves-with-Mess Pinit

Image : Getty

Beachy waves are the best for medium-length hair and you must give it a shot if you want to bring out the mysterious, sexy lady in you. A little tangled flair will spice up the look even more.

22. Fringed Layered Waves with Curly Ends:

Fringed-Layered-Waves-with-Curly-Ends Pinit

Image : Getty

This beautiful medium-length layered bob with subtle highlights and lowlights is just right for an utmost gorgeous look. Curl up the ends of the layers in inward and outward directions respectively and let the thick fringes swing over your forehead.

23. Side-Parted Waves with Bang and Spiral Ends:

Side-Parted-Waves-with-Bang-and-Spiral-Ends Pinit

Image : Getty

Part your flowy golden blonde waves to one side, add a little volume to the crown and create spiral curls at the ends of the layers neatly. The lovely side sweep and the fresh white flower have given the hairstyle a classic look.

24. Wavy Layers with Braided Headband:

Wavy-Layers-with-Braided-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

If you have medium-length layered hair with natural waves, you will just need a simple braided headband to look trendy. The precise centre part, the subtle curly ends and the jet black shade are some other specialties of this hairstyle.

25. Messy Rippling Waves with Fringes:

Messy-Rippling-Waves-with-Fringes Pinit

Image : Getty

Firstly, section off the thin random fringes from rest of your reddish brown blonde hair. Now, create rippling waves on it, make it a bit tangled and let it cascade your shoulders. Simple!

26. Wavy Blonde Hair with Twisted Front:

Wavy-Blonde-Hair-with-Twisted-Front Pinit

Image : Getty

Here is a sweet blonde hairstyle, which is quite popular among girls these days. Create a side part in your wavy hair, twist up the front locks along the hairline and secure it right behind the ear.

27. Low Twisted Bun with Textured Wavy Bang:

Low-Twisted-Bun-with-Textured-Wavy-Bang Pinit

Image : Getty

A low bun can always give you a stylish look. Here, the hair is twisted and turned into a small bun at the nape of the neck, while the rest of the wavy hair as well as the side bang are textured well.

28. French Twist with Volumized Top:

French-Twist-with-Volumized-Top Pinit

Image : Getty

Say one hairstyle that stands the test of time and the elegant French twist will top the list. Here, a modified version of it has been shown in which you need to volumize the top of your glossy dark brown hair and transform it into a French-styled twist at the back.

29. Jet Black Retro Textured Curls:

Jet-Black-Retro-Textured-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

Well, retro can also be edgy, if you can pull it off properly. Check out this jet black retro hairstyle in which the side-parted hair is curled up and textured intensely for a classy, neat look.

30. High Top Ponytail with Layered Curls:

High-Top-Ponytail-with-Layered-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

This is one of the best funky edgy hairstyles, if you are blessed with thick natural curls. Pull all your curls together at the top and create a ponytail as high as possible. The curls should swing all around your head and use a nice hair accessory to hide the elastic band.

D. Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Long hair too has the most scope of looking edgy. All you have to do is get the style that suits you the most. Here are some edgy hairstyles for women with long hair:

31. Half Braided Wavy Ponytail with Side Bang:

Half-Braided-Wavy-Ponytail-with-Side-Bang Pinit

Image : Getty

Give a boost to your feminine charm with this romantic side hairdo. Start a low braid with your light brown wavy hair and turn it into a pony half way. The fringes and the long side bang should be there toad a zing to the entire look.

32. Messy Wavy Ponytail with Side Twists:

Messy-Wavy-Ponytail-with-Side-Twists Pinit

Image : Getty

Add a messy flair to your long wavy hair and make a low ponytail with it at the nape of your neck. Now, take two sections of hair from each side, twist them up separately and secure them around the base of the pony one by one. A very innovative ponytail to try out!

33. Hair-Wrapped Braided Pony with Puff and Bangs:

Hair-Wrapped-Braided-Pony-with-Puff-and-Bangs Pinit

Image : Getty

Separate the front layered bang from rest of your hair and allow it to rest across your forehead. Add volume to your crown and come up with a semi-high ponytail. Finally, braid up the pony and wrap a thin section of hair around its base. Super stylish! No?

34. Dark Ash Brown Curls with Textured:

Dark-Ash-Brown-Curls-with-Textured Pinit

Image : Getty

Forget complicated hairdos, when you have such a long and naturally beautiful hair. Part it in the middle and let the two sections flow down your shoulders gracefully. Then, create thin precise curls and texturize them to complete your look.

35. Side Fishtail Braid with Messy Top and Bangs:

Side-Fishtail-Braid-with-Messy-Top-and-Bangs Pinit

Image : Getty

How can we miss the highly fashionable fishtail braid while talking about the latest edgy hairstyles? Turn your long wavy locks into a side fishtail braid and set the messy top section by sprtizing hairspray. The random wavy side bangs will give the look a new dimension.

36. High Twisted Bun with Highlights:

High-Twisted-Bun-with-Highlights Pinit

Image : Getty

You don’t need to wait for the summer to sport this high bun hairstyle. Wear this twisted bun on your highlighted long hair and look absolutely stylish any time. Just pull all your hair at the top tightly and twist it up into a bun.

37. Auburn Blonde Bouffant with Wavy Side Sweep:

Auburn-Blonde-Bouffant-with-Wavy-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image : Getty

This is an amazing combination of a rich auburn blonde shade and a classic high bouffant bun. Also, the long wavy side-swept bang has jazzed up the look to a large extent.

38. Silky Smooth Beehive with Accessory:

Silky-Smooth-Beehive-with-Accessory Pinit

Image : Getty

After bouffant, it is time for beehive. Give your hair even more dramatic makeover by opting for this huge, smooth and sexy beehive bun. Add a unique headband to give the look a trendy twist.

39. Wavy Blonde Hair with Crystal Headband:

Wavy-Blonde-Hair-with-Crystal-Headband Pinit

Image : Getty

Loose flowy waves are always appreciated by women and here, the light natural blonde wavy locks are allowed to cascade the shoulders after middle-parting. Well, don’t miss out that beautiful crystallized headband.

40. Sleek Hair-Wrapped Side Ponytail with Curls:

Sleek-Hair-Wrapped-Side-Ponytail-with-Curls Pinit

Image : Getty

Slick all your side-parted long hair to one side and come up with a tight low ponytail. The ends of the pony should be curled up slightly. Also, wrap its base with a thin section of hair.

E. Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Super Long Hair:

Possessing super long hair is considered edgy in itself. However, here are some edgy hairstyles for super long hair that would definitely mesmerize you:

41. Thick Straight Highlighted Layers:

Thick-Straight-Highlighted-Layers Pinit

Image : Getty

Layers can never go out of fashion. So, get your soft black hair with dark brown highlights layered as well as straightened and let them rest on your shoulders after creating an off-centre part. Elegance redefined!

42. Highlighted Four Strand Braid with Twisted Ends:

Highlighted-Four-Strand-Braid-with-Twisted-Ends Pinit

Image : Getty

Add a touch of sophistication to your regular braid by turning it into a four strand one and see the difference. Subtle dark brown highlights and densely twisted ends are two other excellent features of the hairstyle.

43. Luscious Side Curls with Puffy Crown and Twisted Side Sweep:

Luscious-Side-Curls-with-Puffy-Crown-and-Twisted-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image : Getty

Try this sexy bridal hairstyle for your next party and be the reason of envy for others. Create subtle volume at your crown, turn your highlighted long hair into soft luscious curls, gather them on one of your shoulders and finally, secure the twisted side sweep behind your ear with bobby pins. Gorgeous!

44. Straight High Ponytail with Hair Wrap:

Straight-High-Ponytail-with-Hair-Wrap Pinit

Image : Getty

If you want to put emphasis on the classic light brown shade of your super long hair, a straight high ponytail should be your choice. Keep the top section firm enough and wrap the pony with hair.

45. Side Fishtail Braid with Sharp Side Bangs:

Side-Fishtail-Braid-with-Sharp-Side-Bangs Pinit

Image : Getty

Fishtail braid looks extremely good on long hair too. Give your tight highlighted side fishtail braid a messy finish and add a couple of razor-sharp side bangs to it.

46. Smooth Wavy Half Updo with Huge Pouf:

Smooth-Wavy-Half-Updo-with-Huge-Pouf Pinit

Image : Getty

Tease up the top-front section of your hair extensively in order to create such a massive pouf. Now, pin both sides at the back and let rest of the hair flow down your back. A wonderful half hairdo to look up-to-the-minute!

47. Large High Twisted Bun with Tight Top:

Large-High-Twisted-Bun-with-Tight-Top Pinit

Image : Getty

Smoothen up your hair by applying lots of pomade and slick it back to the crown to come up with a gigantic twisted bun. What else do you need to be the centre of attraction at an event?

48. Thick Braid with Exclusive Twisted Side Sweep:

Thick-Braid-with-Exclusive-Twisted-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image : Getty

This is basically a thick and precise braid with multiple highlights. But, the biggest trait of this apparently simple hairstyle is its smooth, sleek and twisted side sweep covering more than half of the forehead.

49. High Front Pony with Braided Wrap and Highlights:

High-Front-Pony-with-Braided-Wrap-and-Highlights Pinit

Image : Getty

This is a cobalt blue ponytail made at the top of the head and highlighted with shades like deep blue, purple and sky. Let it rest at the front-side of your head and wrap it with a thin braid.

50. Copper Waves with Braid, Puff and Headchain:

Copper-Waves-with-Braid,-Puff-and-Headchain Pinit

Image : Getty

Finally, here is something super cool and edgy. Get a thin braid at the side-top of your head, volumize the hair at the other side, and keep rest of the copper waves loose. Perk up the style significantly with a metal head chain and rock the look completely.

Which one is your latest edgy hairstyle from these? Why do you love that style? Do let us know by commenting below.

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