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10 Side Effects Of Lemon Juice

10 Side Effects Of Lemon Juice October 10, 2017

We all love a glass of chilled lemon juice to quench our thirst on a hot and sultry afternoon. The usage of this fruit is so versatile that it is used to make beverages; used as a taste booster; and it also finds its way in the preparation of native medicine in several parts of the world. You can instantly recognize this fruit because of its fresh aroma and green to yellowish hue.

Apart from being used to dress salads, and as a base to prepare juices, lemon is also used to make other culinary delights like lemon rice, and the ever popular French toast!

Lemon juice has several nutrients that include Vitamin A, C, calcium, carbohydrates and flavonoids. So taking lemon juice gives your body some amount of vital nutrients and antioxidants beyond doubt.

We all know that lemon is one of the most popular citrus fruits used all over the world for myriad purposes, but many of us are unaware of the side effects of lemon juice.

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Let’s have a look at the side effects of lemon juice that are listed below:

While lemon juice can be used as a beverage or in combination with honey and other food, its intake may not be suited for a few. It has acidic properties and that can spark certain unpleasant reactions in people with specific health conditions.

1. GERD Or Acid Reflux:

GERD or gastroesphageal reflux disorder that often leads to heartburn, vomiting and nausea, is often triggered by the consumption of acidic foods. Those who suffer from GERD can feel the onset of the symptoms when they consume lemon juice with or after a meal. Those with ulcers can suffer from stomach turbulences after a glass of lemon juice. In this condition, the stomach lining gets irritated and causes mild to acute irritation in the gut!

2. Tooth Enamel Erosion:

Owing to its high acidic content, lemon juice can even affect the teeth enamel. Yes, you heard it right! Overconsumption of lemon juice can erode the enamel of your teeth, leaving your pearly whites looking ghastly!

Canned lemon juice too can be quite harmful for dental hygiene. Excessive use can render your teeth stained and scarred. Those with cavities in teeth can face worsening of the condition.

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3. Stomach Issues:

Drinking lots of lemon juice can lead to stomach upset. The juice’s acidity level does not reduce easily. To prevent stomach pain, you can dilute lemon juice with water.

4. Enhanced Iron Absorption:

A number of studies have indicated that lemon juice may play a part behind excessive iron absorption by the body. This is attributed to its high ascorbic acid content. If iron keeps getting stored in the body, it can lead to iron toxicity and other complications, such as diarrhoea and nausea.

5. Chloroquine Levels:

Chloroquine is used to treat victims of malaria, and lemon juice reduces its efficacy. Doctors suggest the malaria patients not to consume lemon juice during their treatment as well as convalescing period.

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6. Allergic Reactions:

Citrus fruits can cause allergic reactions in some people. Reactions can include migraine and skin allergy.

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7. Unsafe During Pregnancy:

Pregnant women can drink lemon juice, but they should do so in moderation. Many women experience heartburn in the later parts of the pregnancy and gulping down copious quantities of lemon juice can worsen the situation. During pregnancy, the teeth and bones become exposed to decalcification. The citric acid present in lemon can aggravate the condition. This side effect of lemon juice can lead to the onset of sore throat in some women at this stage.

8. Unsafe For Kidney Disorder:

Did you know that several studies have indicated that people with kidney and gall bladder issues need to evade drinking lemon juice? Lemon juice can interfere with the calcium absorption in the body and aggravate the kidney condition.

9. Food Allergies:

Commercially grown lemons often have wax on the surface. When you make your bottle of juice using this lemon, some of the wax may also get into the juice. This can lead to food allergies. To be on the safe side, bring home organic lemons as these are pesticide and free from preservatives.

10. Other Lemon Juice Effects:

There are many obese people who resort to lemon juice detox to shed excess body fat. Drinking the juice in small amounts will provide effective nutrients to your body. However, when you drink several glasses a day there can be some side effects. The symptoms include lack of concentration, headaches, lethargy, etc. What started as a detox program can leave you feeling rather depressed and weak!

Now that you know the many side effects of lemon juice, be sure to dilute it with other drinks to reduce the acidity content in it. With some culinary creativity, you can still enjoy your drink and reap its many health benefits without succumbing to its side effects.

These were some of the lemon juice side effects! Do share your experience with us in the comments section.

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