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Top 5 Alternatives To Replace Expensive Makeup Brushes

Top 5 Alternatives To Replace Expensive Makeup Brushes October 5, 2017

Makeup brushes are essential tools required for applying makeup perfectly. But, investing in a collection of good makeup brushes can be expensive for most of us. But, the good news is that you can replace them with simple and cheap alternatives to enjoy the fun of doing makeup. Wish to know the top secrets of finding cheaper alternatives to replace expensive makeup brushes, then go ahead and read this article.

Top 5 Cheap Alternatives Of Expensive Makeup Brushes:

Here are the 5 secrets revealed for you to go on a budget-friendly makeup.

1. Cotton Swab As A Smudge Brush And Pencil Brush:


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Have you ever thought that cotton swabs can also turn out to be must haves in a makeup vanity case? Yes, a cotton swab can work not less than a miracle to make your makeup look.

You can simply replace your smudge and pencil brushes for cotton swabs. It can be used to simply to apply eyeshadow on your lower or upper lash line, smudge out your kajal or simply set your kajal with an eyeshadow for a long lasting finish.

If you are a beginner in makeup, cotton swabs can help you make your eyeliner perfect. You needn’t worry anymore as you can simply fix the eyeliner mistake with a clean cotton swab. You absolutely won’t need any makeup remover or water for this trick. All you have to remember is, once you have completed doing your eyeliner or mascara, the next step is to correct the mistake. As eyeliner and mascara formulas set and dry faster, you would have to try and quickly fix your mistake. Simply correct the eyeliner or even mascara mistake by grabbing a clean cotton swab and then, place it over the mistake and create soft to and fro motions to remove it. And now you are done!

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2. Tissue Paper For Blush And Powder Application:


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Tissue papers are used commonly for blotting your skin to instantly remove excess oil and shine. But, did you know that there are several ways to use your tissue papers for makeup. You can easily skip powder and blush brushes for tissue papers. Yes, you heard it right. Blushes give a gorgeous flushed look for your cheeks. But the trick is to get the flush appear natural without looking harsh or bold. Most of us easily tend to overdo our blushes after which we have strong streaks of red or pink tones on our cheeks. But here our humble tissue papers come to rescue!

  1. Fold the tissue paper to give it a triangle shape and use it for application of blush or powder.
  2. To correct the heavily done blushes sweep a clean tissue against your skin. I will remove and blend away all the excess color.
  3. All you have to remember is to always use a clean tissue paper to avoid any breakouts due to bacterial infections.

3. Sponge Tip Applicators For Eyeshadow Application:


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Sponge tip applicators are easily available and are super cheap for your pocket. They are flat in shape, which makes eyeshadow application perfect.

  1. You can simply apply your eyeshadows all over your eyelid or apply it only to the outermost corners of your eyes.
  2. Then, use another sponge tip applicator to blend out any sharp edges in your eye makeup.

4. Try Paint Brushes:


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Paint brushes are the best inexpensive makeup brushes. Then, why not use them for your makeup? The benefit is that they work well for your eye makeup application like those expensive makeup brushes.

  1. Angular paint brushes work perfectly for applying eyeliner or gel liner to your upper as well as lower lash line.
  2. Thinly pointed paint brushes work amazingly for applying kajal to your waterline or for precise lining of your eyes.
  3. You could also pick a short flat bristled paint brush to pat eyeshadow all over your eyes.

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5. DIY Your Own Makeup Brushes:


Have you ever thought that you can easily DIY your own inexpensive makeup brushes?

  1. Simply grab a pencil with an eraser end. Then, pull out the eraser with the help of a blunt scissors.
  2. Now, you can even use your own hair or your pet’s hair for making the bristles.
  3. After choosing the bristles, place them into the rubber placed end and press the metal tightly to secure the bristles in place.
  4. Now, use a sharp scissors to trim the edges according to your preference.
  5. You can easily make flat eyeshadow brushes, angled eye makeup brushes and also blending brushes for your eye makeup application with this DIY.

There you have our top 5 cheap alternatives to replace your expensive makeup brushes. Which one is your favorite in the list? Do not forget to share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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