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10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Lemon Verbena Essential Oil April 24, 2018

Did you know that lemon verbena essential oil can help you control indigestion? Are you aware that it provides tonic properties as well? Well, if you are wondering what lemon verbena essential oil is or how it benefits your body, look no further. Read this post and find out about lemon verbena essential oil and its many health benefits!

What Is Lemon Verbena Essential Oil?

Lemon Verbena essential oil is extracted from the ‘Aloysia citrodora’ plant of the verbena family (1). It gets its name from the lemony smell it emanates. The plant usually grows up to 5 meters high and is mostly cultivated in Morocco, although it has its origins in the rainforests of Chile. The oil is extracted from the leaves of this plant using a process of steam distillation, which is common to other essential oils as well.

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Expert Opinions:

Experts have made some pretty positive statements about the health benefits of lemon verbena essential oil. Its characteristic lemony smell has seen it being used widely in Aromatherapy. Some opinions made by experts shed light on the other health benefits of this amazing essential oil.

Renowned medical aromatherapist, Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt says, “This oil parallels rose oil in its complexity. The clear effects of the antiviral and sedative citrals are complemented by one of the most impressive cocktails of high-impact secondary and trace components… Its activity and benefits for the endocrine system are unsurpassed. Precious and expensive, lemon verbena brings equilibrium and communication between all major endocrine glands.” Dr. Schnaubelt has been working with essential oils and their therapeutic effects for quite a long time. You can view all the essential oils reviewed by him on his website here.

Another famous medical aromatherapist, Susanne Fischer-Rizzi (2) adds: “Lemon verbena oil refreshes the body, stimulates brain function and increases concentration. In addition, lemon verbena strengthens the heart and has effects similar to those of balm oil. The gifts of openness toward new opportunities, joy, and enthusiasm are what this plant offers.”

The essential oil has many health benefits and has an especially soothing aroma. Some of the popular lemon verbena essential oil benefits include:

1. Antiseptic:

This characteristic makes lemon verbena oil an excellent remedy for treating bacterial infections and ensures that the oil is widely used as a disinfectant.

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2. Stimulant:

Lemon verbena essential oil has stimulant properties, which make it ideal for curing inflammatory conditions and inducing digestive processes in your body. This is what makes this oil an excellent digestive.

3. Digestive:

Lemon verbena essential oil is used to replace lemon in food and many people have used it as an effective digestive agent. Its digestive nature helps promote digestion and relieves stubborn conditions like indigestion, upset stomach and bloating.

4. Antispasmodic:

The soothing and relaxant nature of the oil helps relieve spasms. Lemon verbena essential oil is used to relieve spasmodic pain and cure conditions like violent cough.

5. Sedative:

The relaxant and soothing nature of this oil is augmented by the fact that lemon verbena essential oil has sedative properties. This makes it an effective cure for insomnia and stress related disorders.

6. Emollient:

One of the most effective topical uses of lemon verbena essential oil is as a moisturizer. The oil’s emollient properties not only help make your skin softer but help you retain moisture effectively.

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7. Insecticide:

The antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics of lemon essential oil make it an effective insecticide, which can be used to disinfect your body and other places like your kitchen as well. The lemony aroma that it leaves behind is one of its best features.

8. Aphrodisiac:

Another interesting characteristic of lemon verbena essential oil is its proven aphrodisiac properties. So, say goodbye to a low libido by using 2-3 drops of lemon verbena essential oil.

9. Febrifuge:

Lemon verbena essential oil is a good febrifuge, which means that it is used to reduce fever. This property makes it a useful essential oil to keep handy.

10. Tonic:

Lemon verbena essential oil is used widely as a tonic. It has antibacterial, antimicrobial, insecticide, disinfectant and sedative properties, which make it an excellent tonic for most ailments.

So, order your bottle of lemon verbena essential oil today. Apart from being a therapeutic essential oil, it is widely used by cooks to add lemon essence to many dishes. Tell us what you think of this incredible essential oil. Leave a comment below.

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