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13 Amazing Benefits Of Marsh Mallow (Althaea Officinalis) For Skin, Hair And Health

13 Amazing Benefits Of Marsh Mallow (Althaea Officinalis) For Skin, Hair And Health November 1, 2017

A pretty plant that gives big benefits – that is Althaea Officinalis in a nut shell! Althaea Officinalis plant, commonly known as marsh mellow or marshmellow, is a plant species which traces its origin to Africa and is very commonly used for preparing medicines and ornaments. Very subtle and velvety in texture, it is very dense by nature and the hairs of the flower are arranged in a radiating star pattern. In our day to day activities, marshmellow plant has proved to be useful in many ways and is used as a food and a medicinal component. The Althaea Officinalis root extract and stems are very advantageous and helpful in many ways for overall health, skin and hair.

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Althaea Officinalis Uses for Skin:

1. An application of althaea officinalis helps in reducing the effect of swelling and also helps to rejuvenate the deterioration of the skin.
2. The process of oxidation of the cells comes to a halt with the help of this herb. It is highly effective towards the healing of wounds, burns and scars.
3. Being a good anti-inflammatory agent, it enhances the immunity power of the cells too.
4. A compound present in the herb helps to reduce the levels of hyaluronidase and this in turn minimizes swellings and acts as an anti-aging compound.

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Althaea Officinalis Uses for Hair:

Attaining beautiful hair is a dream of many because it is a sign of beauty and elegance. Marshmellow oil has been used over the centuries to attain good hair texture.

5. The mucilage present in the oil helps to regulate and destroy the bacteria and other contaminations present on the scalp.
6. The oil is mainly recommended for an arid and itchy scalp because it helps to lock the moisture within. It contains the compounds which softens and smoothens the hair, thereby giving a fluffy look.
7. Marshmellow oil works like an anti-breakage agent which prevents and minimizes hair fall and fastens the growth of hair.

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Althaea Officinalis Uses for Health:

8. The stems and the roots of the plant contain a sticky substance called mucilage and when they are arid they are used in herbal remedies.
9. The marshmellow is used as a treatment for children suffering from swollen and sore throats. The herb helps the phlegm liquefy and that in turn helps clear lung congestion.
10. Various medical ailments like bronchitis, cough, cold, asthma etc are treated with the help of althae officinalis.

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11. This herb is even used to clean and sooth the digestive system and the urinary bladder.
12. Minor injuries, burns, ulcers of the skin, boils or inflammations etc. can also be cured through the use of this mucilage found in marshmallow stems and roots.
13. The roots of the herb are also very effective in curing and healing the cysts that build up in the body.

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Althae Officinalis for Nutrition:

The althaea officinalis powder is very nutritious and keeps a person hale and hearty! The flavonoids present in the plant are very fibrous and gives the herb anti-inflammatory properties, which further helps to reduce and eliminate swelling. The herb can be used along with honey to help the digestive tract work faster and better. Marshmellow plant comes loaded with calcium, and its powder is widely used in tooth powders and pastes thereby providing calcium to the tooth. The mucilage present in the herb is very essential for the proper functioning of the body. The carbohydrates, flavonoids, and sucrose present in the plant also help to regulate the sugar levels of the person.

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It is a myth that all natural products are safe and good. It is important to understand the contents and effects of natural products too. The powder of the marshmallow plant should be consumed depending on the health and various other medical conditions of an individual. Pregnant woman and diabetic individuals should avoid consuming this herb in excess. Since there are no scientific evidences for the dosage, therefore an expert should be consulted before including this herb in your diet.

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