28 Amazing Benefits Of Mosambi (Sweet Lime) For Skin, Hair And Health

The benefits of this powerhouse of vitamin C go beyond boosting your immunity.

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By Tanya ChoudharyTanya Choudhary, ISSA Certified Specialist In Fitness & Nutrition  • 

Sweet lime, popularly known as mosambi, is packed with many beneficial nutrients. Mosambi benefits your health in many ways, which can be attributed to its nutrient content. It is one of the most popular fruits of southeast Asia. These fruits have an oval/round shape and green-colored skin. They turn yellow once they are ripe. The mosambi tree generally bears fruits after 5-7 years. Tropical and subtropical climates are suitable for their growth, and maximum yield is produced at around 10- 20 years.

protip_icon Know Your Ingredient: Mosambi Juice

What Is It?
Juice of the ripe citrus fruit Mosambi, which is similar to an orange in appearance.

What Are Its Benefits?
Treats scurvy, aids digestion, helps bowel detoxification, improves immune response, and reduces peptic ulcers.

Who Can Consume It?
Considered safe for consumption in general.

How Often?
Regularly, as part of a healthy diet plan.

Excessive consumption can cause digestive problems. Its high acid content can cause enamel erosion in teeth.

Binomial nameCitrus limetta, Citrus lumia, Citrus limettiodes tanaka
Common NamesPersian lime, sweet limetta, sweet lime, sweet lemon and Mediterranean sweet lemon
Indian NamesMosambi and musambi (Hindi), Battayi Pandu (Telugu), Cattukkuti (Tamil), Madhura naranga (Malayalam), Mousambi (Gujarati)

Mosambi is commonly known as Mediterranean sweet lemon, Persian lime, sweet lime, and sweet limetta. In Hindi, it is known as mosambi and musambi, mousambi in Gujarati, madhura naranga in Malayalam, cattukkuti in Tamil, and battayi pandu in Telugu. This fruit resembles lemon in its appearance and has a sweet taste which can be compared to oranges. Its juice is very famous in India and Pakistan. Despite belonging to the citrus family, this fruit is low in acidic content. Therefore, this fruit is mostly consumed as juice rather than as whole fruit because its taste may be bland. July to August and November to March are the months in which this fruit is widely available in India.

protip_icon Know Your Ingredient: Sweet Lime

What Is It?
A citrus fruit native to southeast Asia, and cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

What Are Its Benefits?
Aids digestion, manages respiratory issues, and prevents ulcers, arthritis, asthma, tonsillitis, jaundice cancer, gout, and scurvy.

Who Can Use It?
Safe for consumption by people who are not sensitive to acidic fruits.

How Often?
Can be consumed every day but in moderation, as it has a high sugar content.

Can trigger allergic reactions and cause gastric issues for people with GERD and acidity gastro issues.

protip_icon Did You Know?
It is said that mosambi got its name from Mozambique, its place of origin.

Mosambi can benefit your skin, hair, and health. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are from the article below. Scroll down!

Health Benefits Of Mosambi

Mosambi is a versatile fruit with a sweet and sour taste. This amazing fruit renders terrific nutritional value. This fruit is widely consumed in the form of drinks, jams, pickles, candies, snacks and sorbets. The juice of this fruit is also versatile and is used in salads and to marinate meat. Some of the health benefits of mosambi are given below.

1. Aids Digestion:

Mosambi helps with digestion (1). It has a high content of flavonoids that stimulate the digestive system by increasing the secretion of digestive juices, acids and bile. Hence, mosambi juice is often recommended to people suffering from indigestion, irregular bowel movement and other gastrointestinal problems. Thus, it aids digestion by neutralizing the acidic digestive juices produced by the stomach and flushes out the toxins from the excretory system. The compounds found in this fruit are beneficial for peristaltic motioni  XA series of wave-like muscle contractions that begin in the esophagus and move the food through the digestive tract. . Sweet lime also helps in controlling diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

2. Relieves Constipation:

The acids in mosambi flush out the toxins from the bowel tracts (2). Moreover, the fruit contains dietary fiber, which enables the roughage to act as a purgative treatment for those suffering from constipation. Lime juice with a pinch of salt is often recommended to patients with constipation problems.

3. Prevents Scurvy:

Scurvy is a disease caused by the deficiency of vitamin C. This disease is characterized by bleeding, swollen gums, frequent bouts of flu and cold, ulcers in the mouth and tongue, and cracked lip corners.The sweet limes can prevent scurvy (1). Mix mosambi juice with a few drops of pure water and add a pinch of black salt to the mixture. This mixture should be applied to the affected gums for an immediate relief from bleeding gums. Halitosis (bad breath) can be eliminated by sipping lime juice and sucking on lime rinds.

4. Peptic Ulcers:

The flavonoids present in mosambi such as Limomin Glucoside have anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, detoxifying, and antibiotic properties which are very effective in healing oral and peptic ulcersi  XA medical condition that causes open sores inside the stomach lining and the upper portion of the small intestine. (2).

5. Respiratory Problems:

Woman having respiratory issues may benefit from mosambi juice

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The oil extracts of mosambi have anti-congestive properties which clean and keep various respiratory problems at bay. Thus, they are often used in balms, inhalers and vaporizers. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim.

6. Improves The Immune System:

Regular consumption of mosambi juice brings about an improvement in the overall heart functioning. Thus, it ensures proper blood circulation and contributes to a much healthier immune system (2). Also, vitamin C boosts the immunity levels and prevents cold.

7. Anti-Cancer Properties:

Mosambi consists of anti-cancer properties. The limonoids present in sweet limes help in fighting different types of cancer (3). Limonoids are attached to a sugar molecule called glucose, which is easily digested.

8. Protection Against Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Being rich in vitamin C, mosambi provides protection and prevention against inflammation and swelling. This fantastic fruit also reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritisi  XAn autoimmune disease that causes joint inflammation and pain due to an overactive immune system that attacks healthy joint tissues. .

9. Facilitates Weight Loss:

Mosambi helps in weight loss. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with lime juice and honey helps to shed those extra pounds. Mosambi juice reduces the cholesterol level and controls the blood pressure.

10. Urinary Disorders:

Woman having issues in urinary system may benfit from mosambi

Image: Shutterstock

Mosambi can help with urinary disorders (1). It has a high concentration of potassium which detoxifies the kidneys, bladder and has the ability to cure infections in the urinary bladder (2).

11. Gout:

The antioxidants present in mosambi help in flushing out uric acid and free radicals from the body. Vitamin C helps in neutralizing the free radicals in the body (2).

12. Relief From Motion Sickness:

The tangy flavor of mosambi provides relief from motion sickness. Drinking a glass of mosambi juice helps in getting rid of heartburn and acidity. It soothes the gastrointestinal tract and reduces abdominal complaints.

13. Treatment Of Sunstroke And Dehydration:

Mosambi juice can be a healthy substitute for carbonated drinks as it provides essential vitamins and minerals. This fabulous fruit is highly preferable for athletes after a competition or workout session, providing the hydration the body needs. Mosambi juice and other lime-based supplements reduce the risk of dehydration and muscle cramps. Limeade made from fresh mosambi juice is used to treat individuals suffering from sunstroke.

14. Beneficial For Pregnant Women:

Mosambi juice provides a significant amount of calcium, which is beneficial for the growth of the developing fetus (2).

15. Benefits The Nervous System:

A glass of mosambi juice can also help maintain your nervous system

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Anecdotal evidence suggests that a refreshing mosambi juice acts as a coolant for the brain and the nervous system. Mosambi may be used to treat brain fever and mental issues. It is a wonderful sedative as well.

16. Treatment Of Jaundice:

This fruit is recommended to patients suffering from jaundice. By boosting liver function, mosambi is exceptionally effective in treating jaundice.

17. Beneficial For Asthma:

A drink made from mosambi juice, cumin seeds and dry ginger powder provides instant relief from asthmatic cough.

18. Relief From Tonsillitis:

Vitamin C reduces the severity of cold and fever. However, further research is required to clarify the benefits of vitamin C in the treatment of cold (4). A spoonful of honey mixed with mosambi juice and warm water provides relief from a dry, itchy throat and has a soothing effect on inflamed tonsils.

19. Other Benefits:

Mosambi helps in increasing the appetite, purifying the blood and raising the sperm count. It cools the body and quenches thirst.

Hair Benefits Of Mosambi

Woman with healthy hair

Image: IStock

Various industries have recognized the benefits of mosambi and are coming out with lime-based products.

20. Antiseptic & Antibacterial Properties:

Due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, beauty therapies often use lime extracts for the hair and the skin.

21. Strengthens Hair:

Mosambi is used as an active ingredient in several medicinal supplements. The vitamins present in this fruit strengthen the hair.

22. Treats Split Ends & Dandruff:

This versatile fruit is used as a natural alternative for the treatment of split ends and dandruff. Try musambi’s oil, it is one of the best essential oils to treat dandruff and split ends.

Skin Benefits Of Mosambi

In addition to several health and hair benefits, mosambi is considered wonderful for skin. Due to its sweet fragrance and high vitamin C content, mosambi juice is often used in several skin care products and medicinal supplements for curing dry or rough skin, moisturizing, improving the skin tone, and promoting healing. Some of the skin benefits of mosambi are given below.

23. Mild Bleaching & Cleansing Agent:

Mosambi juice contains mild bleaching and cleansing agents that are effective in getting rid of pigmentation, acne, spots and blemishes and result in a radiant and smooth skin (2).

24. Reduces Insect Bite Pains & Lightens Skin Tone:

Mosambi helps in reducing insect bite pains and lightening the skin in case of skin pigmentation on the elbows, armpits and knees.

25. Detoxifies Body:

Mosambi can help you flush out toxins from your body

Image: IStock

The regular consumption of mosambi juice detoxifies the body and imparts a natural glow and shine to the face. It cleanses the blood and reduces skin diseases (2).

26. Lightens Dark Lips & Softens Cracked Lips:

Applying mosambi juice on the lips 3 to 4 times a day reduces the darkness of the lips and softens cracked lips (2).

27. Enhances Fairness:

Mosambi juice mixed with chickpea flour enhances the skin’s fairness.

28. Treats Pimples:

Applying grounded mosambi peel can help in getting rid of pimples.

protip_icon Quick Tip
It is recommended to drink a maximum of two glasses of mosambi juice per day to reap the benefits.

Nutritional Value Of Mosambi

If you are looking for a low calorie or low fat diet, then mosambi is the right choice. One serving of this fruit contains around 43 calories and 0.3 gram of fat. This sweet lime provides 9.3 mg of carbohydrates and 0.8 gram of proteins. Being a citrus fruit, it is rich in vitamin C, providing 50 mg of vitamin C per serving. Moreover, it contributes significantly to the daily potassium requirement (2000 mg) of the body by providing about 490 mg of potassium in one serving. In addition to these, it contains copper, calcium, iron and phosphorus in smaller amounts. The table given below shows the nutrient content of sweet lime.

Calories43 calories/100 grams
Cholesterol and sodiumNil
Potassium490 mg/ 100 grams
Dietary fiber12% of 100 grams
Iron0.7 mg/ 100 grams
Calcium40 mg/ 100 mg
Phosphorus30 mg/ 100 grams
Protein1.5% /100 grams
Vitamin C50 mg/100 grams
Vitamin A20 IU
Flavonoids and other phenolics, carotenoids and limonoidsSmall amounts

Due to its nutritional value, sweet lime is considered beneficial for an overall good health. The inclusion of sweet lime or mosambi in your regular diet is an ideal option for those who are fitness freaks and aspire to get rid of extra flab.

Infographic: 5 Incredible Advantages Of Mosambi

Mosambi, also known as a sweet lime, is a multipurpose summer fruit that can instantly rehydrate you thanks to its ideal blend of sweetness, juiciness, and sourness. Whether you choose to savor its pulpy flesh by leisurely chewing it or swallowing its juice, mosambi will never fail to energize you. That said, this citrus fruit has much more to offer. Check out the infographic below to learn about the top 5 health advantages of mosambi.

5 incredible advantages of mosambi (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Mosambi or sweet lime is one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia. Belonging to the citrus family, mosambi is a rich source of vitamin C and flavonoids that help cleanse and detox your system while boosting your overall immunity. Along with strengthening your hair and clearing your skin, mosambi also helps aid weight loss and combat symptoms of dehydration. However, those suffering from gall bladder or kidney issues, are advised to avoid mosambi because of its oxalate content. Juice, jams, and marmalade are some of the common ways of reaping the benefits of mosambi in your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to eat mosambi daily?

Yes. Moderate consumption of mosambi every day has immense beneficial effects on your hair, skin, and health.

Which is better – orange or mosambi?

Both of these citrus fruits have a comparable nutritional value.

What is the best time to eat mosambi?

Morning. Citrus fruits are packed with energy, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds that help boost metabolism and daily bodily functions.

Is mosambi harmful?

If consumed in excess, mosambi can cause acidity, photodermatitisi  XPhotoallergy that causes hyperpigmentation, itchy and raised bumps, blisters, and lesions on the skin resembling eczema. , or contact dermatitisi  XAn itchy, non-contagious rash caused due to direct contact with a physical substance, often due to an allergic reaction. (5).

Who should not eat sweet lime?

People allergic to citrus fruits and those sensitive to acidic fruits, like GERDi  XShort for gastroesophageal reflux disease in which stomach acid flows back into the tube connecting the mouth and stomach. patients, should avoid eating sweet lime.

Is mosambi rich in vitamin D?

No. Mosambi is a good source of vitamin C.

Key Takeaways

  • Mosambi, or sweet lime, contains flavonoids that promote digestion by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices and bile.
  • It is a rich source of the potent antioxidant vitamin C, which boosts immunity, reduces the risk of scurvy, and scavenges harmful free radicals from the body.
  • It may boost hair strength and effectively manage split ends and dandruff.
  • Mosambi may prevent hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, and lower the risk of breakouts.


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