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13 Amazing Benefits Of Mugwort For Skin, Hair, And Health

13 Amazing Benefits Of Mugwort For Skin, Hair, And Health October 12, 2017

What do the daisy, common ragweed and mugwort (what a name!) have in common? Well, they all are relatives. Just like beautiful daisies, mugwort flowers are also quite eye-catching. They are vibrant yellow in color and cover fields and meadows in summer. However, what draw the interest of natural healers are the roots and leaves of mugwort. They have curative properties and can do your hair, skin and overall health a lot of good.

Health Benefits Of Mugwort

  1. Impotence can be depressing. While there are treatments available, there is still a stigma attached to impotence and lower sexual urge. If you are too embarrassed to seek professional help, use mugwort. After all, it is not called natural Viagra for nothing! Not only will mugwort get your sex hormone levels high, but it will also increase your sexual appetite.
  1. If you are prone to stomach disorders, mugwort is what the doctor orders for many! It can treat indigestion, acidity, constipation, bloating and flatulence. You also can use it as a natural de-wormer, since mugwort can kill and eliminate parasites from your digestive tract.
  1. There are claims that mugwort can boost blood circulation and also cure certain liver disorders. However, it is best to speak to your doctor before you try using this plant for such reasons.
  1. There is anecdotal evidence to show that in days gone by, mugwort was used to cure the effects of epilepsy, hysteria and even convulsions in children.
  1. Are you suffering from a delayed menstruation cycle for the past few months? Before rushing off to the gynecologist, you could try out Mugwort essential oil. But do remember that you must buy this oil from a reputed brand and, if possible, ask a seasoned aromatherapist about how to inject this essential oil in your body. Mugwort essential oil benefits not only women suffering from irregular menstruation, but even women suffering from early menopause (1). Mugwort essential oil also makes the muscle cramps, abdominal pain or nausea associated with periods disappear.
  1. While there are claims that mugwort does not interfere with pregnancy, make sure to check with your obstetrician before you start using this herb for its natural benefits.
  1. In ancient China, the sage women used to apply Mugwort oil on new mothers for the production of breast milk. Irregular periods can lead to PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), that may cause infertility in a woman. A mild dosage of Mugwort oil can help cure these problems related to the reproductive health of women (2). But do it once a learned aromatherapist guides you. Keep in mind that this oil has some toxic elements that can have harmful effects on pregnant women. So, never use this when you are carrying a child in your womb. Use it before or after your pregnancy by blending this oil with another carrier oil like rosemary, sage or oak moss.
  1. The irregular hormone secretion comes with a pile of problems – from obesity to infertility, from mood swings to a sudden growth of body hair and many other issues (3). Each of these symptoms is pretty common in both the genders. With Mugwort essential oil, you can control the hormone secretion in your body. Like its authority over channelizing the digestive juices, Mugwort essential oil has the power to regularize the fluctuating levels of hormone secretions.
  1. Fatigue, hyperreactivity or stress – your nerves can be subjected to any of these from time to time. Mugwort oil can benefit your strained nerves in a wonderful manner. If you encounter nervous affliction quite frequently in a year, then you may consider contacting your nearby aromatherapist for the correct dosage of Mugwort essential oil to cure this problem.

Hair Benefits Of Mugwort

  1. As stated above, mugwort boosts blood circulation, and healthy hair and scalp need good blood circulation. They get nutrients via the circulating blood. So, you can use mugwort to keep your hair and scalp healthy. The enhanced blood flow will make your hair follicles strong and prevent hair loss. You will also notice that your hair looks glossy and lustrous.
  1. Mugwort is rich in Vitamin E. This means that it is good for your hair. It will help your hair acquire a lustrous and shiny appearance, and ensure that you never have to worry about a dry scalp. In other words, you will not be harassed by dandruff that occurs in many people due to an over-dried scalp.

Skin Benefits Of Mugwort

Whether women believe it or not, all their skin problems start with the onset of their menstrual cycle. Just before they get their menstrual periods, acne and pimples start showing up on their skin. Usually, these are restricted to the facial region. However, some women are not that lucky (if you can call it lucky!). They get large boils all over their body before they start their periods. This can be painful and embarrassing.

  1. If you consult an alternative health care practitioner, he or she will tell you that acne and boils are due to impurities in the blood. So, what can be the solution? The answer lies in using mugwort, which has the ability to cleanse impurities from your blood. Bid bye-bye to acne and pimples, and welcome a flawless complexion!
  1. Thus, if you are plagued by pimples, acne and boils and you are a woman, you could benefit from using mugwort regularly. In addition, it also will help regulate your menstrual cycle. Imagine – no pimples or breakouts! Now, isn’t that what all women of childbearing age want? In all probability, the skin benefits that you can reap from using mugwort come from the high content of Vitamin E.

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