9 Amazing Benefits Of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation On Your Mind

Allow your thoughts to center and relax as you savor a sense of peace and calm.

Reviewed by Sri Yogi Anand, E-RYT 500
By Shirin Mehdi

Go ahead and meditate if you believe it will bring you happiness and change your life. However, meditation is not a one-size-fits-all solution; you have to choose a meditation practice that works for you. That is why we will be discussing the benefits of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation here. It is difficult to stay calm and content when there is so much commotion going on in everyday life. Meditation clears the mind, improves concentration, and helps us stay focused.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, defines meditation as “the fine art of doing nothing, letting go of everything, and being your own self.” Keep reading to learn more about this unique type of meditation!

What Is Sahaj Samadhi Meditation?

Woman sitting in lotus pose with beads used in mantra meditations


Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is an effortless form of meditation that focuses on the breath and mantra during the meditation process. Sahaj means “effortless” in Sanskrit and Samadhi is a silent state of awareness. This awareness lies at the thought source, which is a state beyond waking, dreaming, and sleeping. Samadhi is an unlimited reservoir of energy, creativity, and intelligence. It is a state of unlimited peace and tranquility.

This is a mantra-based meditation, where a sacred mantra or word has to be silently repeated. This mantra is supposed to be a secret and should not be disclosed to anybody else.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Procedure:

Meditation means complete relaxation of the mind and body. During the practice of the Sahaj Samadhi, the mind effortlessly experiences the state of Samadhi. As per Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, “Samadhi gives us energy and a long lasting bliss”. There are 4 Art of Living principles that need to be followed for a pleasant meditation. These principles are:

  • The present moment is inevitable
  • Expectations reduce joy
  • Accept everyone and every situation as they are
  • What you resist, persists

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is a mental practice with a simple and easy to learn procedure. A daily practice of 20 minutes of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation is all you need to transform your life! This improves the clarity of mind and thoughts.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation has to be learned and practiced under the able guidance of a qualified instructor. It has to be practiced in a systematic manner to get desired benefits.

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One must sit in the Sukhasana position and shut their eyes gently to practice Sahaj Samadhi meditation.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Technique:

Woman practicing sahaj samadhi by mentally repeating her beej mantra


The meaning of Sahaj Samadhi is effortless transcendence. During meditation, the participating individuals learn to let go of all the stress and tensions. As the mind rests and settles down, it focuses on the present moment. This enables one to experience true joy and happiness. This meditation does not stress upon concentration, but mental repetition of the mantra.

While practicing Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, Beej Mantras of various Goddesses are used. These Beej mantras are:

  • Aum for Goddess Saraswati
  • Shreem for Goddess Laxmi
  • Kreem for Goddess Kali
  • Hreem for Goddess Parvati / Maheshwari
  • Shyama for God Krishna or even for Ram

These Beej mantras are to be practiced for 20 minutes each day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. The surroundings need to be silent. Although no concentration is required, but whenever the mind drifts away from the mantra, it needs to be gently brought back. The mantras need to be chosen as per the individual’s occupation, temperament, age and orientation.

Benefits Of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation:

A woman near the sea feeling energetic and filled with joy and vitality


Sahaj Samadhi Meditation has the ability to create a feeling of ease, calmness, alertness, spiritual awakening, and has the capability to transform your life! Some of the benefits of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation are:

  1. Increases focus and concentration
  2. Enhances creative qualities
  3. Makes you feel more energized
  4. Experiencing inner peace and tranquility
  5. Helps to control your thoughts
  6. Increases emotional stability
  7. Imparts clarity of thoughts and increase in the level of self-awareness
  8. Purifies your character and develops will power and intuitive ability
  9. Increases the feelings of rejuvenation and vitality

No matter the technique, meditation gives your life a focus. A few minutes a day—I am sure you can spare that for a better life!

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Do not worry if your mind wanders while doing the meditation because it is expected. Instead, focus and bring it back to meditation gently.

Sahaj Samadhi meditation involves focusing on your breath and repeating a mantra, which you should not reveal to anyone. It helps practitioners free themselves from stress and tension and live in the present moment. Rather than concentration, this technique focuses more on the mental repetition of Beej mantras like Aum, Shreem, Kreem, Hreem, and Shyama. From increasing focus and inculcating creativity to making you emotionally stable and instilling a feeling of rejuvenation, the benefits of Sahaj Samadhi meditation are immense. So, practice it for at least 20 minutes every day, either in the morning or evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sahaj samadhi the same as transcendental meditation?

No. Sahaj samadhi and transcendental meditation are types of transcendental meditation techniques. While both are mantra-based meditation techniques, their execution and effects are different.

Is samadhi enlightenment?

Yes. Samadhi refers to the experience of spiritual enlightenment. It is a state achieved by merging the self, the mind, and the object into one.

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