18 Amazing Benefits Of Silva Method Meditation

Eliminate the negative thoughts and achieve a tranquil and positive state of mind.

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Meditation is one of the practices for achieving mental tranquility and increased self-awareness. There are many different styles of meditation, and the Jose Silva Method is one of the most prominent. Many people swear by the benefits of the Silva Method of meditation.

Jose Silva is the author of The Silva Mind Control Method and the creator of this self-help program. It teaches guided imagery methods to help people eliminate negative thoughts by rewiring their subconscious minds. It is well-known for assisting people in realizing their full potential and achieving their objectives.

This method is taught in workshops in over 129 countries. This type of meditation is known to boost one’s self-esteem and encourage positive thinking as well. It proposes that relaxation and cognitive development lead to a feeling of individual well-being.

According to a study undertaken by the National Health Interview Survey among U.S. children aged 4 to 17 years, the use of meditation increased from 1.6% in 2012 to 7.4% in 2017 in the case of children diagnosed with chronic medical conditions. The use of any meditation technique till 2016 was 7.4%, approximately 4.3 million children in the US.

Keep reading to learn more about this method of meditation!

What Is The Idea Behind Silva Meditation?

The Silva method is built on 3 principles and they are:

1. Alpha And Theta States Of Mind

Woman doing Silva meditation to attain the alpha and theta states of mind
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These states refer to the brain wave states. When one is in an alpha and theta state of mind, it is equivalent to meditation, and the person becomes capable of putting their body in a state of conductive healing. In this state, the cells are known to repair themselves, stress is dissipated and the immune system is strengthened. This state of mind also helps one to get over negative habits, such as smoking, excessive drinking, etc. The person will also find it easier to overcome negative thoughts.

protip_icon Quick Tip
A theta wave (4-7 Hz) is a state of daydreaming while an alpha wave (8-12 Hz) is an idling state in which the brain is waiting to act.

2. The Power Of Healing Imagery

Woman enjoying the power of healing imagery after Silva meditation
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Visualization of the end results is healing imagery. Once the person is in an alpha or theta state of mind, healing imagery can be done. One thing to keep in mind here is to do the visualization in the present. The feeling that you want to materialize should be felt in the present and not imagination in the future. If you want to overcome pain, say in the abdomen area, you are required to feel that you don’t have any pain now.

3. DBE Thought Process

Woman developing DBE thought process before doing silva meditation
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DBE stands for Desire, Believe and Expect. The Silva technique expects one to first develop a deep desire for the goal. This involves knowing what exactly is wanted. The next step is to believe with all your heart that it is possible to attain the goal. After that, there should be a complete expectation of the goal to happen. This can be applied to small goals, minor health issues to major goals and severe issues. The DBE is based on the placebo effecti  XA placebo is a substance or treatment with no therapeutic value, and the placebo effect is the response to it. . It can trigger self healing if the patient believes that he or she can be cured. The fact is that actual medical drugs are treated against placebo to check the effectiveness of the said drugs and that shows the power of placebo.

Benefits Of Silva Method Meditation:

The basis of the Silva method is teaching people to listen to their own body and controlling it using their mind. The skills that Silva method teaches are:

  1. Deep relaxation of both body and mind.
Girl sitting on sofa with relaxed body and mind after Silva meditation
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  1. Meditating immediately with eyes closed or open.
  2. Cure for Insomnia ─ Going to sleep in one minute and ensuring better sleep quality.
  3. Pain Management ─ Silva practitioners are able not to mind the intermediate pain, and can get cavities filled or receive colonoscopiesi  XA medical examination used to look for changes in the large intestine and rectum using a thin and flexible tube with a light and camera. without any anesthetics.i  XA drug that produces a local or general loss of sensation or awareness, including pain used during surgery and procedures.
  4. Blood flow control, leading to primitive temperature control – ‘send heat’ to hands or places in the body. At an advanced level, this can also be used to lessen blood flow to moderate cuts.
  5. Self-diagnosis of mental and emotional challenges leading to emotional healing.
  6. Improved memory retention of past events (useful for finding dropped keys, etc.).
  7. Intuition development and understanding of subconscious sides of self (useful for overcoming blockages).
  8. Mindfulness and intuitive understanding of subconscious sides of others.
  9. Brainstorming and idea formation.
Woman holding book and pen brainstorming and forming ideas
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  1. Energy level control.
  2. Self-diagnosis of physical challenges.
  3. Increasing healing rates in self through visualization and laying-on of hands.
  4. Increasing healing rates in others.
  5. Increasing healing rates in others remotely.
  6. Remote viewing.
  7. Empathic telepathyi  XIt is the power to sense or hear the thoughts and emotions of others and project one’s thoughts into others’ minds. .
  8. As you can see, the Silva method of meditation has numerous benefits ranging from telepathy, to finding inner peace, to relaxing your mind and your body. One other significant benefit of practicing the Silva method of meditation is its ability to control pain. Chronic pain is one of the commonly observed ailments and through this method, one can learn to handle the pain. Speaking of common complaints, insomniai  XA common sleep disorder where you find difficulty falling and staying asleep or wake up too early, not feeling well-rested. is also cured by following the Silva method of meditation.

Hannah, an entrepreneur and a blogger, wrote about her experience with the Silva Method in her blog. She said, “I would instantly feel more relaxed after the sessions, allowing me to have more clarity. I would instantly feel more relaxed after the sessions, allowing me to have more clarity. It definitely helped me to feel calmer during a very stressful time (i).”

protip_icon Quick Tip
Approximately 14% of American adults have tried meditation at least once.

Silva Meditation Technique: How To Do It

3-Finger Technique

This involves using three fingers to tap on your forehead to trigger a relaxed and focused state.


  1. Sit or stand comfortably with your eyes closed.
  2. Place your three middle fingers (index, middle, and ring fingers) against your forehead.
  3. Tap your forehead while taking deep breaths.
  4. Focus on the tapping sensation for 30 seconds.
  5. Release your fingers and open your eyes to feel more relaxed and focused.

Glass Of Water Technique

It involves programming water with positive intentions to improve health or achieve goals.


  1. Hold a glass of water in your hands.
  2. Close your eyes and take relaxing breaths.
  3. Project your intention into the water.
  4. Visualize the water filling with the positive energy of your intention.
  5. When you feel the programming is complete, drink it.
  6. Believe that it is carrying your intention to make it work.

Infographic: Benefits Of Silva Method Meditation In Day-To-Day Life

From controlling pain to relaxing the mind, the benefits of the Silva method meditation are unique and wide-ranging. However, there are a few that can help solve your common day-to-day life issues.

Check out the infographic below to learn which are the benefits that can help you in your everyday life.

benefits of silva method meditation in day to day life (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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The benefits of the Silva method of meditation are wide-ranging, from self-improvement to relaxing the mind and body to treating insomnia. This meditative technique is said to inculcate positive thinking by eliminating negative thoughts. It may also improve healing capacity, cognitive development, and energy control besides aiding in self-diagnosing physical, emotional, and mental anomalies. So, practice this method every day for better mental-clarity and increased self-esteem and individual well-being. Remember, this meditative technique does not completely replace medical care. Consult a doctor if you continue to face mental health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Silva Life System?

The Silva Life System comprises meditation techniques to help improve focus and concentration, mind control, and higher brain functions through relaxation.

What is the Silva Ultramind system?

It is a 4-week program offered by Mindvalley. Meditation and creative visualization techniques are used in this program to enhance the human mind’s ability.

Is the Silva Method suitable for beginners?

Yes. As the Silva Method is a type of guided meditation, talking to your instructor about your requirements can help them personalize the session for you. This method can be customized for older children, teenagers, and adults.

How does the Silva Method compare to other forms of meditation?

Traditional meditation focuses majorly on helping you relax, center yourself, and improve your concentration. The Silva Method is a self-help meditation program that claims to help you tap into the depths of your potential to help you develop higher brain functions and psychic abilities through relaxation.

Can the Silva Method be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy or treatment?

Yes, you can. Consult a doctor to figure out how you can incorporate the Silva Method with other forms of therapy to suit your treatment requirements.

Can the Silva Method be practiced alone or do I need to attend a class?

You may attend a few classes to learn everything you need to know about the method and then you may practice it alone with the help of pre-recorded guided meditation audios.

Key Takeaways

  • The Silva method of meditation involves visualization and a deep desire for a goal.
  • The Silva method of meditation helps eliminates negative thoughts, leads to positive affirmations, helps in stress reduction, and enhances focus and sense of clarity.
  • One learns to handle and overcome emotional pain and trauma through this mediation.
  • The Silva method can also help in personal transformation, spiritual development, and improved relaxation of your mind and body.

Learn how to enter the alpha level of mind with the Silva method. Check out this video for a step-by-step process to unlock your real potential and discover the power of your mind.

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