6 Amazing Benefits Of Soham Meditation For Leading A Healthy Life

Written by Shirin Mehdi

Soham meditation is also known as Hamsa, Hansa, and So Hum. Soham is a Sanskrit word, which means identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality. In terms of meditation, it can be broken down into two parts-Sooo, which is the sound of inhalation and Hum, which is the sound of exhalation.

These two together combine into the breathing technique of a man. It is one of the most important mantras in tantrism and Kriya yoga. If we omit the consonants S and H, it is pronounced as ‘OM’, the main mantra of the Hindus. While meditating, it is advised to repeat the mantra mentally to realize the full benefit of this kind of meditation. Soham meditation makes one feel omnipotent and blissful from within.

Benefits Of Soham Meditation:

Soham meditation offers many benefits to mind as well as to the body. Some of them are:

1. The Spiritual Benefits:

In today’s world of chaotic and stressful living, where one has to scourge for time and peace, meditation has become an important aspect of life to bust that stress in order to live a healthy life. Meditation is a process which helps us find the inner peace of mind and soul while learning to control our stress, pain, anger and other calamities of the mind and soul. A lot of forms of yoga are available today where meditation is introduced, with yoga classes thriving around the corner of the streets. Soham meditation is one of the most effective among these.

2. Co-Ordination Of The Mind And Body:

While we meditate, our muscles at first tend to contract. To relax the whole body, one must first learn to control the tension of the muscles and the noise of the mind to find inner peace and relaxation. In order to do this, one must form a bridge to wield the gap between the mind and the body, and then our nervous system comes into play. It acts as a bridge, helping the body to communicate with the mind. For the perfect meditation, one must first learn to regulate the nervous system, and Soham meditation is capable of teaching us how to form the bridge and regulate the nervous system.

3. Development Of Blood Circulation:

As Soham meditation’s principles focus basically on the techniques of breathing, it develops the blood circulation in our body. This is because, as we breathe in, we take in oxygen, which is vital for the energy required by our body. It also helps to ease the pain between our muscles, and is quite effective for the ones with pain in the back and the knee section. This is because it eases the tension between the muscles.

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4. Development Of Focus And Concentration:

Soham meditation requires attention and systematic practices to perform. As we perform this meditation, it helps us focus and train our mind on one-pointedness, increasing our levels of concentration and focus. These are vital to help us perform our daily activities and work with ease and success. Practicing Soham with the nostrils aids us in this cause. This is because, focusing on the breathing helps us explore the inner energy or prana, relieves us of our stress and helps us to focus on deeper meditation.

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5. Refining Mental Capabilities:

As Soham meditation helps us to focus, we can get a clearer image of our surroundings, and with our increasing levels of concentration, it helps one to remember more, and with greater clarity. It helps one to discover his/her inner self, and in doing so, one can go about his daily chores and practices with vividness.

6. Way To A Healthy Life:

The benefits of Soham meditation are unending. Do not speak the words, but let the silent sound perform the action. Try to find the silent sound from within. Our body plays the tunes from within; one needs to discover them in order to explore one’s true self.

Be attentive, count the mantras and lead a healthy and spiritual life with Soham mantra meditation.

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