6 Amazing Benefits Of Soham Meditation For Leading A Healthy Life

Understand the meaning of mantras in yoga and practice them to unlock myriad benefits.

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Hamsa, Hansa, and So Hum are some of the other names for Soham meditationi  XA procedure, often spiritual in nature, in which an individual employs a method to concentrate on a single thing or task. . Soham is a Sanskrit term that means “to identify oneself with the existence” or “to align oneself with ultimate reality.” There are many benefits of Soham meditation.

This meditation can be divided into two sections: Sooo is the sound of inhaling, and Hum is the sound of exhalationi  XThe process of breathing in which air leaves the lungs and travels via the airways and out of the body. . These two factors interact to form a person’s breathing method. In Kriya and Tantric yoga, it is amongst the essential mantras. If the letters S and H are removed, it sounds like ‘OM,’ the major mantra of Hindus. It is recommended that you mentally repeat the mantra while meditating to get the most out of this type of meditation. Soham meditation makes a person feel powerful and joyous from within. Keep reading to learn more!

protip_icon Quick Tip
Always sit comfortably and in a steady position while doing Soham meditation. Ensure that you are sitting straight and your back is upright.

Benefits Of Soham Meditation:

Soham meditation offers many benefits to the mind as well as to the body. Some of them are:

1. The Spiritual Benefits:

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In today’s world of chaotic and stressful living, where one has to scourge for time and peace, meditation has become an important aspect of life for stress relief in order to live a healthy life. Meditation is a process which helps us find the inner peace of mind and soul while learning to control our stress, pain, anger and other calamities of the mind and soul. Many forms of yoga and spiritual growth are available today where meditation is introduced, with yoga classes thriving around the corner of the streets. Soham meditation is one of the most effective among these.

2. Co-Ordination Of The Mind And Body:

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While we meditate, our muscles at first tend to contract. To relax the whole body, one must first learn to control the tension of the muscles and the noise of the mind to find inner peace and relaxation. In order to do this, one must form a bridge of self-awareness to wield the gap between the mind and the body, and then our nervous system comes into play. It acts as a bridge, helping the body to communicate with the mind. For perfect meditation, one must first learn to regulate the nervous system, and Soham meditation is capable of teaching us how to form the bridge and regulate the nervous system.

3. Development Of Blood Circulation:

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As Soham meditation’s principles focus basically on the techniques of breathing, it develops the blood circulation in our body. This is because, as we breathe in, we take in oxygen, which is vital for the energy required by our body. It also helps to ease the pain between our muscles and is quite effective for the ones with pain in the back and the knee section. This is because it eases the tension between the muscles.

4. Development Of Focus And Concentration:

Soham meditation requires attention and systematic practices to perform. As we perform this meditation, it helps us focus and train our minds on one-pointedness, increasing our levels of concentration and focus. These are vital to increase mindfulness and help us perform our daily activities and work with ease and success. Practicing Soham with the nostrils aids us in this cause. This is because focusing on the breathing helps us explore the inner energy or prana, improves mental clarity, relieves us of our stress and helps us to focus on deeper meditation.

5. Refining Mental Capabilities:

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As Soham meditation helps us to focus, we can get a clearer image of our surroundings, and with our increasing levels of concentration, it helps one to remember more, and with greater clarity. It helps one to discover their inner self and create an emotional balance, and in doing so, one can go about their daily chores and practices with vividness.

6. Way To A Healthy Life:

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The benefits of Soham meditation are unending. Do not speak the words, but let the silent sound perform the action. Try to find the silent sound from within that will lead towards improved health. Our body plays the tunes from within; one needs to discover them in order to explore one’s true self for increased creativity and enhanced intuition.

protip_icon Quick Tip
To reap all the benefits of the Soham meditation, practice it for about 20-30 minutes every day. As a beginner, doing it for 10 minutes is fine, but ensure you increase the time gradually as you go forward. Also, maintain consistency and try to do it daily.

Infographic: 6 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Soham Meditation

Soham meditation consists of two divisions – Sooo (inhalation sound) and Hum (exhalation sound). It makes a person feel powerful and jovial from within. It would help if you chanted this mantra in your mind when meditating. Check out the infographic below to learn the amazing benefits of Soham meditation.

6 mind blowing benefits of soham meditation (infographic)

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Soham meditation is all about aligning yourself with reality and attaining spiritual benefits and happiness by keeping a check on stress for a peaceful mind. It also helps bridge the gap between the mind and the body, regulate the nervous system, ease tension in the muscles, improve blood and oxygen circulation, reduce back and knee pain, increase concentration levels, and improve the clarity of thought and memory. This way, the benefits of Soham meditation are quite a long list to go through. So, give a shot at this meditative technique and witness a world of change in your physical and mental wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times is Soham chanted in Sudarshan Kriya?

You have to chant Soham at the end of Sudarshan Kriya rhythmicallyi  XIn a fashion that has a consistent, repetitive rhythm or movement that is almost musical in manner. 20 times (long chanting), 40 times (medium chanting), and 40 times (fast chanting).

Is Soham the name of Lord Shiva?

Soham means “I myself” or “I am He”. Many believe it is associated with Lord Shiva.

Key Takeaways

  • Soham meditation technique includes focusing on the sound of our breath.
  • It calms our minds by lowering anxiety and depression.
  • Additionally, Soham meditation can lessen the signs of insomnia and help with better sleep quality.
  • You can easily implement this meditation exercise into a daily schedule without any specialized tools or instruction.

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