13 Amazing Benefits Of Sweet Corn For Skin And Hair

The wealth of goodness these tiny kernels hold is baffling!

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Zeel Gandhi, BAMS
By Tanya Choudhary, ISSA Certified Specialist In Fitness & Nutrition

Be it boiled or roasted, sweet corn is a favorite snack among all age groups. But what if we told you that sweet corn benefits you in multiple ways? Yes, it is a tasty snack with many positive effects on your health. For many of us, snacking multiple times in a day is a habit. But the junk that we often depend on is loaded with fat and calories. Here is where sweet corn comes into the light. It is packed with nutrients that help our body in multiple ways.

Sweet corn helps manage constipation, ensures ideal internal functions like cell generation, and effectively combats many digestive problems. It is a healthy snacking option for people with diabetes too. This starchy snack is low in fat and free of sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fats. It is rich in vitamin C and packed with fiber. Learn more about sweet corn and its benefits from the article below. Keep reading!

Benefits Of Sweet Corn For Skin

Below listed are the various sweet corn benefits for skin!

1. Delays Aging Process

If you want to remain young and maintain youthful looks, then you definitely have to consume sweet corn. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants useful in preventing the aging process.

2. Enhances Skin Texture

With the regular massage of corn oil, there is a considerable enhancement in your skin texture. A host of essential minerals and vitamins, regular consumption of sweet corn ensures you have a radiant skin and good vision.

3. Removes Facial Acne Scars

Concerned woman looking at her facial acne scars in the mirror


Owing to its high vitamin E content, a paste created with sweet corn can work wonders to remove facial acne scars.

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Benefits Of Sweet Corn For Hair

Let’s look into some of the sweet corn benefits for your healthy hair.

4. Enhances Blood Circulation In The Scalp

The corn oil enhances blood circulation in the scalp, thereby promoting the follicles to produce healthy and strong tresses.

5. Strengthens Hair Strands

Woman confident with her strong hair


The vitamin C, lycopene content, and various other antioxidants present in sweet corn helps in strengthening the hair strands. It works effectively in dealing with hair loss.

Sweet Corn: Health Benefits

Check out here some of the best health benefits of sweet corn.

6. Anemia

Corn contains a lot of vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid. The deficiency of these nutrients can cause anemia. So, eating sweet corn can prevent anemia (1).

7. Lowers Cholesterol

Sweet corn contains soluble fiber as well, which turns into a gel-like substance in the blood stream. This gel, in turn, absorbs bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). Sweet corn also contains carotenoids and bioflavonoids. These control cholesterol levels in the blood (2).

8. Improves Vision

Sweet corn kernels contain beta carotene, which produces vitamin A that promotes better vision. The carotenoids also reduce macular degeneration (3), which impairs vision at the center of the line of sight.

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9. Boosts Energy

Sweet corn is a starchy grain, which works as a storehouse of energy (4). It is higher in energy than most other veggies! So, athletes who want to eat carbohydrates to boost their performance can eat a cup of corn.

10. Prevents Diabetes

The vitamin B present in sweet corn regulates protein, lipid, and carbohydrate metabolism, and the phytochemicals present regulate the release of insulin. Sweet corn has a glycemic index of 58, making it a super food for those who are diabetic (5). Together, these help in controlling diabetes. Similarly, phenolic phytochemicals present in sweet corn also control hypertension.

11. Cardiovascular Health

Happy elderly woman making a heart symbol with her hands


Consuming food rich in omega 3 fatty acids reduces the risk of contracting heart ailments. Sweet corn contains oil, which has a very good fatty acid combination. As a result, it enables omega-3 fatty acids to remove harmful fatty acids (like LDL) and reduces the risk of heart attack. It also prevents atherosclerosis (deposition of cholesterol on the walls of arteries).

12. Digestion

Sweet corn contains a lot of dietary fiber. The insoluble fibers help in digestion and also prevent constipation. Those with irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea will also find relief after eating sweet corn.

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13. During Pregnancy

Sweet corn contains a high concentration of folic acid, which is actually prescribed to women during pregnancy (6). So, sweet corn is a healthy food every pregnant woman should adopt. However, if you have swollen feet, consult your doctor before this diet change.

Did You Know?
In contrast to other varieties of maize, sweet corn has a distinctly sweet flavor and that is why it is often known as “pole corn” or “sugar corn”.

How To Select And Store Sweet Corns

Always buy corn that is still covered with its fresh looking green husk


A good selection in sorting the corn will help reap excellent sweet corn health benefits along with beauty benefits. Here are some helpful tips for its right selection and storage:


  • When it comes to purchasing sweet corn, always look for straight, fuller ones having a slightly golden stick.
  • Never choose the corn with removed husk or the ones that have been in the sun for the whole day.
  • Also avoid choosing the corn with discolored husks; yellowish husk indicates age or damage. So, always make sure to select the corn with green husk.


  • The best way to store sweet corn is to place it them a refrigerator without removing the husk.
  • You may also wrap the corn loosely in a dry plastic bag so as to keep it fresh for more than two days.

Sweet Corn Usage (Cooking And Eating)

Corn can be cooked in many delicious ways for a healthy diet


Corn is among the few cereals that can be cooked and eaten in a variety of ways. You can consume sweet corn right out of the “maize ears” or use the corn kernels in gravy. It is used for dressing fried rice along with onion and chillies to make an amazing snack. Here are some helpful tips on usage of sweet corn:


  • Grill corn with the husk left on. This will help retain the flavor.
  • Don’t put the corn in cold water right after boiling them. This will make your corns soggy.
  • While boiling the corn, make sure to add enough water so that the corn is completely dipped in it.
  • Don’t preserve the corn for long and also avoid over-baking it. Overcooking turns the corn ruby and firm. Three-five minutes are just enough for corn to cook.
  • Lastly, it is also advisable not to add salt in the corn while boiling as it will toughen the corn.


  • Boiled corn cob seasoned with pepper and salt is the most popular recipe. It is a healthy snack and is extremely delicious. Or, you may also consider grilling the corn instead of boiling it.
  • Corn kernels make an amazing, mouth-watering dressing of different soups, curries, and dishes. Moreover, they can also be added to salads for making them an extra healthy snack.
Fun Fact
Native Americans used the leaves of sweet corn as chewing gum.

Apart from being a tasty snack and diet option, sweet corn benefits your health in several ways. Low in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sodium, sweet corn makes for a healthy and nutritious alterntaive for weight loss and diabetic-friendly diets. It not only benefits your skin, hair, cardiovasacular, and digestive health, but is also good for your eyes and overall immunity as well. Boiled, grilled, roasted, or blanched and blended into soups and gravies, sweet corn can be easily included in your daily diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to eat sweet corn daily?

Yes, but in moderation. Sweet corn is packed with many beneficial nutrients that help boost your hair, skin, and overall health.

Is sweet corn good for weight loss?

Possibly. Studies have shown that corn has a weight-reducing effect as it lowers adipose tissue accumulation (7).

Is sweet corn high in sugar?

No. Corn contains about 4.54 g of sugars per 100 g and is relatively low in sugar (8).

What is the best time to eat corn?

There is no set time. Corn can be eaten at any time of the day.

Is corn better than rice?

No. While corn is rich in protein, rice is a better source of calories, carbohydrates, and minerals (9).

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