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8 Amazing Benefits Of Tarragon For Skin Hair And Health

8 Amazing Benefits Of Tarragon For Skin Hair And Health April 23, 2018

The tarragon herb originated in the western part of Asia and is mainly used in the medical and gourmet arenas. This is primarily grown by farmers for its aromatic and therapeutic qualities. The flowers are very petty in size, aseptic and pastel green in color. The tarragon leaves are mainly used as an additive in soups and pizzas.

The leaves of tarragon have a strange quality of causing numbness in the mouth when they are munched. It is very commonly used along with non-vegetarian food and mainly used in toppings of various dishes. The leaves and residue of the tarragon plant are very advantageous to a person in terms of health, skin, hair etc.

Tarragon Hair Benefits:

1. Enhances Hair Quality:

Maintaining beautiful hair is a dream of many and tarragon has been proven to enhance the quality of one’s hair. Some styling products, natural shampoos and conditioners contain the extracts of tarragon.

2. Offers Luster to Dry Hair:

Tarragon is mainly useful for dry hair as it provides luster to the dry and frizzy locks. Regular application of tarragon makes the hair vibrant and healthy.

3. Promotes Healthy Scalp:

Use of tarragon helps to cleanse the scalp and removes dirt from a dry scalp. The herb helps to retain the moisture and sebum required for a healthy scalp.

Skin Benefits of Tarragon:

4. Cleanses Skin:

The residue obtained from the distilled, steamed tarragon leaves is a great antioxidant and cleans impurities from the skin.

5. Destroys Germs & Bacteria:

The leaves are crushed, grinded and mixed in the preparation of soaps and body washes. A great source of potassium, it helps to destroy germs and bacteria.

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Health Benefits of Tarragon:

6. Improves Appetite & Regulates Digestive Tract Function:

The oil derived from tarragon leaves helps to increase the appetite of an individual and regulates the functioning of the digestive tract.

7. Regulates Menstrual Cycle:

The application of tarragon oil along with other flavored oils helps to regulate periods and gives relief from menstrual pains. The polyphenols present in it help to naturally control the levels of sugar in an individual.

8. Treats Tooth & Gum Aches; Reduces Anxiety & Depression:

Due to its antiseptic properties, it can be used to soothe tooth and gum aches. It naturally retains the water required by the body and helps to minimize the effects of anxiety and depression.

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Nutrition Benefits of Tarragon:

Tarragon leaves, famously known as the “king of herbs”, provides great nutrition to an individual. The dried herbs are highly nutritious, therefore helping a person to stay healthy. Being highly concentrated with various vitamins and phytonutrients, it imparts a good amount of nutrition. The arid herbs, when consumed, stimulate the production of bile and enhance the working of the liver. The high concentration of Vitamin A and potassium helps to improve the functioning of the eyes. Being high in folates and various antioxidants, it helps to increase the natural oils in the body. In a nutshell, one teaspoon of tarragon leaves provide only two calories to the body.


  • Tarragon leaves may cause skin irritation in some individuals; therefore it should be tried and tested before use.
  • Pregnant women should consult an expert before the application of tarragon oil.

It is a myth that all natural products are safe and good as these should be consumed depending on the health and various other conditions of an individual.  Since there is no scientific evidence to indicate the dosage of tarragon leaves, expert opinion should be adhered to before its intake.


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