10 Amazing Benefits Of Using Glycerin On Your Lips

Give your lips that supple and soft look with the hydrating properties of this ingredient.

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While there are many lip balms, scrubs, and masks to get your lips their plump look and feel, nothing works better than the humble glycerin on lips! Glycerin not only makes your lips soft and plump by locking in the moisture also helps in protecting them from dust, pollution, and dehydration. While you can use glycerin to relieve dry patches all over the body, it is also safe enough to be used on your lips. So next time you find your lips chapped or dry, keep that little tub of glycerin handy. To learn more about the benefits of glycerin on lips, and how it works to keep your lips baby soft, keep reading!

protip_icon Know Your Ingredient: Glycerin

What Is It?
Colorless, odorless, viscous natural sugar alcohol derived from animal and plant fat sources as well as through chemical construction.

What Are Its Benefits?
It is an intense moisturizer that helps with softening your lips. It helps heal dry, flaking, chapped lips, and also cures ulcers and sores.

Who Can Use It?
Can be used by all.

How Often?
It is a common ingredient in lip balms and can be used daily unless one is allergic..

Glycerin allergy can cause swelling and peeling of, or blisters on the lips.

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The term ‘glycerine’ was coined by French chemist Michel-Eugène Chevreul in 1811.

Benefits Of Using Glycerin On Your Lips

Following are the ways glycerin may benefit your lips. Keep reading to check glycerin benefits for lips here!

1. Makes Them Soft

Glycerin makes lips soft
Image: Shutterstock

As mentioned already, the moisturizing properties of glycerin make it the perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips (1). This natural emollient is especially great for winter when lips are always chapped, and in some cases, bleeding due to extreme dryness.

2. Makes Them Pink

If you have dark lips, because of smoking or any other reason, you may get your pink lips back by using glycerin every day. Soak your lips in glycerin every night before you go to bed and you will see a noticeable smoothing difference in a very short time!

3. Keeps Lips Moisturized

Keep your lips moisturized with glycerin
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Your lips require a lot of care, just like your skin. It is important to keep them well-moisturized all day so that they look and feel great. According to a study, glycerin is a great natural humectant that can help in plumping and rejuvenating the outer layer of the skin while ensuring proper hydration (2).

4. Prevents Flaking And Bleeding

One of the most common problems that come with dry lips is flaking and bleeding. In many cases, it can get so bad that it is embarrassing. With glycerin, you can heal your lips and prevent these problems as well.

5. Delays The Signs Of Aging

Use glycerin to make lips supple and youthful
Image: Shutterstock

Like your facial skin, the signs of aging can slowly affect your lips. Fine lines and blemishes are not exclusive to your skin. Glycerin possesses natural anti-aging properties that may help prevent signs of aging and make your lips smooth and supple (3).

6. Prevents Irritation

When your lips are extremely dry, it can cause irritation. You may treat this problem and prevent it from occurring again with the help of glycerin. It might be the best natural remedy for this problem.

7. Treats Mouth Ulcers And Sores

Glycerin may treat mouth ulcers and cold sores
Image: Shutterstock

Mouth ulcers and cold sores are problems that are often treated with medicated ointments. A much better and safer alternative is glycerin due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. When used topically, it is very effective for mouth ulcers (4). It also possesses strong healing properties that may help in treating sores. However, studies are required to support this claim.

8. Removes Blemishes

Pigmentation on the lips is a problem faced by many people. It can be caused by exposure to the sun, makeup, and poor care. While glycerin can help with overall skincare, it’s not formulated to whiten or lighten skin, and there’s no research that it can help with hyperpigmentation.

9. Removes Dead Skin

Glycerin can exfoliate the lips to remove dead skin
Image: Shutterstock

Glycerin has the ability to remove dead skin from your lips. When you use it every night, dead skin gets removed and new skin is revealed. When you get rid of dead skin, you make sure that new skin growth is stimulated, making your lips look great.

10. Makes Lips Healthy

Glycerin is one of the best ways to get healthy lips. With its ability to moisturize, soften skin, and prevent dryness, it is the top ingredient that can keep your lips healthy. By using it regularly, you can make sure that your lips stay in perfect condition throughout the year.

Anita, a blogger, discusses the various benefits of glycerin for the skin emphasizing its positive impact on skin hydration and overall health. She said, “I use glycerin every night on my skin by adding some rose water and leave it for overnight. And, use it for lips every night to make my lips more pink and soft (i).”

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to using glycerin on your lips. By making it a part of your daily beauty regimen, you not only take care of your facial skin but your lips as well.

protip_icon Trivia
The term ‘glycerine’ was coined by French chemist Michel-Eugène Chevreul in 1811.

How To Use Glycerin For Lips

For soft and pink lips, there is nothing better than glycerin. It is also the best treatment for chapped as well as dark lips. Using it is simple and does not require a lot of fuss. Here are a few tips to help you make use of it to get the best results:

  1. Glycerin works very well with lemon juice, whether it is for your face or lips. Mix the two together to treat dry, chapped lips and prevent flaking and bleeding.
  1. The best time to use glycerin is at night. It does its work while you sleep, and moisturizes and hydrates your lips, making them feel amazing the next day.
  1. To exfoliate chapped lips, mix castor oil with glycerin. It works wonders and you will love the results.
  1. You can also use a mixture of glycerin, honey, and lemon juice every day to make your lips moisturized and soft.
  1. Using lipstick every day can darken the lips quite a bit. To prevent this, use a small amount of glycerin before you apply lipstick. It will protect them not only from darkening, but also provide an added coat of moisture to help your lipstick glide on smoothly.
  1. You can make your own lip balm at home by mixing glycerin with pure Shea butter. Both these ingredients will do nothing but good for your kissers. As mentioned, you can also mix it with other ingredients like honey, castor oil, etc. to prevent different problems and keep lips healthy.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also mix glycerin with shea butter, rose water, or almond oil and apply to your lips to keep them hydrated and healthy. You may follow this twice a day.

The great thing about glycerin is that you do not necessarily need to add other things to gain all of its benefits. It works excellently on its own and will make your lips look and feel good.


Glycerin has many wonderful benefits for skin and hair conditioning, which is why you will find it in many products in the market. It is good for all skin types; so even if you have sensitive skin, you can use it without worry. When it comes to your lips, there is nothing that will take better care of them than glycerin. You do not need to spend money on store-bought lip softening balms and other products to have healthy lips. Use glycerin every day to get lips that are soft, pink, and kissable all year round!

Infographic: Top 5 Ways Glycerin Can Enhance Your Lips

Dry and flaky lips can be unattractive as well as painful to deal with. But there is one specific ingredient that can help – glycerin. It makes a great treatment for your lip woes. This ingredient is a powerful remedy for chapped, bleeding, or dehydrated lips, especially if you live in colder climates or have sensitive lips. In the following infographic, we have listed the various ways glycerin can benefit your lips. Check them out.

top 5 ways glycerin can enhance your lips (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Glycerin is an effective remedy for several lip problems. It can offer quick relief, and its moisturizing property can help in nourishing and treating dry, chapped lips. Applying glycerin benefits your lips in many ways. It can make them soft and hydrated, prevent flaking, bleeding, and irritation, remove pigmentation and dead skin and treat mouth ulcers and sores. Also, this can make your lips healthy and help them to stay in perfect condition. Use it alone or along with lemon juice at night to your peeled lips and get soft, pinkish lips the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use glycerin as a natural lip balm?

Dr. Anju Methil, a dermatologist, says, “Glycerin is a humectant, which means it can draw moisture from the environment into the skin. When applied to the lips, glycerin can enhance hydration, making it a valuable component in lip balms. Consistent application may lead to softer, more supple lips.”

Can I use glycerin on my lips as an overnight treatment?

According to Dr. Methil, “Utilizing glycerin as an overnight treatment can be beneficial due to its intensive hydrating properties. By creating a barrier on the lips, glycerin locks in moisture throughout the night, offering prolonged hydration, which is especially beneficial in combating dryness and chapping.”

Will glycerin make my lips appear plumper?

Dr. Methil says, “The moisture-attracting properties of glycerin might give the lips a fuller appearance momentarily. However, this effect is due to hydration rather than increased lip volume.”

Does glycerin help protect lips from the sun?

“While glycerin provides moisture to the lips, it does not offer sun protection. For effective protection against UV rays, a lip product containing SPF should be applied. Sunscreen is crucial for lip care as the skin on the lips is thin and susceptible to sun damage,” says Dr. Methil.

Is glycerin good for lip gloss?

Yes. Glycerin is an excellent addition to homemade lip gloss as it is packed with moisturizing properties that keep lips silky and soft. Make sure the glycerin in your lip gloss formula is mixed well to ensure it does not separate.

What are the side effects of glycerin?

Glycerin consumption may lead to nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, dizziness, and headaches (5). It may cause an allergic reaction as well.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with using glycerin on the lips?

It might cause hives, rashes, itching, and blisters. Conduct a patch test before application and consult a doctor immediately if you notice signs of an allergic reaction.

Is glycerin safe to use for people with sensitive skin or allergies?

Yes, glycerin is generally safe to use and is included in a lot of skin care products. If you experience any tingling, swelling, or inflammation, it is best to consult your doctor and avoid using glycerin.

How often should I use glycerin on my lips to see results?

You can use glycerin daily to make them soft and healthy. You might experience the softening effect of the glycerin in under 15 minutes of use.

Key Takeaways

  • Glycerin may protect and heal chapped, and dry lips.
  • It is a good alternative for treating cold sores.
  • Glycerine may reduce irritation caused by dry lips.
  • It may soothe the skin, reduce signs of aging, and hydrate the lips by making them soft and supple.
benefits of using glycerin on lips

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Discover how to use glycerin to keep your lips hydrated and healthy. Check out this video to explore the 10 amazing benefits of using it on your lips.

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