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15 Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Sauerkraut

15 Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Sauerkraut April 24, 2018

Did you have sauerkraut before? Do you know there exists such a vegetable? Sauerkraut is one of the super-foods available on the planet, and is especially rich in vitamins C, K and A. It also contains iron, protein, and calcium that protect your body in several ways.

Sauerkraut possesses other amazing benefits! Would you like to know what they are? Do read the post!

What Is Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is a cabbage that is usually fermented. According to many, the taste of this dish is sour and a little unpleasant. It is often prepared as a side dish in certain cultures and is added to sausages and hot dogs. Sauerkraut is popular throughout the continents of Europe, Asia and America and is known for its large number of benefits.

Historical records have suggested that Sauerkraut originated in China after which it had spread to Europe, and especially the Roman Empire. It was used as a pickled or fermented dish during long journeys. Many people now understand sauerkraut as an East European dish. Besides being a delicious meal, it is also an essential for a healthy diet.

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Now that you know about sauerkraut, go ahead and read the amazing benefits it offers!

1. Helps You Lose Weight:

Sauerkrauts are great when it comes to losing weight. A mere half a cup of sauerkraut contains 20 calories. These vegetables have also been considered one of the healthiest foods of the world. They prevent constipation, cramping, bloating and make the process of digestion smooth.

2. Full Of Antioxidants:

Sauerkrauts are the powerhouse of antioxidants and beta carotene that help you fight cancer. They also prevent heart diseases and improve your cardiovascular health! They are jam packed with dietary fibre which prevents stomach ulcers and stomach acid.

3. Best For Pregnant Mothers:

Pregnant mothers and scurvy patients need Vitamin C (1). Sauerkrauts are a great source of this nutrient that prevents health conditions and improves symptoms within 1 to 2 days.

4. Treats Morning Sickness:

Morning sickness is a health condition that affects 50 percent of all pregnant females. It includes vomiting and feelings of nausea. A few symptoms of morning sickness are vomiting blood, racing heartbeats, headaches and dark coloured urine. A smart and easy way to eliminate morning sickness is by adding more sauerkraut to your diet. It will treat morning sickness effectively and reduce symptoms significantly (2).

5. Treats Asthma:

Asthma is a health condition where your respiration tract is majorly affected. The bronchi of your lungs undergo sudden attacks and spasms. It can be life-threatening if not treated immediately. Sauerkraut is a great way to control the symptoms and treat the condition before it’s too late (3).

6. Good For Bone Health:

Sauerkraut is excellent for your bone health. It prevents osteoporosis and increases bone density, primarily because of its high content of Vitamin D and calcium (4). You can also try other dairy products such as orange juice, yoghurt, cheese and milk to get the same benefit.

7. Controls Menopause:

If you eat enough calcium and Vitamin D daily, you will be able to control the symptoms of menopause (5). Menopause can be very difficult during the first couple of years. If you add sauerkraut to your diet, you will be able to take control of this condition effectively.

8. Produces Energy:

Sauerkraut is also known for boosting energy. It contains iron in abundance that is very beneficial for the body in several ways (6). Not only does it produce energy, but also increases the metabolic rate. It also increases blood circulation and as well as the oxygenation of organs and cells. High levels of iron in your body can help in the prevention of dangerous diseases like anaemia.

9. Detoxification:

Sauerkraut can also be added to your diet, especially if you are going on a detox. These healthy and delicious veggies will cleanse your body and flush out all toxins and impurities found in the blood (7). This will thus eliminate free radicals from your body, and in turn maintain the health of your skin.

10. Boosts Immunity:

As most of you have heard, healthy drinks such as orange juice help you recover from sick feelings because of their high content of Vitamin C. But surprisingly, there are other foods that can do a better job. Sauerkraut contains around 35 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin C that will stimulate the production of red blood cells and collagen for every section of the body. It also regulates the cells of the immune system because of its high content of DIM (diindolylmethane), a compound produced when Sauerkrauts are digested (8).

11. Prevents Cancer:

Cruciferous vegetables such as Sauerkrauts contain vitamins and minerals known as glucosinolates. This will help in breaking down compounds that are biologically active that lead to anti-cancer effects (9). Thus, sauerkraut helps in the elimination of free radicals which happens to be one of the main causes of cancerous cell formation.

12. Anti-Inflammatory:

Sauerkraut also has anti-inflammatory effects. The organic compounds found in this vegetable work as anti-inflammatory agents. It contains anti-oxidants and Vitamin C that reduce all sorts of pain, discomfort, and inflammation (10). It is also used for treating arthritic patients.

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13. Treats Skin Infections:

Sauerkrauts are excellent for your skin health. They provide relief from acne and heal wounds and bruises effectively. Sauerkrauts also treat skin infections as they are rich sources of antioxidants. They are rich in Vitamin B and C which work wonders for your hair and skin.

14. Reduces Oxidative Stress:

Cruciferous vegetables such as sauerkraut reduce oxidative stress effectively (11). Oxidative stress is understood as a load of harmful molecules known as oxygen free radicals which are generated by the body. Reducing these free radicals will prevent breast, lung and other cancers.

15. Reduces Diabetes:

A recent study showed that those who eat less of cruciferous and yellow vegetables and consume more of soft drinks, coffee, refined grains and processed meat are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes (12). So it is better to switch to sauerkraut and other green leafy veggies to protect you from such dangerous conditions.

Now that you know the health benefits of sauerkraut, get to know how to prepare it!


  • Salt
  • Cabbage


  1. The first step is to shred the cabbage. Start off by removing all the outer layers. We are not going to use it while cooking. Please make sure you are not washing the cabbage. It is best to let the natural bacteria stay on the leaves. They allow fermentation to occur.
  2. Now weigh the cabbage head.
  3. Use a sharp knife to cut the head into quarters.
  4. Start shredding the cabbage as you continue cutting.
  5. Now put the shredded cabbage into a bowl; preferably a glass bowl.
  6. Take one spoon of salt and sprinkle it all over the cabbage. If it is a 15 pound cabbage, you can add 9 spoons.
  7. Use a spoon to mix the salt with the cabbage. Let it stand for an hour. You will now see the cabbage giving off liquid.
  8. Half an hour later the shreds would become slightly wilted. Now make the shreds compact with your fist.
  9. The shreds should be below the level of liquid. Add some salt water to it. Add another cup of water and another table of non-iodized salt.
  10. Now push it down. This will be done with the help of a plate and some weight. Weigh down the cabbage under the liquid. It is best to get a plate which is of the same size as the crock. You could also wrap the cabbage in a plastic before you put the plate on top.
  11. Put the weight on top of the plate and ensure the cabbage is below the water.
  12. Now cover the entire container with the help of a towel. This will keep all dust outside the container.
  13. Let it ferment now. Put it in a cool place and wait for 4 to 6 weeks. The sauerkraut should be tasted after 4 weeks. Don’t worry if you see moulds growing around the container, especially on the edge. It will never get too far.
  14. Just remove the kraut.
  15. Your sauerkraut is now ready! Eat and enjoy this delicious dish.

What’s the use of knowing how to prepare sauerkraut if you don’t know to make something using it? So here you go! A sauerkraut recipe especially for you!

How To Make Sauerkraut Salad Recipe:


  • One cup of drained and well prepared sauerkraut
  • One onion
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • One green bell pepper
  • One large carrot
  • One teaspoon of mustard seed
  • One cup of vegetable oil
  • Half a cup of apple cider vinegar
  • Diced pimento peppers


  1. Chop the onion, green bell pepper and the carrot. Make sure they are finely diced and are of a similar size.
  2. Now take a large bowl and mix the ingredients together. Add mustard seeds, pimentos and sauerkraut as well.
  3. Take a small saucepan mix the oil and vinegar. Let it boil. Once it has reached the boiling point, remove the heat.
  4. Now pour the mixture over the salad. Cover it and leave in the refrigerator for 2 days before serving.

Liked the recipe? Try a few others to enjoy the wonderful taste of sauerkraut! Want to experience these health benefits of eating sauerkraut? So, why wait, try out these recipes today. Do share your comments, ideas and experiences in the comment box below!

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