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4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pomace Olive Oil

4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pomace Olive Oil March 20, 2015

Watch a cooking show and chances are there that you’ll find the chef using olive oil to do all his cooking! Olive oil is everywhere today! The health conscious population is finally waking up to the many benefits of using olive oil. Earlier, olive oil was limited to be used as a salad dressing. But times are changing!

Olive oil actually comes in a number of forms, color, taste, and acidity level. Pomace olive oil is refined, mainly the residue, which remains after the oil of the olives is pressed. It is comparatively low grade and is cheaper than the other varieties of olive oil, but that does not mean that it is not good! Pomace olive oil is as good as that jar of extra virgin olive oil gracing the aisle at the supermarket. In fact, it has the same composition as extra virgin olive oil.

Health Benefits Of Pomace Olive Oil:

Pomace olive oil is healthier than other edible oils, which are available in the market today. It is also a healthier substitute for vegetable oils. Some of the health benefits of pomace olive are discussed below:

1. Benefits The Skin:

Using pomace oil as massaging oil can give you a healthy and smooth skin. Pomace olive oil is used in several massages as a substitute for extra virgin olive oil as it contains almost similar composition but is a lot cheaper. Pomace olive oil is especially helpful, if you have a dry skin. It helps to nourish and treat the dry skin more effectively. Using a little bit of pomace olive oil during your bath can help rejuvenate your skin.

2. Beneficial For Hair:

Pomace olive oil can also be used to treat hair loss and dry scalp. The best way of using olive oil is to heat it a little and directly apply it to the scalp. This will nourish the damaged scalp and reduce hair fall. Offering a natural shine, it treats hair loss. You can even add pomace olive oil to your conditioner. Adding olive oil to your conditioner will help to increase its goodness and will act as a booster for the dry scalp.

3. Reduces Cholesterol Levels:

Pomace olive oil contains almost 80% mono-unsaturated fat, which helps to reduce cholesterol level in the body. The mono-unsaturated fat helps you to decrease the cholesterol levels, which affects the functioning of the heart. Cholesterol blocks the major arteries, which carries blood in and out of the heart, increasing the burden on the heart. Regular consumption of pomace oil can keep the arteries clear and allow blood to flow properly.

4. Best For Cooking:

Pomace olive oil is light and neutral when compared to the various vegetable oils available in the market. Cooking in pomace olive oil is a healthy alternative. Pomace olive oil needs high temperature to burn, making it the best option when it comes to deep frying. Another amazing property of this olive oil, in fact all forms of olive oil, is that it spreads. A little bit of pomace olive oil is sufficient for cooking.

Pomace olive oil is a very effective and cheaper alternative to extra virgin olive oil. The oil consists of various nutrients, which helps the body stay healthy and fit. Using olive oil for cooking does not make one fancy; it makes one practical and smart. Granted, the exorbitant prices of olive oil can keep many away from this obviously healthy way to cook but with pomace olive oil, price is not an issue! You can get the goodness of extra virgin olive oil at a much reasonable price! So, the next time you go for grocery shopping, take a leap of faith and grab that can of pomace olive oil—it’s a health decision that’s much overdue!

Do you use olive oil in your kitchen? What kind of olive oil do you use? Share with us in the comments section below.

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