How To Do Ombre Nails Easily At Home And 5 Design Ideas

Written by Charushila B

Desire beautifully manicured ombre nails after watching Instagram nail art videos? Then, you are at the right place. Creating an ombre effect may look tough, especially if you are a beginner. You may even think of leaving it to a nail wizard. Tell you what – you can do it easily. Gear up to unleash your inner artist and get ombre gradient nails at home! Check out this easy-peasy DIY ombre nail tutorial with and without a sponge and 5 amazing ombre nail designs. Scroll down to get all the deets!

How To Do Ombre Nails: Step-By-Step Tutorial (Pictures)

If you are a beginner, it is best to start with the original French ombre. The difference between a French manicure and a French ombre is that the white nail tips gradually diffuse into the flesh or a nude base instead of a stark distinction between the white nail tip and the nail base. This may sound intimidating, but you can easily do it with this step-by-step tutorial (with pictures). Swipe up!

What You Need

  • Base coat (clear nail polish)
  • White nail polish
  • Nude or flesh-toned nail polish
  • Liquid latex tape
  • Nail polish remover
  • A small brush or a Q-tip
  • Disposable makeup sponge
  • Top coat

Step 1: Apply The Base Coat

Start with manicured nails. Apply the base coat to protect your nails and let them dry.

Step 2: Apply The Nude Or Flesh-Toned Nail Polish

Apply two coats of nude or flesh-toned nail polish and let it dry.

Step 3: Apply The Liquid Latex Tape To The Cuticles

Apply the liquid latex tape around your nails. It protects the skin from the mess and peels off easily. Wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Apply The White Nail Polish To The Sponge

Layer a generous amount of the white nail polish on the tip of the disposable sponge.

Step 5: Apply The Nude Or Flesh-Toned Nail Polish To The Sponge

Layer a generous amount of the nude or flesh-toned nail polish below the sponge tip to create a gradient effect.

Step 6: Dab The Sponge Onto The Nail

Hold the sponge so that the white nail polish is at the nail tip and dab it onto your nails.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 5 And 6

Layer some more nail polish on the sponge and stamp it over your nails to get the desired color intensity. Let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 8: Remove The Liquid Latex Tape

Peel off the liquid latex tape using a brush or your fingers.

Step 9: Apply The Top Coat

Apply the top coat to smooth out any texture and give your nails a shiny look.

Final Result

There you have it – beautiful French ombre nails. You can use multiple colors to create an ombre effect or glamorous glitter ombre nails. The following videos will help you understand how to create colorful ombre nails and glitter ombre. Scroll down to check them out.

How To Do Colorful Ombre Nails At Home (Video)

French ombre is classic. But if your heart reaches out for other colors and not just nude shades, go all-in with your color sense to create beautiful ombre nails at home. Check out the following video to get inspiration and a few tips for colorful gradient nails.


Ooh! That looks super good! But, if you do not want to create a glitter ombre without a sponge, we have a tutorial. Just keep scrolling!

5 Ways To Do Ombre Nails With And Without A Sponge (Video)

Using a sponge is a popular way to create ombre nails. But you can also use the polish brush tip to create ombre nails with regular nail polishes or glitter nail polishes. Check the following video out to get a 360 of all the options you have to create ombre nails at home.


Scroll down to explore a few ombre nail design ideas and how to do them easily at home.

5 Best Ombre Nail Design Ideas

1. Deep Red And Black Ombre Nails

Deep Red And Black Ombre Nails


Red and black ombre nails make for the perfect Halloween manicure. If you are not fond of this color combo, you can combine white and red for a more Valentine’s Day feel. The deep red looks extremely stylish and feminine. Here’s how you can recreate this design.

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Apply a layer of base coat and allow it to dry.

Step 2: For your base color, apply deep red nail polish.

Step 3: Apply the same red and black nail polish on a sponge. Dab it onto your nails to create an ombre effect.

Step 4: Clean up around the nails.

Step 5: Apply a gel or a matte top coat.

2. Silver And Pink Glitter Ombre Nails

Silver And Pink Glitter Ombre Nails


Want to style your ombre nails with a glitter accent? This design does that perfectly with a subtle silver glitter nail polish on the accent fingernail. It is a breeze to recreate and can be done using a set of different colors.

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Apply the white nail polish as the base coat.

Step 2: Apply the pastel pink and white nail paints on the sponge and dab it onto your nail.

Step 3: Repeat the step to intensify the ombre effect.

Step 4: Apply the silver glitter nail polish to your accent nail.

Step 5: Secure your manicure with a gel finish top coat.

3. Metallic Ombre Nail Design

Want to glam up your outfit? This metallic ombre nail design will do the trick. It is not over-the-top but just the right amount of classy! Give this a shot if you have something special coming up.

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Paint your nails with champagne or gold glitter nail polish and let them dry.

Step 2: Apply liquid latex around the nails.

Step 3: Apply some black and gold polish to your wedge sponge and gently dab it onto the nail edges.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the ombre effect, apply a layer of top coat to secure the manicure.

Step 5: Clean up the sides of your nails with a thin brush and some acetone.

4. Ombre Sunshine Nail Design

This ombre nail design is a must-try for your next beach holiday. The yellow, orange, and pink blend beautifully to give you this summer sunshine look.

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Apply a base coat to protect your nails.

Step 2: Apply a white base color for the best gradient opacity and allow it to dry.

Step 3: Apply liquid latex around the nails.

Step 4: Apply three stripes of color to your makeup sponge, allowing the colors to overlap slightly.

Step 5: Dab it onto your nail and let the first layer dry. Reapply the colors onto the sponge and repeat the step.

Step 6: Finish off with a top coat to blend the gradient.

Step 7: Peel off the latex. Clear the edges around the cuticles with a brush and acetone.

5. Watercolor Ombre Nails

If you do not have a sponge or any other tools for your DIY nail art project, you can still do something very cool! These gorgeous watercolor ombre nails do not require any tools.

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Apply a layer of base coat.

Step 2: Apply the first color to one half of your nail.

Step 3: Before the first color dries, apply the second color to the other half of your nail.

Step 4: Take the same two colors with a brush and blend them on a glass base.

Step 5: Apply the blended colors to your nails for a watercolor effect.

Step 6: Finish with a topcoat.

While single-color painted nails have their own charm, an ombre effect adds more pizzazz. You can dial up the effect or tone it down using muted or vibrant shades to reflect your current mood. Think of your nails as your canvas and let your creativity take over. Get your polishes out and create nail art that’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

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