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5 Amazing Tips To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Glasses And Collars

5 Amazing Tips To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Glasses And Collars January 25, 2018

Many of us believe that when it comes to makeup – eyes are the focal point. But, we cannot really ignore our lips! Beautiful lips can make any makeup look appear stunning and alluring. They can give you a bold look and when toned down a notch, can make you look super feminine!

It is actually easy to appear gorgeous with some bright and bold lips. But the trouble starts after the application! Whether it’s your boy friend complaining about you leaving lipstick stains on his shirt or the irritation of seeing your beautiful dress all stained with lipstick—your lip makeup can leave behind quite a few causalities! Most lipsticks tend to transfer. But you can prevent that!

5 Ways To Prevent Lipstick Transferring To Glasses And Collars:

The 5 ways listed here to prevent your lipstick from transferring will definitely blow your mind! So, now you will really know how to tweak your lip makeup to get ready for a stain-proof day. I know I know, you are eager to get into the knowhow! So, let me spare the formalities of an introduction and dive right into the 5 amazing tips to make your lips transfer-proof :

1. Wear A Lip Liner:

One of the great ways to make your lips stand out bold and noticeable is to wear a lip liner prior to the application of a lipstick. But, this step also prevents transferring of your lipstick. The lip liner formula is generally slightly dry in texture and holds up the creamy formula of your lipstick, preventing transferring. A lip liner accentuates the shape of your lips, helps create depth and also keeps your favorite lip color in place to give you transfer-proof and long-lasting lip makeup.

2. Try A Lip Primer:

John Stapleton, the senior artist of M.A.C. Cosmetics sums up the role of a primer “If you want your paint to stick on the wall flawlessly you need to prime it first.” A lip primer helps in preparing your lips by creating an even and flawless base. The components in the lip primer formula also increase the longevity of your lipsticks as well as prevent transferring to collars and glasses.

3. Remember To Blot:

Just as you would require oil blotting papers to help prevent slipping of makeup and reset your makeup, blotting you lipstick helps prevent shifting of the formula. It is a simple, yet an effective trick. Now start applying a thin layer of your lipstick all over your lips, and then take a single clean tissue paper and blot your lips. Then, follow it with another layer of your lipstick to finish sealing the formula. All you have to remember to get this trick right is to avoid blotting forcefully as you don’t want to remove or wear off your lipstick completely!

4. Powder Up:

This trick is another simple yet effective way to seal your lipsticks. After applying your lipstick, take your favorite compact or translucent powder in a large brush and dust it all over your lips to set your lipstick. Then re-apply another layer of the lipstick and you are done. It is also a great trick to use a blush matching your lipstick and pat it over the top of your lipstick to keep it intact. The powder formula helps in reducing excess moisture from the lipstick, which is the sole reason of feathering and transferring from your lip line.

5. Try Foundation:

Just like a lip liner helps in holding lipstick in place, applying foundation and setting it with compact powder helps in preparing your lips for lipstick application. It helps in creating an even base as well as prevents transferring of the lipsticks from the lip line.

Weren’t these tips simple to try? Try them to get a transfer proof lip day. And don’t forget to share your favorite lipstick trick and tip with us in the comments section below.


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