5 Amazing Uses Of Contact Lens Solution For Makeup

It’s surprising, but contact lens solution is a makeup artist’s bestie for all valid reasons.

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Certain makeup tricks pleasantly surprise us. The application of contact lens solutionin your makeup routine is one such trick that has shocked and astonished many. Yes, you heard that right, ladies! We share some exclusive and interesting tips on using contact lens solutions for more than just lens storage. It is always fun to experiment with new ways to enhance your makeup look. So scroll down and explore how versatile your brand of contact lens solution is!

5 Amazing Uses Of Contact Lens Solution For Makeup

Now is that you can add more elements to your beauty with these makeup tips using contact lens solution:

1. Fix Dried Mascara

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You bought an expensive mascara and unknowingly left it. Soon after you have realized that, it turned dry and clumped. What would you do? Some people add a little baby oil or water to get back its consistency. But this can only mess up the application. Most of us might have undergone this situation. Isn’t it? Now, you can save your mascara!

Take your contact lens solution and add good 5 drops of the liquid to the mascara bottle. If your mascara is some months old and flaky, then adding about 8 drops of the contact lens solution will help. By doing this, the dry formula melts well to revive the formula. Please remember not to take a lot of contact solution, as it might create too much of greasiness and liquid to the mascara formula. Thereby, you might notice your mascara running, fading and creasing faster on your eyelids. Now, close the cap of the mascara back. The soft and moist formula of the contact lens solution will help in adding some moisture to the dried mascara.

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Ensure that you close the mascara cap and shake it lightly before using it. This will help restore its original consistency.

2. Intensify Your Eyeshadows

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Love wearing vivid, intense and soft eye makeup, but frustrated with the dull look of the eyeshadows once applied to the eyes? Do you wish to give brighter color intensity to your eye makeup?

Then, simply dampen your eyeshadow brush with contact lens solution and then take your favourite eyeshadows. Please remember not to wet your brush too much with the lens solution. Or else the eye shadow will start running down from your eyes. Just dampen it with the solution. Now, the eyeshadow color will appear brighter and intense!

3. Fix Flaky Eye Liner

Woman applying liquid eyeliner

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Not able to achieve a thin, precise and neat eyeliner look? The formula might have dried out and turned flaky.

Simply revive it by adding 3 drops of contact lens solution to the liquid eyeliner. Mix it gently and you will have moist, fresh and creamy formula which will spread evenly on your eyes.

4. Make Your Own Colored Eyeliners

Woman with colored eyeliner

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Love applying different colored eyeliners, but does your tight budget stop you from trying new things? Then, this makeup hack will blow your mind.

Simply mix your favorite eyeshadow color with some contact lens solution in a clean container. There you will have an amazing, intense and bright colored liquid eyeliner. Green, pink, blue to black can turn any eyeshadow into eyeliner instantly! The most amazing thing about this tip is that you can even use your waste broken eyeshadow in making your eye liner.

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You can also put a few drops of lens solution on your eyeshadow brush and use the damp brush to apply the eyeshadow. You will automatically see a brighter and more intense shade.

5. Clean Up Your Waterline For Kajal

Woman cleaning eyes with cotton bud

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Does your favourite kajal appear faded and dull on your eyes?

Simply dip a clean cotton bud in some contact lens solution. Now run it on your waterline to clean it up perfectly prior to the application of your kajal. The most important tip to remember is to wait for a few seconds to let the solution dry off completely from your eyes. Now you can layer kajal to show up brighter.

You are certainly amazed to know that you can use your contact lens solution for makeup in so many ways. From giving new life to your dry mascara, intensifying that dull eyeshadow, and eliminating the flakiness from your eyeliner to helping you make your own colored eyeliners and cleaning up the waterline for kajal application, a contact lens solution has so much to offer to your world of makeup. It can also be used in your skin care routine as a make-up removal solution. It may cause irritation and allergies for people with skin sensitivity, but as it is a hygiene and disinfecting solution, it is a comfortable choice for most skin types. So, get rid of your cosmetics and makeup woes and invest in this solution that can rescue you big time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is contact solution good for skin?

You can use a contact solution for your skin but it may not yield any visible and effective results.

Is contact lens solution toxic?

Contact lens solution is generally safe to use as directed and is not toxic to your body. However, it is important to follow the instructions on the packaging and to use it only as intended. If you accidentally swallow contact lens solution or get it in your eyes and experience discomfort or irritation, it is important to seek medical attention. Some individuals may be allergic to certain ingredients in contact lens solutions, so it is a good idea to talk to your doctor or eye care professional if you have concerns or experience any adverse reactions.

Key Takeaways

  • Use contact lenses to make the dried mascara soft and moist.
  • Wet your eyeshadow brush with the contact solution to make your eyeshadow color bright and intense.
  • Add a few drops of contact solution to dried liquid eyeliner to make it moist.
  • Mix your favorite eyeshadow with some contact lens solution to create bright and intense colored liquid eyeliner.
  • Clean your waterline using a cotton swab dipped in lens solution before applying kajal to get a bright look.

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