53 Best Workout Hairstyles To Try When You Exercise

Keep your hair off your face (and mind) to stay focused on elevating your fitness game.

Reviewed by Quarita Futrell, Licensed Master Cosmetologist
Written by Jyotsana Rao, BE
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You want deep focus while working out. Constantly tying and retrying your hair should not be stealing your workout time. So, keep reading to check out some worthy workout hairstyles to sport at the gym. Apart from keeping your hair in order, they also look very stylish so that you can shoot those workout videos! Scroll down and check them out.

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Use ribbon hair ties to prevent your hair from sticking to your neck.
  • To avoid hair damage, change your hairstyle regularly to avoid straining the same part of your hair repeatedly when working out.
  • Avoid using silicone-based products before exercising as they can draw in dirt and sweat, making your hair look greasy, heavy, and dirty quickly.
  • Running your hands through your hair during a workout can cause your scalp to produce more oil. It is recommended to keep your hair up or clipped back to stop yourself from constantly adjusting it.

1. Double Buns

Double Buns
Image: Shutterstock

This hairstyle is great for taming thick hair before hitting the gym. All you need is two elastic bands to secure the buns, and they will barely budge during your workout session.

2. Double French Braids

Double French Braids
Image: Shutterstock

You must have seen this hairstyle a lot on the internet, and there’s a reason – it doesn’t budge all day and keep your hair locked. This hairstyle is the best if you go for an intense workout or play any sport.

3. Simple Ponytail With Fringes:

Image: Getty

Be it light jogging or intense cardio, a simple ponytail will serve all your purposes. Add a zing to this neat look with straight fringes.

4. Topknot:

Image: Getty

Twisting and securing the hair into a topknot can help you stay sweat-free in a stylish way. Moreover, it does not hamper your exercise routine.

5. Tight Low Bun:

Image: Getty

Forget managing those bangs in front of your eyes again and again. Rather, focus on your workout. It is an ideal hairstyle for fitness-lovers with short neck-long hair.

6. High Ponytail:

Image: Getty

High ponytail is one of the most common workout hairstyles. Gather all your hair on your crown and secure it with an elastic band. Soft curls or little waves will look even better.

7. Low Ponytail:

Image: Getty

Do you have thick, straight hair? Hit the gym in a chic low pony the next time. It is an easy yet elegant hairdo that fitness junkies simply love to sport.

8. Turn-n-Twist Braid:

Image: Getty

Divide your high ponytail into two sections and amp up your style quotient by turning as well as twisting them together into a stunning braid. Tidy and graceful!

9. High Bun:

Image: Getty

Create your own workout style statement by opting for a high bun. Instead of twisting the hair that you usually do in a topknot, turn it into a solid bun. Super easy, right?

10. Short Straight Bob:

Image: Getty

A short bob is always one of the best workout hairstyles for short hair. If you are blessed with fine straight hair, get a short chin-length bob cut and let it stay loose during exercise. You can tuck it behind your ear and use clips and sweat bands to keep the hair out of your face.

11. Tight High Braid:

Image: Getty

A tight high braid is modish and sprint-proof at the same time. That is the reason why it has been appreciated as a great gym hairstyle for long.

12. Loose High Braid:

Image: Getty

Add a casual touch to your high straight braid by keeping it a little loose. Don’t worry. It won’t go messy as you are going to secure it with an elastic band at your crown.

13. Face-Contouring Bob:

Image: Getty

If you like the bob cut, you will definitely love to style it up. Well, keep it short and go for a rounded shape that contours your face. It is a convenient hairstyle to make the most of your workout.

14. Ballet Bun:

Image: Getty

When it comes to keeping hair off the face and neck during exercise, a ballet bun can turn out to be the best. For a smooth polished look, apply lots of hairspray to it.

15. Low Donut Bun:

Image: Getty

Running late for gym? Try this quick and easy donut bun. It serves the purpose of your workout and makes you look fabulous all at once.

16. Loose Side Braid:

Image: Getty

This beautiful loose side braid is perfect for outdoor exercises. All you need to do is pull your hair to one side and braid it up. A straight bang can also be added to woo your look.

17. Side Fishtail Braid:

Image: Getty

Bored of your regular side braid? Go the fishtail way! It can prevent your hair from flopping around your face and glam up your workout look simultaneously.

18. Simple Ponytail With Headband:

Image: Getty

Give your simple ponytail a sporty vibe by wearing a beautiful headband. It is basically a fun gym accessory that keeps both hair and sweat away from our face. Well, did you notice the hair wrapped around the base of the pony?

19. Curly Ponytail With Headband:

Image: Getty

Intense curls can change the look of a ponytail completely. So, give your hair a makeover by curling it up. Wear a nice headband in order to make it more workout-friendly.

20. Topknot With Headband:

Image: Getty

Jazz up your workout look by making a topknot and wearing a headband together. A perfect combination of style and convenience!

protip_icon Quick Tip
When looking for a workout headband, look for one that has a velvet-lined underside, is made of stretchable material, and is chafe-free, comfortable, and dryer-safe.

21. Pigtail Braided Hair:

Image: Getty

This is the most practical sporty hairstyle. This pigtail braided hairdo is absolutely ideal for achieving a cute and sexy look for your gym session. Skip the bangs if they are distracting to you.

22. Braided Low Bun:

Image: Getty

Let’s add a twist to the simple low bun you’ve already seen. Just braid up a section of your hair from the front of your head and wrap it around the bun. It’s that simple!

23. Braid With Hair Wraps:

Image: Getty

Want something more than just a tight braid for your next cardio session? Wrap thin sections of hair around its base and the elastic band. Chic and trendy, right!

24. Braided Pigtail Buns:

Oh, those cute little buns! They’re adorable and easy. Create two pigtail braids and twist them into two buns. Voila! Your all done with your brand new gym hairstyle!

25. Braided Headband:

Image: Getty

Who says that only readymade headbands can avert your bangs from falling off your face? Try this braided headband for a change. It’s super easy and extremely suitable for workout practice. This is not exactly sweat-proof, but the headband can prevent you from looking sweaty.

26. Braided Side Ponytail With Hair Wrap:

Check out this fashionable and athletic side ponytail braid made secure by wrapping your own hair at its base. It is one of the best ways to make your hair look awesome during exercise.

27. High Fishtail Braid With Hair Wrap:

Image: Getty

If you don’t mind spending a little time on your workout hairstyle, this high fishtail braid would be a good pick for you. Also, don’t forget to wrap your hair around the base of the thick detailed braid.

28. Braided Side Bun:

Image: Getty

How about trying a side bun for your next yoga practice? Make sure that it sits at the nape of your neck and wrap a thick braid around it for a chic look.

29. High Pigtails With Hair Wrap:

Image: Getty

No matter whether you are a blonde or brunette, these high pigtails secured by sections of hair wrapped around the base will always be the showstopper during your workout.

30. Low Pigtails:

Image: Getty

Didn’t like the idea of high pigtails? Go for the low ones. Those slightly curved fringes make the hairstyle even more appealing. Go for low-impact exercises while wearing this style or else it can turn extremely messy.

31. High French Braid:

Image: Getty

High French braids are very popular among fitness lovers. It keeps the hair in its place throughout the high intense workout  session and makes your hair look ultra-feminine.

32. Low Messy Bun:

Image: Getty

Fake a strenuous workout practice by giving your regular long ponytail a messy finish. A little wave and the wrapping of hair around the elastic band will complete your look.

33. Messy Ponytail With Hair Wrap:

Image: Getty

Fake a strenuous workout practice by giving your regular long ponytail a messy finish. A little wave and the wrap of hair around the elastic band will complete your look.

34. Messy Pigtail Buns:

Image: Getty

Pigtail buns are fun to make and sport. How about turning it into a perfect gym hairstyle by messing it a bit up? You have just finished a long hard aerobics session. No?

35. Low Straight Stylish Ponytail:

Image: Getty

Straighten and divide your hair into three sections. Secure the second and third sections at the back of your head, under the middle section, with bobby pins. Overlay the middle section and tie all three sections together to achieve this stylish ponytail. Your hair won’t flop around during running or jogging. Amazing!

36. Long Twisted Ponytail:

Got long hair? Gear up to look classy for your subsequent workout session with this fabulous hairstyle. Start with curling up your locks and follow by twisting it into a beautiful and elegant ponytail. Do not overlook that magical use of bobby pins at the back of the head.

37. Simple Twisted Bun:

Image: Getty

A twisted bun is one of those workout hairstyles that are as easy as 2 minutes. Just make a casual ponytail and twist it up into a bun. Elegance redefined!

38. High Donut Bun:

Image: Getty

Donut buns do not necessarily have to be low. Take a look at this high donut bun and you will get impressed right away. Are you ready to give it a try?

39. Sleek High Ponytail With Fringes:

Image: Getty

Look like a workout queen  among all your friends by opting for this long sleek high ponytail with neatly curved fringes. Now, that’s called a ‘fashionable workout’!

protip_icon Quick Tip
Ensure that you select hair ties that are made of sweat-wicking material that is strong and thick. Ideally, go for hair ties made of silk as they reduce the risk of hair breakage.

40. Side Ponytail With Bang:

Image: Getty

Move your sleek ponytail to one side of the nape of your head and assure that it rests on your shoulders all through that tedious exercising period. That smooth bang will also add a zing to your look.

41. Braided Straight Ponytail:

Image: Getty

Here is another uber chic ponytail to give you an enjoyable workout experience.

42. Free-Ended Donut Bun:

Image: Getty

As the name suggests, the end part of this donut bun should be left loose instead of being secured with bobby pins. Smoothen the flyways with a serum or keep it messy. The choice is yours.

43. Hair Bow Ponytail:

Managing super long hair during a workout can  be a lot of trouble. This exclusive ponytail is one of the best workout hairstyles for long hair. Create that beautiful hair bow by turning and folding your hair and allowing it to be a shorter pony.

44. Loose Hair Bow Ponytail With Braided Headband:

Image: Getty

Start with the hair bow ponytails mentioned earlier and adorn it with a braided headband. You must have curled up your hair beforehand. Just take your time to flaunt this workout hairstyle and enjoy the appreciation.

45. Twisted Ponytail with Straight Fringes:

Simple twist in your hair can enhance your look to a large extent, especially when it comes to working out in a fashionable manner. The highly twisted ponytail in this picture is enough to prove that.

46. Swinging Ponytail With Hair Wrap:

Image: Getty

We just love this swinging ponytail for a rhythmic aerobic exercise or simple treadmill walk. That luscious bang and the beautifully wrapped hair at its base have made the style elegantly stylish.

47. Triple-Braided Ponytail With Bangs and Wrap:

Want to be the reason of envy of all other fitness enthusiasts in your gym? Adopt this wonderful ponytail bedecked with a neat hair wrap, luscious bangs, and three successive braids. Well, it’s fussy and needs a lot of time. But after all, who doesn’t love to get attention?

48. Simple Braid With Puffed Crown:

Image: Getty

This braided hairstyle is simple, easy and fun to wear. Just tease the hair at your crown to puff it up and braid the rest of your hair as usual. You are ready to go.

49. Bandana on Loose Hair:

Image: Getty

If you want to keep your workout hairstyle fuss-free, simply leave your hair loose and wear a stylish bandana. With so many varieties of bandanas available in the market, you can easily create your signature style with it.

50. Long Wavy Ponytail With Cap:

Make your outdoor exercise a little spicier with this smart and sexy hairstyle. Even though it is a simple wavy ponytail, the baseball cap has made all the difference to it. Both cool and useful, right?

51. Messy Half Fishtail Braid With Hair Wrap:

Starting from the nape of your neck, make a tight fishtail braid, while keeping the hair in the upper section of the head loose enough. Half the braid up and wrap its end around its base. Give a messy look to the upper loose hair and use lots of hairspray to maintain it. A sophisticated and well-defined workout hairstyle for you!

52. Upside Down French-Braided Bun:

Image: Getty

Make an upside down French braid and turn the ends of hair  into a donut bun. This hairstyle is easy and comfortable for daily wear and can last you for a couple of days.

53. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail workout hairstyle
Image: Shutterstock

A bubble ponytail is the best way to work out in style. This easy-to-create, funky hairstyle is a modern twist to a classic ponytail. It not only keeps your hair out of your face during vigorous exercise routines but also prevents the hair from getting tangled. Make a normal ponytail and tie another elastic a few inches from the first. Tease the hair between the two elastics to add volume. Repeat the same process for the entire length of the ponytail. Add a headband on the front to absorb sweat and keep the baby hair away from your face.

Infographic: Top 5 Bun Hairstyles For Workouts

Long hair can be a huge distraction when it comes to working out. It can slow you down and make you feel stuffy and irritated. However, there are a few highly functional and practical bun hairstyles that can help keep your hair secure, sweat-free, and off your face. Check out the infographic below to know the top 5 bun hairstyles you can sport for your workout sessions.

top 5 bun hairstyles for workouts (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Your hair can be a hassle while working out, forcing you to pause and adjust it every few minutes. All you need is a workout-friendly hairstyle that does not compromise your look while keeping your hair out of your face. The hairstyles listed above, from a simple ponytail to the upside-down French-braided bun, make your workout session more comfortable and hassle-free. Moreover, it is easy to do these hairstyles, and they do not take much time either. So, choose a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and be ready to hit the gym in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle your hair while working out?

You can tie your hair in a top-knot, braid, or ponytail to keep your hair out of your face. Additionally, you can tie your hair in a silk head scarf or hair wrap to keep your hair in place. You can also spray some dry shampoo on your hair before working out to prepare your hair to absorb sweat while sweating out.

Can you leave your hair down at the gym?

No, you should ideally tie your hair to avoid any disruption while working out.

Can frequent workout hairstyles cause damage to my hair or scalp?

Yes. Certain hairstyles like cornrows, braids, and tight ponytails can weaken hair and lead to hair loss, as they put too much pressure on the scalp. Additionally, leaving sweat on the scalp for too long can lead to fungal infections and irritation.

Can certain workout hairstyles help to prevent hair breakage or damage?

Low ponytails, top knots, and loose buns are highly effective and can help prevent breakage, while keeping hair out of the face during a workout.

Can workout hairstyles be adapted for different hair types, such as curly or fine hair?

Yes, workout hairstyles can be adapted for different hair types. Curly hair persons should opt for low-maintenance styles like buns, braids, or twists to avoid frizziness and tangling. For fine hair, a ponytail should suffice. However, it is essential not to use tight hair elastics as they can damage the damp scalp.

Why do gym guys shave their body hair?

Gym guys shave their bodies for various reasons. Some people shave their bodies for hygiene purposes, as bacteria and sweat can get trapped in the hair, leading to body odor. Some men do it for aesthetic reasons as they prefer smoother skin. Other than that, some gym guys believe it helps reduce friction while doing weights and exercises and running.

Should I put my hair up when working out?

It is recommended to put your hair up during a workout to avoid getting it in your face. Keeping your hair away from your face and neck prevents the hair from being drenched in sweat buildup. Opt for a loose hairstyle like a bun or a low ponytail, and avoid tight styles as they can damage your damp scalp and hair. Use hair clips to keep smaller hairs in place while working out.

Check out this video for easy workout hairstyles. From short, to medium, to long hairstyles, we have got you covered. Get ready to look and feel your best!
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