5 Effective Body Toning And Slimming Yoga Routines (With Videos)

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“Get toned legs in 10 days!”
“Toned, sexy abs in just two weeks!”

Claims such as that above scream at me from every surface I happen to look upon. Accompanied by pictures of the slim and sculpted bodies of attractive women, they often make me wonder what exactly ‘toning’ means.

Most importantly, does it work? Can you ‘tone’ your abs, or ‘tone’ your legs alone? It probably has made you wonder too.

Is there a lasting solution to a great body?


(No, really! Despite all that Nutella…)

The answer lies in Yoga. I’m sure you want to know why.

So, read on to learn more about my research and how Yoga was my redeemer.

My Pursuit Of ‘The ‘Bikini Body.’

I’ve always wanted a slim and trim body with firm muscles and tight, glowing skin. It would make me look younger and more alluring. Unfortunately, no matter how much weight I lost, or how many times I visited the gym to ‘tone’ myself as trainers these days tell you, nothing lasted for too long. Everything was temporary…

Until, I turned to Yoga.

I also discovered some scientific and practical explanations to achieving a well-sculpted body. Together, knowledge and Yoga helped me reach the dream of a healthy and attractive body! Does yoga tone your body? Before delving into it let us first understand what toning is.

To fully understand the concept of toning, you must also learn what exactly is involved in the journey. That includes being aware of how it works to inhibit regression.

Let’s be honest, who would want that loose muscle and floppy skin back?

All You Wanted To Know About Toning

What Exactly Is Body/Muscle Toning?

  1. Common Understanding
  2. Medical Dictionary Definition
  3. What Toning Means

Science And Common Myths About Toning

  1. The Science Behind Toning Your Body
  2. The Difference Between Toning, Weight Loss And Muscle Building

The Benefits Of Toning

Yoga For Toning Your Body (With Videos)

  1. Toning – Useful Yoga by Tonic
  2. Yoga Meltdown Level 1 by Jillian Michaels
  3. Yoga Tone – Yoga For Weight Loss by Adriene
  4. 30 Minute Yoga Sculpt by Jessica Smith
  5. Beginners Yoga: Bikini Body Yoga Workout by Kino MacGregor

What Exactly Is Body/Muscle Toning?

Common Understanding

When people talk about muscle or body toning, what they usually refer to is an abstract concept. It is most likely that they will be unable to define it precisely.

These are common replies when the general public is asked what muscle toning means:

  • “A well- structured and defined looking body without sagging muscles.”
  • “Having a firm and tight body without flab.”
  • “It is being lean and firm and not bulky like a bodybuilder.”
  • “Uhhh…”

Medical Dictionary Definition

“Muscle Tonus (1)


  1. The muscle in a steady partially contracted state caused by the successive flow of nerve impulses.
  2. The amount of tension or resistance to movement in a muscle.”

What Toning Actually Means

Muscle Tone the constant tension or state of contraction that is present in the muscles in a state of rest.

It helps our body in maintaining correct body posture. For example, toned muscles keep the lower jaw shut and don’t allow the mouth to keep opening even when we are unaware of it.

This principle is also commonly observed in the muscles of your abdomen or ‘abs.’ Despite being skinny, some people still have loose and ‘flabby’ looking stomachs. Whereas, certain others who are heavier, have flat abs.

The abdominal muscles in the heavier flat stomach people are better toned and are able to hold themselves tight. Their muscles have better tension (even when they aren’t sucking their tummies in), and hence they appear flat!

So don’t despair if you aren’t super skinny – being underweight isn’t the way to get that envious bikini body with a flat stomach!

Science And Common Myths About Toning

The Science Behind Toning Your Body

Toned muscles are hidden underneath a layer of sub-cutaneous fat. What you need to do, is make them visible.

According to science, you will get a shapely look when your body fat percentage is less than that of muscle.

Your skin and muscles will appear well defined and tight, or in other words – ‘toned’ when this percentage is favorably diminished to match your body type.

To accomplish this:

  • Build Muscle – You need to have some amount of built muscle in your body.

Strength train your body to make new muscles grow faster. Stronger muscles give you a better and more confident posture.

Your presence will not go unnoticed after that!

  • Lose Weight – The percentage of fat over muscle must be low enough to let the bulked up muscle definition show through.
  • Practice Yoga Strength and Toning Routines – Yoga has several benefits to weed out the roots of all ailments. It also affects and improves your physical fitness level.

This improves overall appearance to give you a toned look after burning fat, giving an alluring glow to your skin and increasing strength and stamina levels.

Note: Engage in Weight Loss yoga routines as a pre-requisite to the Toning and Strength training exercises. This will give you a complete body workout for maximum results.

The article, “5 Effective Power Yoga Routines To Lose Weight Fast (With Videos) And The Science Behind Them” gives you a head start on how to lose weight with Yoga before the holiday season and fast!

To read the full article, Click Here.

The Difference Between Toning, Weight Loss And Muscle Building

Toning is improving the quality of muscle in the body. It is a combination of weight loss and strength training. It keeps your muscles ready for action!

Weight loss focuses chiefly only on reducing the fat content of the body but does not improve muscle condition or help in training new muscles.

Muscle Building Exercises help you to bulk up. They promote muscle growth and create a heavy look. It doesn’t necessarily have proportionate weight loss results.

It is crucial to do a balanced routine between weight loss, body detox, relaxation and strength training exercises. All of these aspects are addressed in Yoga routines.

The Health Benefits Of Toning

Toning your muscles has numerous fitness benefits including:

  • Increases Stamina – Reducing the fat percentage in the body will put a lighter load on your skeletal system.

A reduced burden concurrently improves stamina and endurance levels. It also creates flexibility in the body.

  • Reduces Diseases – Exercising to improve the body’s athleticism amplifies the efficacy of the immune system.

With robust immunity, the body can fight diseases more conclusively. Health issues related to weight are inhibited and controlled in the long run.

  • Improves Posture – Your muscles become stronger, and hold the body’s skeletal frame and organs in place. Posture correction and maintenance is the most visible effect of toning your muscles.

Standing tall makes you look and feel better!

  • Develops Excellent Bone Density – Doctors have reported that toning your body strengthens the bones.

Bone-related frailty is reduced to a great extent. On regular practice, bone quality is, therefore, the key to thwarting diseases such as osteoporosis.

Building body balance brings down the risk of falling over or injuring yourself.

  • Boosts Metabolism – Inactive muscles get converted to fat over time.

Researchers measured the calorie burning rates of fat versus muscle. They found that fat burnt fewer calories than an equal weight of muscle.

Muscles not only require more energy to maintain, but they also process calories more efficiently than fat! Inherently, this process upturns your body’s metabolic functions.

  • Builds Strength – Your muscle fiber develops itself and builds up over training with Yoga.

Fortified muscles can now lift heavier weights, pull and push harder and are quick to respond to stimuli.

Is yoga good for toning? Definitely yes! Yoga is a thorough workout for the entire body and mind. Your mental health innately affects your physical health. For long-lasting results, your routine must be a consolidated effort inclusive of both.

Yoga For Toning Your Body

Here are the top five toning and strength yoga routines to get that perfect body!

1) Toning – Useful Yoga By Tonic Solution

Level – Beginner

Workout Time – 25 Minutes

In this video, Tonic Solution, a British-based group for women’s health shows a beginner’s routine for basic body toning and weight loss.

The instructor is friendly, patient and as precise are necessary and shows the best possible workout for even the newbies!

Watch Here

2) Yoga Meltdown Level 1 By Jillian Michaels

Level – Beginner

Workout Time – 30 Minutes

Jillian Michaels is a personal trainer, businesswoman, author and television personality from Los Angeles, California, USA.

She is known for her simple yet effective workout routines that are easy to follow and fun! She describes each pose and the correct way to do it, very meticulously in this step-by-step video.

Watch Here

3) Yoga Tone – Yoga For Weight Loss By Adriene

Level – Beginner

Workout Time – 20 Minutes

Adriene is back in Yoga with Adriene! She is fun, zesty and ever so sweet!

In this video, watch her as she teaches a simple yoga routine to tone your body in less than 20 minutes. You will see why we love her!

Watch Here

4) 30 Minute Yoga Sculpt By Jessica Smith

Level – Beginner

Workout Time – 30 Minutes

In this video, Jessica Smith’s tagline “Fitness made FUN!” holds true as she (and her adorable pet dog), demonstrates a home routine for all those socially shy fitness freaks!

She is as lucid as possible and proves that you don’t need to be fancy to do Yoga!

Watch Here

5) Beginners Yoga: Bikini Body Yoga Workout By Kino MacGregor

Level – Beginner

Workout Time – 12 Minutes


In this quick video, Kino MacGregor shows us a routine engineered to get that perfect bikini body for the Holiday season!

Kino is a World-Renowned International Yoga Instructor, Author, Producer, and founder of Miami Life Center, Miami, USA.

Watch Here

Ready to face any challenge with ease and confidence in that beautifully toned body?


You’ve earned it.

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Have you ever considered yoga for toning your body? How did it help you? Do share your super toned bikini body journey with others in the comments section below!

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