55 Cool Hairstyles For Women With Really Short Hair

Spunky, chic, and beautiful hairdos that will spice up your chopped locks in an instant!

Reviewed by Khamis Maiouf, Hairstylist
Written by Jyotsana Rao, BE
Edited by Subhrojyoti Mukherjee, MA (English)
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Short hair is not boring. Whether flaunted, messy or sleek, short tresses always look amazing. Celebrity hairstylist Khamis Maiouf says, “The main advantage of having short hair is that it is much less damaged and saves you time when styling. By cutting your hair short you get rid of split ends and worn out or tired hair.”

And if you want to change up your hairstyles to look more fashionable and modern, there are many ways to spruce up your short locks. There are quite a few cool hairstyles for short hair making the rounds on Instagram. You can try curling your hair or try fancy hair accessories. You could opt for layers to change up your regular short hairdo. Bangs are another great way to amp up your short tresses.

To know more ways you can glamorously style your short hair, keep reading to find out short hairstyles for women!

protip_icon Before You Get Started
  • Short hair is easy to manage, but it requires deep conditioning every couple of weeks to lock in moisture for a bouncy appearance, especially for color-treated hair.
  • Routine trims every 3-4 weeks are a necessity to maintain the length of really short hair.
  • A sulfate-free dry shampoo is good for those days when your short hair feels extra oily and requires a bit of a touch-up and volume.
  • You can’t tie your short hair in a ponytail to keep it out of your face, so accessorizing with clips and headbands can help pin them down while keeping your look trendy.

1. Choppy Baby Bangs

Choppy Baby Bangs
Image: Shutterstock

Choppy bob is the most edgiest short hair for women. The key point of this short bob is the baby bangs. Depending on your forehead shape, you can experiment with unconventionally short bangs. The more choppy it is, the edgier it looks.

2. Classic Buzz Cut

Classic Buzz Cut
Image: Shutterstock

This is one of the coolest short haircuts. If we are talking really short hair, what is shorter than a classic buzz cut? Dye your hair in blonde or other lighter shades for a bolder style.

Janani, a blogger, shared her experience of chopping off her shoulder-length hair for a buzz cut. Elated with how the look turned out, she writes, “This is what I was waiting for. It’s so good and a different experience that everyone has to experience once in their lifetime (i).” The blogger also stated that her friends were very supportive of her decision and even her parents found the new look super-cool.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Buzz cuts came into popularity in the 19th century with the advent of manual hair clippers by the Serbian inventor Nikola Bizumic.

3. Slick Back

Slick Back
Image: Shutterstock

It’s neat, classy, and convenient. When your short tresses are growing out, they can be a hassle to manage. Just dab some lightweight wax and comb them back.

4. Slick Side-Part

Slick Back
Image: Shutterstock

This is the most chick hair style for short hair. Go for a neat side parting instead of slicking it all back. This looks great for formal as well as casual events.

5. The Swoop

The Swoop
Image: Shutterstock

This one is sure to have people talking for days. The sides are swept back, while the center is styled in a faux mohawk of swoops and swirls.

6. Edgy Layered Bob:

Image: Getty

The edgy layered bob is chic and stylish. The front encompasses smaller layered bangs while the back has longer layers.

7. One Side Waves:

Image: Getty

The golden bob is characterized by side swept heavy layers on one side and shorter trims on the other sides.

8. Edgy Short Bob:

Image: Getty

The short bob consists of side swept bangs at the front and the longer side edges at the back. A mil shave near the temple adds to the punk factor.

9. Retro Mix:

Image: Getty

The retro mix gives an exemplary style. The retro inspired curly-wavy hair with a flower that enhances the style.

10. Pixie Long Bangs:

Image: Getty

The pixie involves long bangs contouring the forehead with finer uneven layers behind.

11. Curly Bob:

Image: Getty

The curly bob hairdo evolves into a sassy style. The loose front curls give a tender touch to the hairdo.

12. Crisp Bob:

Image: Getty

The bob is crisp and short. It is hued in golden brown and gives a younger appeal to the wearer.

13. Brunette Bob:

Image: Getty

The bob is textured with elegance and shine. It has a subtle vintage flair.

14. Sleek Black Bob:

Image: Getty

The sleek black bob is set in a tousled sleek detail. The hairdo has ruffled bangs lining the forehead and enhancing the punk appeal. The hairdo would suits those with thin sleek hair.

15. Orange Shine:

Image: Getty

The orange shine exudes a perky and elegant appeal. The hairdo has a punk feel to it.

16. Platinum Bob:

Image: Getty

The platinum bob comprises of longer sides with tousled essence. The bob is styled with a side part.

17. Textured Flair:

Image: Getty

The golden bob hairdo is styled with a side part, so that the curly bangs contour the forehead and give more to detail to the bob.

18. One Side Waved Bangs: 

Image: Getty

19. One Side Curled:

Image: Getty

The hairdo features the bangs on one side are curled in a whimsical way while the other side is trimmed short.

20. Fringe Blunt:

Image: Getty

The fringe blunt bob is a classic style which is a rage even in the contemporary times. The blunt bob hairdo is full of style and elegance.

protip_icon Quick Tip
The fringe blunt bob hairstyle is suitable for people with oval face shapes.

21. Wavy Strands:

Image: Getty

The golden short bob consists of wavy strands placed with a back comb on one end. The whimsical bangs enhance the bob and give it a perky twist.

22. Purple Stint:

Image: Getty

The thick flared bang at the forehead is chic and stylish. The rest of the hair is pulled back neatly.

23. Tousled Appeal:

Image: Getty

The tousled edgy bangs are an essential feature of this bob. The bob has a very informal and casual appeal.

24. Round Bob:

Image: Getty

The round bob is stylishly elegant and graceful. The blunt bob is trimmed in the classic fashion but has the characteristics of the round bob too complete with layers.

25. Long Ombre Bob:

Image: Getty

The long ombre bob is chic and stylish. The bob has the perky finesse at the crown with fine layers contouring the front.

26. Sleek Banged Brunette Bob:

Image: Getty

The edgy sleek bangs comprise the bob and make it stylish. The hairdo is elegant and graceful.

27. Side Swept Bangs:

Image: Getty

The side swept bangs are styled with wet texture. The bangs give an edgy detail to this tidy hairdo.

28 Long Edgy Bob:

Image: Getty

The long edgy sides which feature in this bob make it unique and attractive. The long one side curly bang is chic and super cool.

29. Platinum Bob:

Image: Getty

The platinum bob consists of very fine bangs and edgy layers at the lower end. The hairdo looks voluminous courtesy the fine layers.

30. The Fringe Bob:

Image: Getty

The fringe bob is chic and stylish blending in the front even edged bangs and the messy tousled layers.

31. Long Edgy Curved Bang:

Image: Getty

The unique feature of this bob is the edgy long bang one side which is subtly curved. The bang provides the edgy definition to this hairdo.

32. Red Bred:

Image: Getty

The big round bob is voluminous and elegant. The copious hairdo comprises of side parted bangs which blend well with the big voluminous bob.

33. Black Short Pixie Bob:

Image: Getty

The pixie like bob is one of the best cool hairstyles for short hair girls that looks edgy and elegant. The bob comprises of finer layers and is attractive to the core. The small layers give more detail to the hairstyle.

34. Golden Edges:

Image: Getty

The edgy bangs swept to one side almost drape the eyes. The thick bangs provide a whimsical fervor to the hairdo.

35. Blunt Bob:

Image: Getty

The sleek blunt bob in ombre hues has a classic and modish touch. The hairdo is crisp soft and sophisticated.

36. Ruffled Layers:

Image: Getty

The ruffled layers of this bob give a chic detail to the short hairdo.

37. Sleek Red:

Image: Getty

The sleek red bob is classic and vintage inspired. The style is done with a side part and has a fresh and youthful appeal to it.

38. Edgy Bangs Bob:

Image: Getty

The hairdo comprises of punk long bangs which give the bob a different feel altogether.

39. White Blunt Bob:

Image: Getty

This bob has one long elongated side bang curved inwards while the other has a tousled side bang. The blunt bob has a soft and a subtly ruffled texture.

40. Edgy Burgundy Bob:

Image: Getty

The bob features tousled bangs at the top while longer layers at the sides.

41. Tucked Away:

Image: Getty

The hairdo consists of bangs tucked away behind the ears. The roundish bob has an informal appeal to it with a chic fervor.

42. Pixie Trim:

Image: Getty

The bob comprises of finely trimmed layers while the shorter hair at the top with longer hair at the behind. There are shorter hairs at the sides. The uneven but trimmed fringe enhances the style further.

43. Neat and Sleek:

Image: Getty

The thin and sleek hairdo is further enhanced with the intricate neatness it possesses.

44. Short Edgy Pixie:

Image: Getty

The short boy-cut pixie is one of the best short hairstyles because it has a feminine touch to it. The style is cool and low on maintenance. The hairdo is easy to maintain and effortless to style.

45. Tousled Bob:

Image: Getty

Tousled Bob hairdo is one of the most popular cool hairstyles for girls with short hair and has a messy feel. The messiness enhances the tender touch which blends with the personality to give it a younger feel.

46. Thick Side Bangs:

Image: Getty

The thick side bangs are an edgy feature of this sleek bob. The thick bangs give it a thick edgy feel to the hairdo.

47. Feathered Bob:

Image: Getty

The orange bob has a feathered fringe which provides a cute soft detail to the face and the persona of the wearer.

48. Edgy Long Bangs:

Image: Getty

The edgy long bangs feature this golden ombre sleek bob. The thin long bangs with layers cover a part of the forehead.

49. Sleek Ruffled Layered:

Image: Getty

This sleek bob exudes elegance and is refined with class. It consists of thin and sleek bangs contouring the forehead.

50. Edgy Fringe:

Image: Getty

The black fringed bob would make you look like an ancient goddess. The blunt short bob is elegance personified.

51. Dense Golden Fringes:

Image: Getty

This fluffy bob has wavy and heavy layers contouring the bob. The hairdo is chic and stylish with a dash of funkiness.

52. Spiral Curled:

Image: Getty

The tousled spiral curls stick neatly to this short bob. The spiral curls give a tender and softer feel to this bob.

53. Textured Volume:

Image: Getty

The dry textured bob has an ombre messy feel to it. The messiness helps add to the voluminous detail of the hair.

54. Sleek & Edgy:

Image: Getty

The sleek pink edgy bob is chic and cool hairstyle for short hair. The style is full of precision and definition.

55. Headband Style:

Headband Style
Image: Shutterstock

The hairdo is enhanced by the thin headband which pulls back the flyaway’s and tousled hair, giving it a neater style.

Infographic: Hair Accessories To Experiment with Really Short Hair

Just like the Queen with her crown, all women need that special accessory to amp up their short locks. There are multiple short hairstyles such as an edgy short bob, cool pixies with long bangs, and many more that are trending across the world. But to rock these edgy hairstyles, you need to use the right hair accessories. Small but elegant accessories can oomph up a simple short hairdo.

Check out the infographic below to know which hair accessories are perfect for really short hairstyles.

hair accessories to experiment with really short hair (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Whatever your reason for adopting a short and daring hairstyle—whether you are bored of long hair or just prefer the sensual edge of new shorter styles—you will find plenty of hip and sharp options. However, if you want to cut your hair shorter this time but do not know what to do with it, get short hair inspiration for your next cut with these cool and attractive short hairstyles. We have compiled a list of the top 55 playful, funky, and cool hairstyles for girls. So, go ahead and choose your favorite!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does short hair make a woman look younger or older?

Short hair makes you look chic and young if you know your face shape and the hairstyle that goes with it best. Even older women can carry it gracefully and look elegant.

Does short hair makes you look fatter?

You should know the shape of your face and hair type to decide the right short hairstyle for you. It would then frame your face nicely highlighting your best features, making you look sleek and sculpted.

How can I make my short hair wavy after a shower?

You can try and tie them in short small braids and leave overnight to get wavy locks next morning.

How do you make short hair fluffy?

Blow drying your hair upside down, using a dry shampoo, or teasing your hair can make it look fluffy. “A very layered haircut can also add natural volume”, says celebrity stylist Khamis Maiouf. “Keep your hair long at the back. Make sure you have a haircut with face framing layers in the front.”

How do you do soft curls in short hair?

Starting with damp hair, you can part the hair down in the middle. Take about half inches of hair on both sides in the front and twist them over each other. Keep taking more hair along and tie up the ends. Repeat as needed and allow the hair to dry. Carefully loosen out the hair and untie the twists to get soft curls all over.

Check out this video for 10 easy hairstyles for short hair. Learn how to style your hair quickly and easily with the simple tips provided.

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