10 Interesting Ways To Include Animal Prints In Your Wardrobe

10 Interesting Ways To Include Animal Prints In Your Wardrobe May 11, 2018

What started as a design that someone with a tacky sense of style would choose to a veritable choice of patterns on the runway, animals prints have a story to tell. Leopard or cheetah print, to zebra and snakeskin, fish fins, etc make for interesting pieces of clothing. Yes, I also agree that it’s not as fancy as it sounds but if these are styled the right way they make great fashion statements. These are evergreen so don’t be bothered about them going out of fashion.

Also, you can incorporate this pattern in more ways than one, all of which are ravishing. From dresses and accessories to sarees, let’s look at ten interesting ways to include animal prints in your wardrobe.

How To Wear And What To Remember

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It’s a given that animal prints make your outfit interesting. However, there are a few things we all need to know before we add them to our wardrobes. So, before we go over a few dressing ideas, let’s state our basics loud and clear.

  • This goes without saying for all things fashion—Know your body type. It is like (almost) the deal breaker, so it’s always good to be informed.
  • Also, just wear one animal print accessory at a time. Either your dress, shoes, scarf or other accessories. One at a time please and it’s non-negotiable really!
  • If you’re going with a two-piece trying to mix and match, let the other piece of clothing be neutral or nude. This way, it draws a balance and will not ruin it for anyone. You know what I mean?
  • By all means, coordinate florals with animal prints but something classic and subtle will be a good place to start.
  • For starters, be a minimalist. Perhaps a belt, scarf, and a clutch to begin with. Slowly inch towards wearing shoes, shorts or dress in that order or whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • If you’re used to flaunting animal prints, you might be able to pull it off easily but otherwise the size of the print matters and makes all the difference to your outfit. So, be watchful.
  • While matching smaller prints with nude colors, feel free to add a pop of brightness with accessories. It will sure jazz up the look!
  • Just like anything else, black is your go to and is the safest color.
  • Leopard, cheetah and zebra prints are the easiest to pull off. However, if you’re trying motifs like cow, giraffe or anything else that is uncommon—tread cautiously! You don’t have to make it obvious.
  • For animal print tights or tight fit trousers, nudes, neutrals or plains will be a safe bet.

And, finally, here we are. Read through and we’ll dress up together.

Smartest Ways To Include Animal Prints In Your Wardrobe

1. Animal Print Top With Skinny Denims Or Shorts

Match a leopard print top with either a denim short or skinny jeans. A slightly loose top and a skinny trouser make for a style statement. You can either go with a half tuck look at the front and leave it the way it is from behind. A rose gold boyfriend watch and a cross-body bag will be an interesting touch.

  • Suits – Choose a top and trouser that suits your body type, and you are all set.
  • Occasion – Anywhere except a formal set up.
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 399

2. Animal Print Dresses

Do you have an evening party yo attend? A girls night out? Or you want to go club hopping? Pick up one of these animal print short dresses. If it’s a cheetah print like this one, pair it up with black accessories. Black pumps, a statement neck piece, a clutch and smoky eye makeup will just ooze oomph like no other. Sometimes you have to ditch the LBD and experiment with new stuff like these for a different look. The options are countless.

  • Suits – Young to middle age women
  • Occasion – Cocktail parties, evening dress or date night
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 1,399

3. Maxi Dresses

Add zing to your summer dresses with a little something. If you’re one of those women who loves making statements and always exploring different looks, an animal print maxi is a good option. This may not be the first thing people would pick but definitely the first thing people will notice when you walk in. If you can manage an off-shoulder maxi, nothing like it.

  • Suits – Young to middle age women.
  • Occasion – Anytime during the day, or all day every day in summers.
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 1050

4. Pencil Skirt

Are you a fan of pencil skirts? Or just skirts? Then take it up a notch higher with the animal print skirt, and it looks absolutely classy. You get some subtle designs and some very prominent. Go with whatever suits your style. A simple way to style this skirt is with a plain white or even a black shirt. White personally is my favorite, because I love the final output. If you want to make it bolder, don’t shy away from matching them with a checkered or striped T-shirt, I’m just saying. Plain shirt lightly tucked in, pumps, pencil skirt and some accessories like necklace, finger ring and a white tote bag is something we all should try at least once.

  • Suits – Anyone who is comfortable in pulling off a pencil skirt.
  • Occasion – Parties and meetings.
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 419

5. Shorts


Beat the summer heat with a sassy pair of shorts and a neon colored shirt. You can add spunk to everything with a little bit of attitude. Or a loose boyfriend T-shirt with rolled up sleeves is another fun way to sport those hot pants. Slide slip ons if it’s a long day at the mall or go with wedges, colored reflectors, messy bun and all things nice. Do you get the drill?

  • Suits – Young to middle age women.
  • Occasion – Anywhere except a formal set up.
  • Purchase Link-
  • Price – INR 1,695

6. Jacket

Jacket, shrugs or capes—all of them are invincible. Wear an overlay jacket and go neutral with everything else. Neutral can be white, black, pastel or anything subtle to ensure that the jacket remains the showstopper, because it is. Do not try to go all out by matching everything else—it will leave a bad aftertaste. You know what they say—too much of anything is too good for nothing.

  • Suits – Young to middle age women.
  • Occasion – You could wear it anywhere if the place and weather permits.
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 2,249

7. Animal Print Shoes

These are my favorite, and I can never get enough of having them. I cannot really begin to comprehend the fantastic options out there. Loafers, flats, ballerinas, stilettos or pumps—any of these are near perfection. Cigarette pants with a flowy chiffon top, animal print scarf and stilettos is something that will never fail you. Again, there’s so much you could do here—it’s not even funny!

  • Suits – There’s no bar here!
  • Occasion – Wear these all you want, there’s no stopping here!
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 2,695

8. Shades

Subtle, stylish and chic—if you’re a little skeptical about trying these looks, go with shades. You could experiment with different shapes and something that is more prominent like the cat-eye. Complement these with another attribute in the statement like a watch, clutch or shoes.

  • Suits – Anyone with a young heart.
  • Occasion – As long as the sun shines!
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 3920

9. Trousers

Trousers, jeans, palazzos, leggings or anything else that fall under the bottoms category with animal print will look good any given day. And the options for the tops are exhaustive. A crop top and palazzos; skinny jeans and flowy neon top; leggings and plain long T-shirt; or pencil trousers with a boyfriend T-shirt and sleeves folded per se. This is just some of the million things you can do with it. Statement neckpieces and stilettos will round it all off!

  • Suits – Mostly young to middle age women, choose a trouser that suits your body type.
  • Occasion – Anywhere except a formal set up.
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 650

10. Sarees

You heard it right, sarees! They are one of the most subtle yet promising ways of incorporating animal print in your dressing. Again, when I say animal print I do not mean anything over the top (you can go ahead if you think you could carry it ) but a georgette or chiffon flowing saree with applique or brasso work in animal print will hit the right chords. Or, just the printed blouse with a plain saree is an ideal scenario for you. For the former, go with a plain blouse, bare neck, and big earrings will complete the look for you.

  • Suits – Young to middle age women.
  • Occasion – It is considered party wear, so wherever you deem fit, we are okay really!
  • Purchase Link –
  • Price – INR 3,060

Something about the print is very empowering, isn’t it? Remember to strike a balance and incorporate the ideas in bits and pieces. Let it pop out without making it over the top. Let us know if you have any wild hacks up your sleeve that can amp up the animal print game for all of us. Until then, Happy Shopping!

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