31 Lovely Wedding Anniversary Poems For Parents

Dedicate heartwarming romantic poems to your parents' love on their wedding anniversary.

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If your parents have a long, happy marriage, then they deserve more than just a milestone anniversary gift. A thoughtful anniversary poem for your parents can lift their spirits and make them feel special and strengthen their forever love. Celebrate their special day with lots of laughter, cherished memories, food, gifts, and a poem that will touch their hearts. This article lists out 31 sweet anniversary poems for parental love. Scroll down to check out the poems that celebrate their love and togetherness and to express your gratitude for them!

31 Heart-Melting Anniversary Poems For Parents

31 Heart-Melting Anniversary Poems For Parents
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1. The Gift Of Love

“Mom and dad,
Over the years
You’ve taught me many things
But the greatest gift you’ve given me
Is the gift of love
The unconditional love you’ve held for me
That you learned from one another
And that I’ve learned from you
Is something I will always cherish
As you’ll always cherish each other.”
– Anonymous

2. On This Day Of Love

On This Day Of Love
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“My dear mom and dad
My dearest mom and dad
I feel so elated today on this day of love
Yes it’s your anniversary I know
But I am equally excited
And I really want to show
And make it special for you guys
So, I would do much more and keep it a surprise
Happy anniversary mom and dad!
Stay blessed and in love forever!”
– Anonymous

3. What Love Should Look Like

“Growing up you showed us
What love should look like
All these years later
Both of you still have that sparkle
in your eyes
When you look at each other
Happy anniversary Mom and Dad
May your love be as lasting as the
stars in the sky.”
– Anonymous

4. Their Love Grew Strong

“I am feeling so happy today,
I am feeling so good this day,
As today is the day my wonderful parents got married,
Today is the day their love grew strong,
So let me wish you both with a wonderful song,
Happy wedding anniversary you both,
Always stay blessed and in love!”
– Anonymous

5. Who Have Given Me Life

Who Have Given Me Life
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“Happy anniversary to the two most important people I know
The people who have given me life
And helped me grow
I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me
So I hope you take this day to celebrate with glee.”
– Anonymous

6. You Have Defined What True Love Is

“I think I am the
I am the luckiest one on this planet
As I have proud parents like you
Who have been there for each other every time
Who have defined what true love is
So, here are my wishes sealed with a kiss
For my parents so dear to me
Wishing you both a very happy anniversary!
Stay in love forever!”
– Anonymous

7. Your Love Is Everything

“I have grown up in a home filled with love
and warmth
Thanks to you both, I know what
love should be
I want to wish you a happy
anniversary Mom and Dad
Your love is everything I hope to
have someday.”
– Anonymous

8. You Did It Together

You Did It Together
Image: Shutterstock

“Happy anniversary
To my favorites, mom and dad
It’s an easy thing to say for me
But I do wonder
Does it feel like it’s been forever?
Or just like yesterday?
In the end you did it together
And you made it here
Happy anniversary!”
– Anonymous

9. You Guys Are Great Together

“Happy anniversary to the most wonderful couple I know,
You guys are great together that you don’t have to show,
That you love each other so much,
Without anyways or touch,
Salute to my parents and the love,
I am really blessed that both of you are my parents,
Stay blessed,
Happy wedding anniversary!”
– Anonymous

10. Bonded Forever In This Life

Bonded Forever In This Life
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“It’s all the love it is
A remarkable journey of love it is
A remarkable tale of love
I have seen the love that kept you both
Bonded forever in this life
It is nothing fake and thing to strive
Its just pure from the start
Yes the love is pure from the heart!
On this special day mom and dad
Wish you a very happy anniversary!
Stay in love forever!”
– Anonymous

11. Love Keeps Growing

“When I look at both of you, I see
your love for each other in your
eyes and every day, it keeps
Happy anniversary.”
– Anonymous

12. The Bond You Share Is Beyond Love

“I’ve never known two people
as close as the two of you.
You love and laugh and learn,
and though you fight and argue too,
it doesn’t matter at the end of the day
because you are strong and caring
and the bond you share is beyond love
and I love you both for your love and daring.
Happy anniversary!”
– Anonymous

13. Love Is The Answer

Love Is The Answer
Image: Shutterstock

“Although you had a rocky road at
Your actions displayed the answer
To the age-old question of what
love is
You both love each other even
though time has passed
And you both have changed over
the years
All I have left to say is
Happy anniversary, mom and dad”
– Anonymous

14. Your Love Is The Example

Your Love Is The Example
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“Your love gives me hope
For all the rest of us
Your love taught me
How to share, how to laugh
How to show someone you care
Your love is the example I hope
To set one day
You always got through the hard times
Together, as a team
I’m so lucky to have you both in my life
Happy anniversary, mom and dad!”
– Anonymous

15. Together Your Love And Life Made One

“Today we celebrate
The love of two of the greatest people on the planet
Together your love and life made one
Has given me life and love and a home full of memories I won’t soon forget
Thank you two for showing me
How much love can be spent
How many laughs can be shared
And how many trials and tribulations
Can be overcome throughout the years
I love you both,
Happy anniversary and here’s to many more!”
– Anonymous

16. What True Love Means

“Your love inspires me, it tells me
what true love means and I look up
to you guys for a perfect example
of love and you are always one.”
– Anonymous

17. You Took A Vow To Love

You Took A Vow To Love
Image: Shutterstock

“Who knew that when you met,
You’d be where you are now,
And on that fateful day,
You stood and took a vow.
To love honor and cherish,
To ride the storms of life,
To stay faithful and devoted,
When you became husband and wife.
Happy anniversary, mom and dad.”
– Anonymous

18. Love Is Forever

“Love is forever in time
Love is forever and this is not a thought,
You have taught me that true love exists
Both of you have given new definition to love
Both of you have respected each other in life
Helped each other in struggle and strive
So I also respect my parents for the same
Stay in love forever
Happy anniversary to both of you!
Both are really the chosen few!”
– Anonymous

19. So Much Love And Care

So Much Love And Care
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“Happy wedding anniversary to the most wonderful couple I know,
You guys are simply amazing,
So much love and so much care,
Today this day I did a special payer,
To keep you guys happy forever,
May you always stay in bliss,
And separate never,
Stay in love and blessed,
Happy anniversary!”
– Anonymous

20. Love Grows Stronger

“Today on this special day,
I wish hope and pray,
That you both stay together this way,
May you receive all the happiness and gay,
I wish that your love grows more strong,
I wish you stay blessed and nothing goes wrong,
Happy anniversary to the best parents!”
– Anonymous

21. True Love Exists In Life

“How happy I am
How happy I am feeling today,
I really can’t state or say,
Looking at both of you,
I feel that true love does exist in life,
The passion of your love,
In support and strive,
Mom and dad please stay this way,
As I would like to say
Happy anniversary and stay blessed!”
– Anonymous

22. You Are The Ultimate Example

You Are The Ultimate Example
Image: Shutterstock

“I never knew two people
Could love each other
As deeply and as truly as
The two of you love.
You are the ultimate example
Of what love should look like
You’re passionate and playful
You’re friends until the end
You fight for each other
You overcome every obstacle
Placed in front of you
With love and understanding
I love your love, and both of you
More than words can say
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
I wish you a hundred years more on this day!”
– Anonymous

23. Celebrate Your Love Together

“You taught me right from wrong,
You taught me honor and pride,
I could not ask for better parents,
Who have always been right by my side.
Today’s your anniversary,
Celebrate your love together,
My wish for you is all the joy,
That you can share, forever!
Hope you have a lovely day.”
– Anonymous

24. Love Can Set An Example

“Your love is true
Your love can set an example for many to come
The respect that you guys have for each other
Is never lost in time
It’s always there
The things which go unknown
And things which I do see
I just have one thing on my mind
That both of you together are like ecstasy
So stay in love till the end of time
Proud to call you mine!
Happy anniversary mom and dad!”
– Anonymous

25. Your Love Is Just Perfect

“Such a blessed day
Such a blessed couple both of you are,
Your love is just perfect as can be in life
Both of you value each other
And that is one thing that makes it prime
Glad to have you both in my life
My super adorable mom and dad
Happy anniversary mom and dad!
Stay blessed and in love forever!”
– Anonymous

26. Indeed For One Another

Indeed For One Another
Image: Shutterstock

“I will take a cue
I will take a cue from both of you
When I get married in life and new
Of all the sacrifices you made to work
And keep the relationship going strong
Indeed to one another you guys belong
So stay in love forever my parents
Happy anniversary mom and dad!
Stay blessed!”

27. You Guys Are One Of A Kind

“I think
Whenever I think of the word love,
My parents always come to my mind
You guys are really great,
You guys are one of a kind,
So good to see you both in bliss,
Always stay happy together this way,
As I wish and pray,
Sealed with a kiss,
Happy wedding anniversary!”
– Anonymous

28. Everything In Life Can Be Conquered With Love

“You have that in you
Mom and dad you have set an example,
That everything in life can be conquered with love
The true emotions of being together
Without any shove
I salute both of you for your true dedication in love
Stay blessed in love and forever
Happy anniversary to both of you!
Have a day filled with love!”
– Anonymous

29. You Both Are Like The Pillars Of Strength

You Both Are Like The Pillars Of Strength
Image: Shutterstock

“You both stay blessed
You both are like the pillars of strength,
Of all the things so might,
There may be many arguments,
But that in spite,
Your love has won over you
And, that just makes the two of you
So adorable together,
Stay blessed!
Wish you happy anniversary!”
– Anonymous

30. The Love You Share Is Truly Rare

“On your special day
On your special day mom and dad
I would like to confess
That both of you are truly the best
The love and the care that you share
Is indeed and truly rare,
I am glad to have you both in my life
A reason enough for me to survive
Happy anniversary mom and dad!
Stay blessed!”
– Anonymous

31. A Love Like Yours Is Special

“A marriage like yours,
Is special and rare,
A life of happiness,
You both share.
The time you have together,
A beloved precious life,
No couple deserve it more,
Mom and dad, husband and wife.
With love on your anniversary.”
– Anonymous

Infographic: 3 Heart Touching Wedding Anniversary Poems For Parents

Every marriage is special and unique in its own way. But haven’t we all learned how to make a marriage work from our parents? Then why not thank them and make their wedding anniversary special with heartfelt poems? Here are 3 heart-touching wedding anniversary poems that will shine brighter than any other gift on their special day as life partners. Surprise your parents with these poems curated to suit every unique couple. Check out the infographic below.

3 heart touching wedding anniversary poems for parents (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Celebrating marriage by sending anniversary poems to your parents is a special way to let them know how you feel about them on their special day. It makes for a simple yet lovely gesture to express what they mean to you on their big day that marks their enduring love and commitment. Giving words to your feelings through these poems will not only make their day memorable but also strengthen your beautiful relationship even more. Pick a poem from the ones listed above to make your parents’ anniversary memorable with your sweet gesture through these inspirational anniversary poems!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write a personalized anniversary poem for my parents?

While writing a personalized poem might seem like a tough task, you can always share a fond memory of yours about them, the beautiful moments that make you appreciate them as partners in life, or even the top reasons you cherish their bond so much.

How can I incorporate humor into an anniversary poem for my parents?

Mentioning a certain funny incident or sharing light-hearted memories can be an easy and fun way to incorporate humor in rhyming anniversary poems for the love that lasts.

How do I express gratitude and appreciation for my parents in an anniversary poem?

To express gratitude and appreciation, use words that convey your thankfulness and regards towards your parents. You can try saying, “Thank you for being the most incredible parents, I feel proud to be your child!”

How do I choose the tone and mood of an anniversary poem for parents?

Since it is a happy occasion of the beautiful years of wedlock of your parents, choose a happy and affirmative tone and mood for an anniversary poem for parents.

Should I include advice or words of wisdom in an anniversary poem for parents?

No, you should not include advice or words of wisdom. Instead, try expressing your love and showcase how your parents are an ideal couple and a great inspiration for you.

How do I convey the importance and significance of my parents’ relationship in an anniversary poem?

To convey the importance and significance of your parents’ relationship, personalize the poem and add memories about their special days spent together. Include lines about their beautiful wedding journey and pray for an even more joyous future.

Want a heartfelt way to celebrate your parents’ anniversary and make them smile? Check out this beautiful poem to highlight their love and devotion for each other!

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