101 “Happy Anniversary” Quotes and Wishes For Your Parents 

Written by Harini Natarajan

A wedding anniversary is one of the most important days in a happily married couple’s life, and even more so if the couple happens to be your parents! It is a wonderful gift to be born to parents who are deeply in love with each other.

Now that your beloved mom and dad’s wedding anniversary is approaching, are you wondering how to wish them on their special day? Here is a collection of beautiful and heart-warming messages to make their anniversary even more special.

“Happy Anniversary” Quotes And Wishes For Your Parents

  1. “All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.” – Leo Tolstoy
  2. “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” – Victor Hugo
  3. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  4. “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn
  5. “You be my glass of wine, and I’ll be your shot of whiskey.” – Blake Shelton
  6. “Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.” – Kahlil Gibran
  7. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao-Tzu
  8. “True love doesn’t come to you; it has to be inside you.” – Julia Roberts
  9. Thanks, mom and dad, for showing me year after year what it takes to make love last. Happy anniversary!
  10. Happy anniversary to the most amazing couple I know, my beloved mom and dad.
  11. Dear parents, one of your greatest legacies is the art of lasting love. Thanks for passing that on.
  12. Another year to create precious memories together. Another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other. Another year to strengthen a marriage that defines forever. Happy anniversary!
  13. Here is to another happy, joy-filled year! Happy anniversary to the best parents.
  14. Your strong bond is the foundation of our happy family. Happy anniversary!
  15. Your never-ending love and dedication for each other through all these years is what inspires me the most. Happy anniversary, dear parents.
  16. The only thing better than having you for parents is my children having you for grandparents. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.
  17. Only because of you, I believe in love. Happy anniversary to the most wonderful parents in this world.
  18. You have been together in joy and suffering. In good health and sickness. Continue inspiring me for years to come. Happy anniversary to the most romantic couple I know.
  19. Dear mom and dad, your love has been a real inspiration to me. I hope one day I can find someone just like you found each other. Have a wonderful anniversary!
  20. Your beautiful marriage is the stuff fairy tales are made of. Here is wishing my favorite couple a very happy anniversary!
  21. May the love you have shared in your first 25 years of marriage grow stronger as you grow old together. Happy anniversary!
  22. Here’s to a wonderful year past and an exciting one to come. Bring on the next – every day is a chance to make your dreams come true.
  23. Falling in love is easy; staying in love is a whole other ball game. You’ve done it though, and you’re an inspiration to the rest of us.
  24. Every day, I witness your love. Every day, I love you both more. Have a blessed wedding anniversary, Mom and Dad!
  25. On this special day, I hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together. Have a wonderful wedding anniversary!
  26. Some love stories never end; I hope yours continues forever. Happy wedding anniversary!

101 “Happy Anniversary” Quotes and Wishes For Your Parents 

Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Parents

  1. Can’t imagine a more perfect pair who deserves a more perfect day! Wish you a happy wedding anniversary, Dad and Mom.
  2. It is your wedding anniversary today, and here is to hoping it is a day full of happiness, laughter, memories, and love.
  3. You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy wedding anniversary to my dear parents.
  4. Because of you two, I believe that there is a love that’s true. Happy wedding anniversary to the most romantic couple I know.
  5. Thanks for always being there for me and each other. I wish you a memorable wedding anniversary.
  6. You don’t marry someone you can live with. You marry the person you cannot live without like you did, mamma and papa. Have a glorious wedding anniversary.
  7. May every year that passes bring you closer to one another. Stay happy and in love, dear Mummy and Daddy. Happy wedding anniversary!
  8. Dear parents, your love for each other proves that marriages are indeed made in heaven. Wish you a blissful wedding anniversary!
  9. Mom and dad, you are the ideal married couple all lovers hope to be. Enjoy your wedding anniversary!
  10. Today is a special day for me because today is the anniversary of the day you both said, “I do.” Have a wonderful wedding anniversary because you deserve it!
  11. May your passionate love for each other grow with each passing year. Here is wishing you another glorious wedding anniversary, dear parents!
  12. Seeing you live out a real-life fairy tale makes me believe in everlasting love that is passionate and true. Happy wedding anniversary, Dad and Mom!
  13. Through all the ups and downs in your life together, you stride on together, holding hands. This is the kind of marriage I hope to have one day.
  14. Happy wedding anniversary to the most romantic couple in the world! Your love story continues to inspire me through the years.
  15. To the best mom and dad in the world, I wish lots of joy, happiness, and prosperity on your wedding anniversary!
  16. Apart from being the best mom and dad to me, you are also the best husband and wife to each other. Happy wedding anniversary!
  17. On this beautiful day that marks the anniversary of your wedding, I wish you all the joy, happiness, and prosperity in the world.
  18. Dear parents, congratulations on another year of togetherness. I wish you a joyous wedding anniversary and many more special years together.
  19. You may have been together for many years, but to me, you are still as adorable as newlyweds! Have an awesome wedding anniversary, Mummy and Daddy!
  20. “You don’t love someone for their looks, their clothes or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” -Oscar Wilde
  21. Dear parents, in all these years together, you have shared so much love and joy with each other. Wish you a sweet wedding anniversary!
  22. Congratulations on another year of falling deeper in love with each other. Happy anniversary!
  23. The two of you shine with the love you have for each other. May that light get even brighter on your wedding anniversary and every year that goes by.
  24. One day, I hope to find love as deep as yours, Mom and Dad. You are truly made for each other. Happy anniversary!
  25. May the love you feel for each other on your wedding anniversary grow ever stronger and more fulfilling as the years go by.
  26. I hope every day you share together is more beautiful than the last! Happy anniversary.

101 “Happy Anniversary” Quotes and Wishes For Your Parents 

Sweet “Happy Anniversary” Wishes For Your Mom And Dad

  1. You have endured tough times, weathered storms, and made it through with that love still intact. You make me believe in true love! Happy anniversary.
  2. Your love is the reason I exist today. Your love is the reason I believe in love. Have a wonderful anniversary, dear Dad and Mom.
  3. Your wonderful marriage gives me faith that one day I too will find my perfect partner. Dearest Dad and Mom, wish you a happy anniversary.
  4. May every year that passes bring you closer to one another. Stay happy and in love, Mom and Dad. Happy anniversary!
  5. Happy anniversary to the parents that inspire me every day. Best wishes to you two for all the years to come.
  6. Most people find it hard to believe in “forever,” but seeing the never-ending love between both of you makes me believe in “forever.” Happy anniversary to the most wonderful parents!
  7. Those who say soulmates don’t exist haven’t met a couple so deeply in love like you two. Hope you stay together forever. Happy anniversary!
  8. What do I have to give to the most loving and blessed couple on their wedding anniversary except my love and good wishes? Have a great wedding anniversary, Dad and Mom!
  9. To the couple with the most special marriage I know of, I wish you a joy-filled wedding anniversary, dear Mom and Dad!
  10. Dear parents, thank you for teaching me what true love is by loving each other through all the ups and downs in life. Have the most wonderful wedding anniversary!
  11. Your enduring love story is the only reason I even believe in the institution of marriage. Wish you a happy wedding anniversary and many more years of wedded bliss.
  12. My dear parents, you are living proof that “happily ever after” does come true for a chosen few. Happy anniversary!
  13. Wishing you a happy anniversary, a happy marriage, and many years of good health to enjoy it with!
  14. Dear parents, may this special day give you all the happiness and joy that you both deserve. Happy anniversary!
  15. You have been together in good times and bad. Here to wish you more of the good times in the years to come! Happy anniversary.
  16. I grew up watching you tirelessly support each other. I learned teamwork from you. Continue being the amazing team you are for many years to come.
  17. Just by looking at you together, I know you were meant to be. I wish you the happiest wedding anniversary, my lovely Mom and Dad!
  18. If there was an award for the best marriage, there is no doubt you would win it. Happy wedding anniversary to the most adorable couple in the world!

101 “Happy Anniversary” Quotes and Wishes For Your Parents 

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Parents

  1. I have never seen a couple so much in love even after 50 years of marriage! You are unique and special, Mom and Dad. Wishing you a beautiful 50th wedding anniversary!
  2. It takes a lot to be happily married to the same person for half a century! You two have made it, dear parents. Have an amazing golden jubilee wedding anniversary!
  3. Being married for 50 years is a major milestone, and I am so proud of you, Dad and Mom, for completing 50 years of marriage. Happy anniversary!
  4. Dear parents, thank you for showing me that a couple could be so deeply in love even on their 50th wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary.
  5. Sending you warm hugs and lots of love on the successful completion of 50 years of marriage. Have a wonderful golden jubilee anniversary!
  6. Dear Mummy and Daddy, you have taught me the true meaning of love and marriage. Thank you for always inspiring me. Wishing you a beautiful 50th wedding anniversary!
  7. As you reflect on the 50 years of your marriage, may every memory bring a smile to your faces and give you the strength for another 50 years together. Happy golden anniversary!
  8. The way you look at each other – on the 50th anniversary of your wedding – makes me believe that marriages are made in heaven. Happy anniversary, dear parents!
  9. I can’t believe you have completed 50 golden years together, with more ups than downs, and still love each other intensely. Happy golden anniversary, my dear parents!
  10. Today marks 50 years of your holy union in matrimony, and I feel blessed to wish you a very glorious golden wedding anniversary!
  11. To cherish and love someone for 50 years is a major blessing! I am so happy that you have made it together, Mom and Dad. I wish you a wonderful golden jubilee anniversary!
  12. To stay married for 50 years takes a lot of love, effort, and sacrifice. I am so proud of you, my darling parents. You deserve to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary most joyously!
  13. Congratulations on discovering the most sought-after secret – the secret of a happy marriage. Happy golden anniversary!
  14. Five decades of love, joy, and laughter peppered with a few moments of sorrow and tears is what defines your long-lasting marriage. Wishing you more happiness and smiles in the years to come!
  15. It takes 50 years to turn marriage into gold. Wish you maintain this warmth and never turn cold! Happy wedding anniversary!
  16. My darling Mom and Dad, you are a couple that truly rocks! Stay the same always. Happy 50th anniversary.
  17. I can’t believe half a century has already passed since you tied the knot! I wish you many more happy years together, dear parents!
  18. It has been 50 years, and yet the two of you are still the perfect example of what a happy, blissful marriage looks like. Happy golden jubilee!
  19. Today, I wish the perfect couple a perfect day – your 50thwedding anniversary!” -Anonymous
  20. Happy 50th wedding anniversary, you two old love birds! I can’t believe you have been together for half a century.

101 “Happy Anniversary” Quotes and Wishes For Your Parents 

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Parents

  1. Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life. Here is to celebrating another year of annoying each other, Mom and Dad!
  2. Each wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate surviving another year of married life. Let us celebrate another year of your survival, dear parents!
  3. I have seen you walk hand in hand all through these years. Was it love that made you do it or the fear of killing each other if you let go? I hope it was love and wish you a fun-filled wedding anniversary!
  4. Dear Dad, never laugh at Mom’s choices because you are one of them too! I am happy you chose each other. Have a glorious wedding anniversary!
  5. They say marriage makes you live longer and I guess it is true because you have been married forever. Congratulations on your anniversary, dear parents!
  6. Being married is like having a best friend who doesn’t remember anything you say.
  7. Dear Mom and Dad, since you have been together for so long, you will be granted an honorary Ph.D. in each other! Happy anniversary!
  8. I am so happy you put up with each other all through these years! Hope you tolerate each other for years to come, my dear parents!
  9. The longer two people stay together, the more they look like each other. Hopefully, you two don’t grow matching beards. Have an awesome anniversary!
  10. They say a wedding ring is the world’s smallest handcuff. Here is to another year of the best jail time ever!
  11. You are as good together as peanut butter and jelly. Happy anniversary!

Being the child of happily married parents is a blessing not many have! If your parents have been together for years and are still deeply in love, then you should find a unique way of letting them know how happy you are for them on their wedding anniversary. Choose from our carefully curated list of sweet anniversary messages for your parents and make their special day even more joyous!

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