Top 10 Anti Dandruff Conditioners Available In India

by Shruti Goenka
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Dryness and microbial infection of the scalp causes redness, irritation and scaling. This scaling or shedding of dead skin cells by the scalp is called dandruff. Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems faced by people across all age groups and genders. This issue can be tackled by using antidandruff and medicated shampoos, hair masks, hair tonic, conditioners etc.

Anti dandruff conditioners are specifically formulated to treat and prevent dandruff by moisturizing and hydrating the hair, clearing extra accumulated sebum, fighting and eliminating dandruff causing bacteria and fungus from the scalp, strengthening the hair from root to tip, soothing the scalp and promoting the growth of long, strong, shiny and voluminous hair. The best available antidandruff hair conditioners that are a must try for people suffering from this hair issue are mentioned below.

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Best Anti Dandruff Conditioners

1. Matrix Biolage Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

Pythrithone Zinc present in this conditioner works ideally to relieve scalp irritation and flakiness, helps to get rid of dandruff and prevents its reoccurrence effectively. It smoothes the scalp and promotes the growth of shiny, healthy and strong hair.

2. Head & Shoulders Smooth And Silky Conditioner

Head & Shoulders Smooth And Silky Conditioner is one of the best dandruff fighting formulas available in the market. The product is enriched with extra moisturizers that help restore dry and frizzy hair. The dandruff-fighting formula is locked-in, helping keep the problem at bay while leaving your hair feeling tremendously smooth and silky. When used in combination with Head & Shoulders Smooth And Silky Shampoo, this conditioner controls frizz for up to 24 hours, eliminates dandruff, and protects color treated hair.

3. Dove Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

The ZPTO formula and micro moisture serum technology combined in this conditioner helps to treat and prevent dandruff with ease while rejuvenating the hair to make it softer, shinier, smoother and dandruff free.

4. Sunsilk Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

Sunsilk anti dandruff conditioner with its ZPTO complex formula and Citrus cream energizers helps to treat the problem of dandruff and flaky, itchy scalp efficiently and aids in maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

5. Schwarzkopf Bc Scalp Therapy Dandruff Control Fluid:

The purifying formula of this product with Zinc P, amino acids and vitamin B3 helps to prevent the scaliness of the scalp and also works against the fungus that is responsible for creating dandruff thereby providing a core solution and treatment for dandruff issues while purifying, nourishing and refreshing the scalp.

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6. Pantene Pro-V Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

The Pro-V and ZPT formula combined into pantene Pro V anti dandruff conditioner penetrates deeply into the hair strands making them strong from the root and, nourishes and hydrates the scalp to treat and prevent the reoccurrence of dandruff while making the hair look soft, radiant and beautiful.

7. VLCC Dandruff Control Conditioner:

Rosemary extracts present in this conditioner render antimicrobial properties to it which help in keeping infections of the scalp at bay thereby preventing dandruff. The menthol content soothes and refreshes and scalp and hydrates the skin properly to promote growth of strong and healthy hair.

8. Garnier Fructis Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

The combination of Pyrithione zinc, citrus extracts and active fruit concentrates in this conditioner from garnier helps remove excess oil and impurities from the hair, treat and prevent dandruff, fortifies the hair from the root and makes them soft and shiny.

9. Neutrogena T/Gel therapeutic Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

Fresh fragrance and extra conditioning formula makes this medicated conditioner ideal for treating itchy and flaky scalp and dandruff problems. Neutrogena T/Gel therapeutic anti dandruff conditioner not only moisturizes the scalp and controls scaling of the skin but also makes the hair shiny, smooth, fuller and manageable.

10. Giovanni Don’t be Flaky Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

This anti dandruff conditioner fights the problem of dandruff with its 2.2% salicylic acid content while the oatmeal, eucalyptus, tea tree and noni extracts present in it have a refreshing, soothing and deep moisturising effect on the scalp and hair to create silky and clean locks.

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