Antioxidants For Your Hair: Why And Which Product Is The Best

by Sreethu Sajeev

When it comes to your hair, prevention and increasing immunity is just as essential as exercising and eating good foods to keep your body healthy.

While eating superfoods rich in antioxidants is recommended for your hair health, choosing the right hair regimen is even better. Just like the famous saying, “You are what you eat”, your hair grows how you treat it. Are you choosing the right superfoods and are you washing your hair the right way and with the right shampoo? Now you can!  Pantene Hair Superfood line is a great way to strengthen your hair’s immunity because of the antioxidants and lipids in the formula.

But what are anti-oxidants?


The word “antioxidant” has been around for a while but what does it mean? Antioxidants are a substance that stops the oxidation that damages cells in the organism and help prevent the formation of oxidative stress. The benefits of antioxidants include anti-inflammation, an increase of cell metabolism and blood circulation, which in turn help build the immunity of your body. Antioxidants also improve hair your hair immunity making it stronger against styling damage.

Foods rich in anti-oxidants include berries like acai, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, pomegranate, pecans and tomatoes. However, consuming foods high in antioxidants is not the only way to maintain healthy and shiny hair. Using Pantene Superfood is a more effective way to nourish your hair from within, targeting the hair directly with the right nutrients and vitamins.

What are the benefits of antioxidants and lipids inside Pantene Hair Superfood?

Antioxidants:  They penetrate deep inside the hair, protecting it from internal micro damages, to make it stronger from within. Meaning that it can withstand more damage from everyday styling as it becomes stronger from within.

Lipids: They strengthen hair with resilience to take on daily hair stress. Lipids in Pantene Superfood replenishes your hair with these essential nutrients.

Lipids 2

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