8 Bold Anubis Tattoo Ideas To Explore + Their Meanings

Tattoos depicting an enigmatic ancient Egyptian God that would enchant everyone.

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Are you looking for a charismatic Egyptian mythology-inspired tattoo? Then you must consider getting a magnetic Anubis tattoo that can add a rugged and intimidating aura to your personality. Anubis, the ancient Egyptian God of the dead, has a formidable presence that inspires reverence from all its beholders whether they are believers or not. What is more surprising is how different tattooing techniques can further enhance the brilliance of this mythological figure. Anubis tattoos are among the few designs that elicit admiration and awe wherever you go. In this article, we have curated some creative designs that you shall surely fall in love with. Hurry up and check them out!

Meaning Of An Anubis Tattoo

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Anubis is the God of the dead, protector of graves, and guide to funerary rites and the spirit world. Some ancient illustrations depict the god as a sleek, black canine figure, while others show him having a sculpted human body with the head of a canine adorned in a royal headdress. Getting a tattoo of Anubis could symbolize any of the following themes:

  • Transition from life to death
  • Movement within the underworld or spirit realm
  • Mysteries of life after death
  • Protection and guidance of the departed soul of a loved one
  • Balance between life and death
  • Acceptance of life after death
  • Courage, discipline, determination, and power

Your Anubis tattoo could represent any or all of the above-mentioned values, helping you create a custom piece that encompasses all your beliefs. If you are struggling with design ideas, we have you covered. Move on to the next section for some staggering Anubis tattoo designs.

8 Anubis Tattoo Ideas For A Divine Connection

Graceful, imposing, and unarguably mesmerizing, an Anubis tattoo could transform your entire personality. It can give you a rough edge that evokes admiration and curiosity. Check out our creative Anubis tattoo ideas below for your inspiration.

1. Egyptian Anubis Tattoo

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Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

An Anubis tattoo can be illustrated in various innovative styles. Depicting the head of Anubis adorned in a royal crown or headpiece would be ideal to incorporate the true essence of this ancient Egyptian god. Some people personalize this tattoo by using the faces of their own cherished canines wearing the Egyptian headpiece to flaunt how they regard their pet as royalty. There are a number of expressions and headpiece design options that you can play around with for a tattoo that speaks to you.

2. Horus And Anubis Tattoo

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Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Horus, represented by a falcon, is the ancient Egyptian God of protection, healing, leadership, and ruler of the sun and sky. According to legends, both Horus and Anubis were enemies of the false-hearted God Set. Getting them both tattooed together may symbolize two divine warriors standing strong to protect the wearer against all evils. These two gods are also a very popular choice for back tattoos that feature entire battlegrounds or other fantastical landscapes inspired by Egyptian mythology.

3. Anubis God Tattoo

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Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

We have discussed how Anubis can be represented by a beloved canine pet. Although it is quite an adorable idea, at the end of the day, Anubis is a god and a mighty one at that. If you are looking for tattoo ideas to pay tribute to this figure, go for elaborately detailed designs that show wealth, power, and courage, through intricate details. The tattoo above shows an ornamental Anubis head, set against a beautifully carved plaque. You may also go for designs that show Anubis seated at his throne or marching off to war to show him in all his glory.

4. Eye Of Anubis Tattoo

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Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

The “eye of Anubis” is actually a misnomer. It is Horus whose eye is symbolic as it was gouged out by Set during a war to avenge his father whom Set had killed. It was then reassembled by his mother Isis, only to be sacrificed to resuscitate his father. The eye came to symbolize sacrifice, resurrection, and protection. These are symbols associated with Anubis and perhaps it is the fact that Anubis and Horus were cousins that people often interchange their names. This is a great tattoo for those looking for symbols that can be worn as protective charms.

5. Anubis Symbol Tattoo

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Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

If big, colorful, and extravagant tattoos are not your thing, then opt for an Anubis symbol tattoo. This tattoo represents Anubis in a minimalistic design, highlighting just the outlines of his elegant figure but evoking the same arresting presence. The image above features a palm tattoo of a skillfully done line art of Anubis’ head. This placement makes the tattoo look like a talisman against evil that would protect the wearer when they raise their hands to shield themselves. You can always pair them with hieroglyphic symbols to enhance their meaning and add more intriguing details to the design.

6. Giant Anubis Shoulder Tattoo

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Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

The shoulder is one of the best spots for a giant tattoo of a single element. This tattoo features the Anubis in all his royal glory, adorned with a variety of jewels and intricate decorative details. It appears like a portrait made in tribute, expressing the wearer’s deep attachment to the symbol as well as their sincere belief in the power it holds. You can use hieroglyphics, or ornamental frames to encase Anubis or pair the God with other sacred ancient Egyptian elements for an elaborate design.

7. Black Ink Anubis Tattoo

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Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

Although colors can add movement to a tattoo, there is a special allure in an all-black ink tattoo that imparts a raw attractiveness and mystique to it. Especially if it is of a symbol as glorious as Anubis. You can see from the image above how the detailed black-ink tattoo of Anubis, spread across the back of the hand, could instantly compel an onlooker to pay attention. The head of Anubis rests against a mandala that allows the wearer to hide coded words within its different layers, making it all the more personal. Combine Anubis with other mythological elements for an impressive bigger-sized black-ink tattoo.

8. Anubis And Scarab Beetle Tattoo

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Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, the scarab beetle is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, regeneration, and protection. Despite its contrarian symbolism against what Anubis represents, these two symbols are quite popularly embraced by people. The native folk believe that there is life after death. So once someone dies, their soul enters the underworld, walking into the care of Anubis who guards them and then the scarab beetle leads them towards rebirth or resurrection. This tattoo is perfect for those who believe in the cyclical nature of life and death.

So that was our list of stunning and breathtaking Anubis tattoos, covering a wide range of symbolism and legends. If you are into mythology and enjoy a good story, some of these come with engaging tales attached to them. They can also serve as arresting conversation starters, allowing you to expand on your own thoughts, ideologies, and beliefs. And if you are not much into talking, these pieces will certainly do it for you! Experiment with various tattoo techniques and blend other mythological elements to create a unique and custom tattoo that aptly represents you.

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