Apology Letter To A Friend: Tips To Write A Heartfelt One

Let go of your ego and say sorry to your bestie through a beautiful letter.

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Sending an apology letter to a friend is a great way to express your sincere regrets if you let a loved one down. Honesty and straightforwardness can heal even centuries-old wounds. When you have a heavy heart and know that merely saying sorry will not be enough to convey that, apology notes are a great solution. Tell them what went wrong and explain the reasons behind your actions, as well as that you feel the deepest regret and wish to go back to the good old days. However, it can be tough for all to put their feelings across words. You may find it hard to collect your thoughts and feel puzzled over where to start. We understand, and that is why we are here to help you say your sincerest apologies and persevere. Go ahead and check out the tips to write an apology letter and a few samples. Scroll down.

Quick Tip
If you’ve made a mistake and hurt your friend, it might be very difficult to reach out and make amends. You may also fall short of words while talking face to face. Hence, writing a letter is the ideal alternative that conveys how much you miss them and how much you regret your actions.

Samples For Heartfelt Apology Letter To A Friend You Hurt

Woman writing apology letter

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Well, the relationship dynamics, situations, the mistakes committed for which you want to apologize may all vary, unquestionably. But we have made a list of examples and categorized them under some of the most common situations that you can put to use while drafting an apology letter to your friend. Get inspired:

  • How To Write An Apology Letter To A Friend You Misunderstood

[Recipient Name]

Dear main man of mine,
I have been sinking deep in embarrassment for a week now, and the reason behind it is quite apparent—misunderstanding you. Believe me when I say this: I was so wrong! For all the love, support, togetherness, good and bad times that we have shared since childhood, there is no excuse for me misunderstanding you at any cost. I am so so sorry, my mate. I do not want to go about giving excuses that led me to think wrongly of you because then it will not even be a genuine apology. I should have thought straight before blaming you for anything at all.

I have come to realize that you were really trying to salvage my situation. How could I not believe in you? I could go on and on and on but will barely ever find an answer to this question. But one thing is for sure; I have to clear my mind ASAP. I have been repeatedly hurt in the past, with people betraying and just leaving me.. I lost track and began to think that you’re on the path to leave me alone too.

I promise you that I shall keep my promise in check. But please forgive me and allow me to better myself. I will hold this gesture with great admiration in my heart.

With the hope of receiving your apology, I am concluding this letter.

[Your name]

  • An Apology Letter To A Friend You Hurt By Being Rude
Apology letter

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[Recipient Name]

My special friend,

This is my apology letter to a very special friend. Yes, it’s you. I am writing this letter with a strong hope to receive forgiveness from you for what happened the other day. I cannot emphasize enough how rude my behavior towards you was for absolutely no fault of yours.

I have been thinking about the incident ever since it occurred, and I find no other perfect way to apologize to you other than this letter.

Please allow me to express how unimaginably important you are to me and that I can never imagine my life without you. Losing you scares me big time. As selfish as it may sound, I really want to share every good or bad moment with you, my pal, just like we have been since forever.

Also, I promise this won’t happen ever again.
Please forgive me.

Yours sincerely,

  • An Apology Letter To A Friend You Betrayed
Woman feeling sorry for betraying her friend

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[Recipient Name]

Dear companion,

I am writing this apology letter to you for hurting you last weekend. Words cannot express how deeply ashamed I am for my behavior. For some reason, I was lost those days and had almost gone astray, which led me to betray and hurt you. Now when I think of it, I cannot associate myself with that estranged soul I was when I even thought of knowingly betraying you.

I know, for me, getting your forgiveness is no less than a luxury now. What I did to you, no friend should ever do. We promised to be together through thick and thin, and I am incredibly sorry for breaking that promise and hurting you so bad.

I am not even in a position to beg you to stay, for you have every right to discard me from your life. But, I am still hoping you would give me a chance to mold myself into a better person, a better friend to you, most importantly. But my betrayal has, without that shadow of a doubt, has caused you to lose all the trust you had me before. I am solely at fault for this unsettling situation between us. And I take full responsibility for my actions.

Please forgive me, my friend. I am desperately trying to learn from my mistakes and be a trustworthy friend to you.

[Your name]

  • Apology Letter To A Friend For Being Mean In A Fight
Upset woman writing apology letter

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If I say that I blame it on my temper, I would not be entirely honest. It was clearly me; I should have behaved well. I know I need to keep my temper in check too, but before anything else, I should know the difference between right and wrong; and what I did yesterday was undeniably wrong!

Being my best friend ever, you have always stood by me without a second thought in mind, but I failed to reciprocate the same, and I am extremely sorry for it. That huge fight we had was unnecessary, and I know it now. I understand if you want to stop being my friend now, but I really want you to know I deeply regret whatever hurtful things I said to you and how I behaved with you.

But I really must let you know here that I was not angry at you when the fight occurred. My reasons were completely unrelated to you, yet you had to bear the brunt of something you didn’t even know. This knowledge makes me faint over and over.

If you wish to grant me another chance to correct myself, it would be a blessing. I give you my word; I shall never ever ever be rude to anyone going ahead. I will train myself in such a way that I can accomplish conducting myself well. I am learning from my mistakes now, and I will continue to do so until I stand successful in it.

I hope you will forgive me this time. Please take your time and let me know your decision.

Your Friend,
[Your name]

Three Impactful Tips On “How To Write A Sincere Apology Letter To A Friend”

How to write a sincere apology letter to a friend

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Still wondering why your bestie has not responded to that apology letter you wrote to her last Friday? Don’t worry; we will help you find out why because while apologizing is clearly subjective and should come from within, here are some essential things one should follow while apologizing. Check out the below points to find out:

  1. Simplicity wins the race: You must know that you are writing an apology letter which implies that you do not have to bombard it with jargon. Incorporating complex words, complicated sentence structures, and overly flowery language will only make you appear insincere and not genuinely sorry. Keep your letter as simple as you can.
  2. The tone: Most people put across a never-ending string of excuses before even beginning to apologize. This is not how it is done. You are here to offer a sincere apology and not the reasons that justify your actions. You can let the person know those reasons once you have established that you are sorry for hurting them and gradually shift towards subtly giving them the hint of the reasons that led you to behave the way you did. This sincere tone should be maintained throughout.
  3. Cut to the chase: Keep your primary agenda at the forefront of your letter, which is—an apology. Your friend is hurt, and in a situation like that, they are not ready to listen to what you did the previous weekend. If there’s anything that concerns the fallout, then, sure, go ahead and say it. Otherwise, stick to the point. If you are still wondering how to start an apology letter to a friend, begin with the three life-changing words, “I am sorry.” This will lead you to a smooth ride while writing an apology letter to a friend.
Quick Tip
In your letter, let them know you plan to fix the relationship and you can suggest a way like talking more or telling them that you are ready to make a public apology.

Infographic: 3 Things To Keep In Mind While Writing An Apology Letter

Conflicts are common in all long-term and close friendships. It could be just one person’s fault or both people becoming hostile to each other. But it is crucial to apologize so that you do not lose valuable friends over momentary anger. Learning how to apologize can help you nurture and sustain your friendships. But when it is too difficult to do it face-to-face, you can always turn to a letter. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help you craft that letter better.

3 things to keep in mind while writing an apology letter (infographic)

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Writing a sincere apology letter to a friend should be uncomplicated, but it may not seem so at the get-go as there are certain things to overcome before you can pen down your unbridled apology. After all, to apologize, you need to find the courage in your heart to show your vulnerability and the strength in yourself to accept your mistakes. Finding these is the first step. Once you are ready, you can draw some inspiration from the templates shared in this article to draft your letter. Remember to keep it simple and honest, avoid justifying your mistakes, put forward your sincere apology, and get down to the point without meandering or beating around the bush in your letter. If you have poured your heart out and apologized sincerely, the chances are that your friend will forgive you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apologize for hurting my friend?

We all get into disagreements and say things out of anger and hurt. It is only after the fight is over do we realize the impact of what we have said and done. You can keep these simple tips in mind while apologizing to your friend:
• Acknowledge your actions and accept responsibility for them.
• Express your remorse openly and ask what you can do to make it up to your friend.
• Reassure your friend that you want to heal things between you both and strengthen your bond.

How do I apologize to my best friend over text?

Keep these points in mind while writing an apology text:
• Reflect on your mistakes before approaching them.
• Understand where your friend is coming from and validate their feelings.
• While you cannot take back what you said or did, you can tell them you will do your best to be better to them.

Key Takeaways

  • Apology letters are a great solution to express your sincere regret if you let a loved one down.
  • Keep your primary agenda at the forefront of your letter, an apology.
  • Avoiding complicated sentence structures and overly flowery language can keep you from appearing insincere and pretentious.
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