Aquarius And Pisces Compatibility In Love, Friendship, & Sex

Though not the most popular zodiac coupling, there are ways these signs can make it work.

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A proper balance between two zodiac signs can result in a strong relationship. This means that Aquarius and Pisces compatibility is high, and they make a good match. These individuals can make each other truly happy by forming a profound emotional understanding. They might have differences, but the signs are compatible enough to work through it and maintain a strong bond.

Teacher and astrologer Gahl Sasson who wrote Astrology of Kabbalah, says, “Neighboring signs like Pisces and Aquarius always have boundaries issues, just like two countries that share a border or neighbors that share a fence. While Pisces values solitude, Aquarius is about bringing friends home. Aquarius is scientific, Pisces is mystical. But they share a great deal of similarities as they are both at the end of the zodiac,”

It is a common misconception that Aquarius is a water sign, when in fact it is an air sign, and Pisces is a water sign. In this article, we will explore more about the challenges and surprises that may occur between these two compatible signs. Keep reading for more interesting information.

Overall Compatibility Of Aquarius And Pisces

Aquarius and pisces overall compatibility
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Sasson states, “At first, the relationship is full of sparks, but later, there is a need to work on intimacy.” However, Aquarius and Pisces are different enough to keep it interesting. Their relationship works well as they can connect on a very deep level. Let’s look at the love compatibility of both the signs based on gender.

  • Aquarius Man And Pisces Woman Compatibility

A Pisces woman has a hard time attracting men, but it becomes difficult for them to leave her once she does. She is very forgiving, kind, and softhearted. An Aquarius man and a Pisces woman get along well. However, they don’t know how to express their emotions, causing problems in the long term.

Both signs can be moody at times. This makes communication complicated because neither wants to give in first. The Pisces woman feels her Aquarius man isn’t romantic enough, while the Aquarius man doesn’t understand why his partner cannot open up to him. They need to learn the art of communication if they want this relationship to work out. Otherwise, things might go south before they even begin.

  • Pisces Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility

A Pisces man tends to be a little manipulative. He can also get possessive and insecure, needing constant reassurance from his Aquarius partner. However, he is also devoted and affectionate towards his partner.

The Pisces man goes out of his way to show the Aquarius woman how much she means to him. On the other hand, the Aquarius woman, who is not known for her nurturing abilities, might surprise him with the kind of support she gives. She is sweet and gentle but also very loyal. The best part about being in a relationship with an Aquarius woman is that she will never make you feel like you are not good enough.

The Pisces man can be a little too clingy and jealous, which could agitate the Aquarius woman. Thus, they need to communicate and express their feelings without blaming each other. Also, the Pisces man’s tendency to manipulate and lie can make the relationship difficult.

Aquarius and Pisces have similar ethics and values, making it possible for them to be great friends. Head to the next section for insights on how this air-water duo navigates the storms and lulls of friendship.

Aquarius And Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius and pisces friendship compatibility
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Aquarius and Pisces have some common interests and connect at an intense level. So, there is never a dull moment when the two of them are together. Pisces is happy to follow all the interesting plans that the spontaneous Aquarius may hatch. They can be best friends no matter what differences they might have, making this relationship strong and supportive. Aquarius and Pisces also accept each other’s flaws, which makes this friendship rather enjoyable.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Aquarius is ruled by the “eleventh house of friendships” and desires to find their best friend in their partner.

However, it doesn’t stop here. This friendship has the potential to grow into something more, depending on their compatibility. For instance, the Aquarius-Pisces friendship can develop into romance and love if they both feel like it.

Compatibility Of Aquarius And Pisces In Love

Aquarius and pisces love compatibility
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Aquarius is not nearly as emotional as Pisces, making their relationship not very emotionally tactile. So, they need to communicate and express their feelings without waiting for the other person to give in first. Aquarius and Pisces also need to help each other look at things from a different perspective. Neither likes being disagreed with, so arguments often occur, which can be frustrating no matter who is at fault. Thus, it becomes crucial that both parties are willing to talk about what bothers them so that it doesn’t happen as often.

Aquarius likes to feel that they have control over something, but this would bother the Pisces partner. Their bond can grow stronger if the Aquarius accepts that they must sometimes compromise and take some time for themselves. On the same note, Pisces needs to be less moody and more open about their thoughts to avoid misunderstandings.

They have different love languages and communication styles, making it all-important to address any issue early on in the partnership. If Aquarius and Pisces try to understand one another, this relationship may work out very well and even mature into a long-term commitment. But are these zodiacs capable of putting their differences aside and investing in a marriage together? Let us find out.

Marriage Compatibility Of Aquarius And Pisces

Aquarius and pisces marriage compatibility
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If they were to marry, Aquarius might sometimes feel suffocated by Pisces’ micromanagement, creating problems and disagreements. The best way for them to prevent it from happening is by communicating everything at the onset and living their lives together as much as possible. Both signs need to include each other in every step they take, whether shopping, traveling, or meeting someone.

Aquarius needs to take time for themselves once in a while. Otherwise, they might lose focus on the relationship and feel like they are not good enough for the Pisces partner, who loves him unconditionally. Similarly, Pisces must not nitpick their partner’s actions and words, as Aquarius likes being their own boss.

Aquarius is extremely loyal, which means their love for the Pisces partner will never fade. They just need to learn how to show it now and then instead of keeping the emotions locked up inside their mind. Moreover, Aquarians are afraid of loneliness. Therefore, they may perceive their Piscean partner’s need for alone time as an issue. In such cases, both must discuss and resolve the issue. In a nutshell, a marriage between Aquarius and Pisces will be a rollercoaster ride that will never end if they want it badly enough.

Aquarius and Pisces have a unique and creative sexual life as they approach intimacy differently. Communication can again play a pivotal role in bringing together these signs to enjoy a fulfilling, intimate connection. Scroll down to more about the sexual compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces.

Are Aquarius And Pisces Sexually Compatible?

Aquarius and pisces sexual compatibility
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Both Aquarius and Pisces have very high sex drives. As long as the relationship is kept alive, they don’t need to worry about lacking intimacy. They can talk about what turns them on, and no topic will be off-limits. Giving and receiving pleasure is key in making their relationship work.

The Aquarius partner must establish respect if they want the Pisces partner to want them back just as much. Their love for one another is like no other; it will never fade or die out. It creates a promising and passionate sexual future for this couple if they continue to make an effort. The astrological influence of each sign can contribute to the balance of power in this relationship so that one person does not overwhelm the other because they have power in the sexual arena.

When looking at compatibility, moon and rising signs present a more accurate picture than the sun sign as they define a person’s relationships. The moon represents everyone’s emotional side, moods, and feelings. And the rising sign is how people present themselves to the world, which is based on ego.

Aquarius-Pisces Moon And Rising Sign Compatibility

Aquarius and pisces moon and rising sign compatibility
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Moon in Aquarius rising is a combination that gives a person strong convictions. Independence is essential to them, and they will flee any situation that may appear to threaten their freedom in any way. They are also known to be very creative.

Moon in Pisces rising is all about intuition and emotional sensitivity. However, it can turn negative if the moon person does not feel secure enough within themselves. When insecure, they can become shy or suspicious at times. Such a bond can be difficult to sustain as Aquarius and Pisces moons want different things out of the relationship.

Both signs must make compromises if they want to stay together. However, not all is negative for the Aquarius-Pisces pairing. Head to the next to know the strengths and weaknesses of the bond that these zodiac signs share.

Aquarius And Pisces Alliance: Pros And Cons

Pros and cons of aquarius and pisces alliance
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  • Both of these signs are very intelligent, allowing them to communicate on the same level with each other.
  • Pisces and Aquarius balance each other out on the emotional spectrum. They may help each other get through tough times better than any other sign combination.
  • They are both creative and have many of the same goals in life, making it easier for them to work as a team when they are on the same page about something.
  • Pisces can bring out the emotional side of the Aquarius partner while they learn to be more independent.
  • They both share the same need for personal space and freedom, allowing them to live in harmony with each other.
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The emotional intelligence and uncanny intuition of Pisces can help a guarded Aquarius to open up and communicate better.

  • Aquarius might find it difficult to balance their personal needs with theirs partner’s as they usually focus on pleasing others. If they are not honest about this challenge, it can lead to a lack of emotional intimacy for this couple.
  • The overly confident/cocky nature of Aquarius may not always go down well with Pisces.
  • Aquarius may not be as dedicated or loyal as Pisces would like them to be, leading to feelings of sadness and emptiness for the Pisces partner if they want their relationship to work out.
  • Pisces may not give enough attention or affection to the Aquarius partner, which could create a lot of problems for this couple. They are both devoted, passionate people and need to feel secure within their relationship. Unfortunately, if the emotional needs of either partner are not met in the relationship, they may seek companionship outside.
  • Aquarius may try too hard to get emotionally closer with Pisces, but it might end up suffocating and pushing them away instead.
  • Aquarius is not used to the emotional side of a relationship, and it may be difficult for them to read their partner’s emotions.

Infographic: Aquarius And Pisces In Relationship

Conflicts in relationships are common and bound to happen. But if the couple commits to working together to build greater understanding between, a relationship can be successful. Aquarius and Pisces have the potential to thrive in their togetherness. A little hard work put in by the duo can create magic.

Check our infographic below to know more about their zodiac facts, horoscope and activities that these two can do together to build a wonderful relationship.

aquarius and pisces in relationship (infographic)

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The Aquarius and Pisces compatibility is typically favorable as these zodiacs appear together at the end of the wheel. Yes, there can be certain issues, especially with personal boundaries, but they can make the relationship work if they are willing to make some compromises. Finding common ground can enable them to live a happy, calm life without too many issues in their relationship. Overall, this pair has a lot of potential because they share so many similarities and just enough differences to keep things interesting. Their bond will only grow stronger and deeper when they learn to communicate about their problems and solve them together. More openness from Pisces and more understanding from Aquarius can help harmonize their relationship and take it to great heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Aquarius hurt Pisces?

Pisces is a dreamy and emotional zodiac sign, and an Aquarian’s disdain for an excessive show of emotion and cold demeanor may hurt the sensitive Pisces.

Are Aquarius and Pisces enemies?

Aquarius and Pisces may make good friends if they work on their communication with each other. However, unless worked on, a lack of clear communication between the two signs can breed resentment and turn them into enemies.

Are Aquarius stronger than Pisces?

It is more likely for Aquarius to win a fight against Pisces as they are more likely to display passive-aggressive behavior and hurt a Pisces who is more prone to withdrawing from confrontations and conflicts.

Key Takeaways

  • Aquarius and Pisces have similar ethics and values, making it possible for them to be great friends.
  • The best thing about an Aquarius and Pisces bond is that they help each other look at things from a different perspective.
  • Both signs can be moody at times, which can complicate communication because neither wants to give in first.

Wondering if Aquarius and Pisces make a compatible match? This video guide delves into their unique relationship dynamics, offering insights into their compatibility and potential for lasting love.

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