Aquarius And Taurus Compatibility In Love, Friendship, & Life

Discover if these zodiacs mesh with each other when it comes to romance and relationships.

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Opposites do not always attract. For instance, the Aquarius and Taurus compatibility might be a recipe for disaster due to their contrasting personality traits. While one loves to hold on to conventions, the other finds pleasure in living life out of the box. These two zodiacs dwell on opposite extremes and might not be a good match. Wondering if Taurus and Aquarius can somehow make things work between each other? Are Taurus and Aquarius compatible? You have landed on the right page. Swipe up for details!

Are Aquarius And Taurus Compatible In Life?

Are aquarius and taurus compatible in life
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Taurus is known for its powerful and stable temperament, reliable nature, and determined personality. This earth sign relies on practicality and stability and is rigid and stubborn unless they are strongly convinced otherwise. On the other hand, Aquarius is dynamic with a liberal thought process. People born under this sign are energetic, intellectual, and know how to make meaningful conversations. They are determined enough to accomplish their goals and do not waver in the face of adversity. Let’s look at the Taurus and Aquarius compatibility based on gender.

  • Taurus Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The gentle Taurus man likes to have his partner by his side, but a dynamic Aquarius woman may find this frustrating. An Aquarius woman likes to be independent and is hardly known to be all lovey-dovey and possessive. However, the understanding Taurus man will provide his partner some space. Similarly, an Aquarius woman needs to make some personality changes and be more considerate to make the relationship work. This pairing may lead to a toxic disaster if not dealt with carefully, keeping in mind the contrasting nature of both the zodiacs.

  • Taurus Woman And Aquarius Man Compatibility

Both the Taurus woman and Aquarius man are highly independent, so arguments and differences are inevitable. Though they strive for stability in their relationship, an Aquarius man wants to explore, and a Taurus woman likes to stick to the basics. Therefore, this couple will have a hard time committing. While a Taurus woman is looking for balance, an Aquarius man is unpredictable. These signs might never feel completely satisfied with their partner, leading to bottled feelings and resentment towards each other.

While a Taurus and Aquarius relationship isn’t the best match, it is also not the worst. These fixed signs can butt heads a lot, but they can develop a long-term, stable relationship with proper communication and commitment. Of course, Taurus and Aquarius will have to compromise and snip their wrongs during tough times to make it work.

Taurus And Aquarius Love Compatibility

Love compatibility of aquarius and taurus
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The love compatibility between a Venus-ruled Taurus and a Uranus-ruled Aquarius looks weak, and their love affair seems to be filled with constant battles and arguments. With different perspectives and takes on life, finding the middle ground will be easier said than done. However, with immense commitment and devotion for each other, they will either keep their differences aside or embrace them to avoid unnecessary fights. This pair’s intellectual strength and interest in deep conversations will only lead to a stronger bond.

The friendship compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus is low. These zodiac signs are looking out for entirely different things in relationships and life. So, even though they temporarily develop a crush for each other, their differences will make it hard to stay friendly or last as a couple.

protip_icon Quick Tip
For an Aquarius and a Taurus to get into a romantic relationship, it is important to meet at the “right time.” This is when Aquarius is ready to settle down and Taurus has had enough time to evaluate the Aquarius they are dating. They should also profess their mutual love or liking for each other quickly when they feel it. Otherwise, neither may ever admit their feelings.

Taurus And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius and taurus friendship compatibility
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Just as their love life, the friendship between a Taurus and Aquarius is far from perfect. While both are sensational individuals, they tend to irritate each other extremely. The flexible Aquarius may find this relentless behavior annoying with Taurus’ absolute detest for change and stubbornness towards set traditional patterns.

Whether big decisions or trivial things, these two may often end up fighting over petty issues. Taurus and Aquarius stick to their ways, which makes it difficult to reach an accord. So, while this friendship may begin by embracing each other’s differences, it may also end up being the reason for misunderstanding.

That being said, Taurus and Aquarius may be able to work out their friendship if they hear each other out calmly and confront their issues upright. If both are sufficiently self-aware and willing to learn from each other, their friendship can be strong and effective.

Taurus enjoys being romanced and seduced, and Aquarius is more into the new and offbeat. Both will have to communicate better to understand each other’s needs when it comes to romance and intimacy. They attract each other with opposing earth and air signs – their differences make them sexually appealing. However, give and take is imperative if they want to enjoy sexual satisfaction.

Taurus And Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and aquarius sexual compatibility
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Are Aquarius and Taurus sexually compatible? When it comes to making love, the water-bearers are toned down and like to stick to the basics, which proves to be a strength for Taurus. Both the signs value intimacy and erotica. They are gentle, compassionate, and emotional lovers who like to please the other through a strong, passionate bond.

Even with fun under the sheets, their sex life may come to a halt if they start to let their innate differences come in between. While Taurus appreciates stable and monogamous relationships, Aquarius likes to be open and rarely gets attached, so they can leave if they please. Therefore, it may be fair to say they may not have a long-lasting and stable sex life due to their different goals and expectations in their relationship.

A rough go awaits the Taurus and Aquarius couple. Aquarius is a cerebral sign, and Taurus cannot find peace with so many shifts and unpredictability. These zodiacs have to work and think through carefully before establishing a relationship. However, if their relationship develops slowly and they allow the partner to open up, their sexual compatibility will only improve over time. Therefore, they must find a way to return to each other when they get out of sync.

If you are feeling qualms about your aquarius-taurus relationship, we understand. The compatibility percentage between the two signs may help make things a little clearer. Move to the next section.

Aquarius And Taurus Compatibility Percentage

Aquarius and Taurus clash with each other in most facets of any kind of relationship. The compatibility percentage between these two helps us understand various factors better.

  • Sexual Compatibility- 15%
    The fact that both Aquarius and Taurus want different things from a relationship and their partners explains why there is not much spark between them. While Taurus wants a secure relationship, Aquarius wants to remain free.
  • Trust- 20%
    The self-criticism and insecurity of Taurus and the inflexibility of Aquarius hinder trust-building in the relationship.
  • Intellectual Compatibility- 10%
    Both these signs being poles apart rarely have any common interests to talk about and carry a conversation.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Taurus needs to be direct with their approach to sex and intimacy as Aquarians may not consider it to be a priority.

Read the following section to understand how Taurus and Aquarius will balance out each other’s contrasting qualities.

Pros And Cons Of Aquarius And Taurus Relationship

Pros and cons of aquarius and taurus alliancePros

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