How Aquarius Men Behave When They Fall In Love

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, implying you should not try to seduce them or play hard to get if you really want to attract their attention. An Aquarius man is an intelligent individual who is much more interested in your intellect than your looks.

It takes a lot of talent to get an Aquarius man to chase you. With an endearing mix of intellect and self-control, these guys like to dance to the rhythm of their own drum and are unconcerned about performing alone. So, you should adjust your seduction technique accordingly. Keep in mind, though, that if an Aquarius guy has a thing for you, he will make sure you know it!

To help you in your quest for their love, we have listed some ways to get an Aquarian smitten with you and a few things you should avoid if you want to stay in their good books. Keep scrolling!

How To Make An Aquarius Man Fall In Love

How To Make An Aquarius Man Fall In Love


1. Make Yourself Stand Out

Drawing attention to your peculiarities will pique an Aquarian man’s interest. Remember to smile, have fun, and be unique enough to be fascinating while doing all of this. It is important to remember that being quirky is more than simply a fashion statement. So, pay attention to your characteristics and discover methods to make them stand out, even if you have been hesitant to do so in the past.

2. Stimulate Him Intellectually

Aquarians are curious to know more about individuals and their opinions. So, allow them to explore your thoughts and introspect on their feelings. A high IQ is not required, but you must have multidisciplinary knowledge to succeed in this field. Don’t simply listen; engage in the conversation. Don’t be afraid to voice your views and ideas, no matter how outlandish you may think them to be at first. Enjoy the discussion, but be prepared for some criticism as well.

3. Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

You have your life, and I have mine — this is one of the most persistent themes of an Aquarian man’s life. However, it doesn’t stop him from wanting to hear about every element of your existence. Be yourself and demonstrate the various facets of your personality; the more unique your characteristics, the better. Tell him you are interested in him without beating around the bush. Then, take a step back and allow him plenty of space and time to get to know you and your family.

4. Be His Friend

Aquarian men like to keep things friendly and impersonal. As a result, it is essential that you first establish yourself as his buddy and then think of developing the bond further. He’s outgoing and gregarious, and he enjoys meeting and mingling with new people.

If you play your cards well, it shouldn’t be too tough to catch the eye of an Aquarius man. Head to the next section to know the subtle ways in which they express their adoration for you.

8 Signs That An Aquarius Man Is In Love

8 Signs That An Aquarius Man Is In Love


1. He Stops Flirting With Others

When he falls in love, the Aquarius man stops flirting with other prospective partners and concentrates on his relationship with the woman of his dreams. He wants to be with the person he loves, and he no longer considers flirting a pleasant pastime.

2. He Flirts With You In A Kind Way

Although the Aquarius man has ceased flirting with other people, he will still be interested in flirting with you. He loves the art of teasing and the way it arouses his sexual desire. Therefore, make sure you are adept at flirting so that you may take advantage of all his attention.

3. He Gives You More Attention

When an Aquarius guy starts to fall in love with you, you will notice that he begins to pay more attention to you. He will be attentive to everything you say and interested in learning more about you.

4. He Wants To Know What You Think

An Aquarius guy is insatiably curious and wants to know what you have to say. He probably didn’t ask too many questions earlier, but now that he has fallen for you, he will consult with you before making any decisions and respect your feedback.

5. He Openly Demonstrates Affection For You

An Aquarius guy will begin to showcase how much he values your friendship. His thoughtfulness may even extend to cooking a romantic meal for you, taking out your garbage, and offering to walk your dog!

6. He Showers You With Love And Care

In addition to his gestures of care, an Aquarius guy in love will illustrate his devotion by showering you with kisses and hugging you. When in public, such touches are limited to a short pat on your arm or a gentle hand on the small of your back as you go down the street as they are uncomfortable expressing emotions in public.

7. He Shares Titbits About Himself

When Aquarians fall in love, they tend to disclose and expose more aspects of their personality to their partners. They long to establish a connection with the lover and be understood by them.

8. He Makes Plans To Go On Adventures With You

An Aquarian man in love wishes to go on travels and explorations with his beloved. It may be anything — a trip to an antique store, a meal at a beautiful hilltop restaurant, or a weekend getaway to a tropical destination.

Aquarian men tend to flinch away if they feel the partner is either too invested or too cold towards them. So, while they let you in on their deepest secrets, you should work to keep that air of mystery around you. Read more on how not to lose an Aquarius guy in the following section.

Why Do Aquarius Men Withdraw In Love?

Why Do Aquarius Men Withdraw In Love?


1. Find No Emotional Response From Partner

An Aquarius guy can grow distant if he does not receive the emotional intimacy he needs from his mate. It is a two-way street for him, and he wants his partner to take the initiative, too. He doesn’t want to be the one who does all the heavy-lifting in the relationship.

If his love is not reciprocated in equal measure, he will return to the subconscious mode of being emotionally cold as he is a frigid zodiac sign by nature. He may have the impression that he is no longer required to satisfy you. Keep in mind that there is an automatic gear when you are in a relationship with an Aquarian. If you want an Aquarian guy to fall in love with you, you must make the first move.

2. Feel A Lack Of Intimacy

If there is a lack of closeness from the partner’s end, the Aquarius guy may also grow distant from the relationship. While he may seem emotionless, he also desires some personal time with his significant other.

When the partner does not express any interest in intimacy, the Aquarius man will believe that he is not wanted. Lack of romance causes him to return to his most fundamental state of being chilly and aloof.

3. Desire ‘Me’ Time

Aquarius men are known for being inward-looking. They are more concerned with their internal ideas and emotions than they are with outward stimuli. They require some time to relax and recharge after being emotionally exhausted with the constant interactions.

He believes in the adage that the absence of a person makes the heart grow fonder. So, while he may be head over heels in love with you, he will want some alone time. The desire to be alone does not imply that he wants to terminate the relationship. Instead, he just wants some breathing room and time to unwind and relax.

4. Are Overwhelmed By The Affection

A partner’s desire to spend excessive time with them makes Aquarius men uncomfortable. They will feel overburdened if you can’t stop sending text messages, calling them up, or giving them gifts.

Aquarius men have some intellectual inclinations and do not appreciate their partners being too affectionate all the time. They have a strong desire to learn new things and communicate their thoughts and goals to others. While they like being in a relationship, they are not too fond of the emotional elements of a relationship. They will get upset if they receive too much attention and love.

However, it does not imply that either of you should smother your emotions of love. On the contrary, he may take pleasure in some demonstration of adoration.

An Aquarius man’s silent treatment is usually not a result of a lack of affection. If you demonstrate an excessive amount of connection to someone else, they might even feel jealous. On the other hand, demonstrating excessive neediness is enough to cause him to become abruptly distant. For example, if you begin to be too loving, he will automatically draw away. The reason behind this behavior could be that he believes he will lose his independence if he devotes himself to you.

In A Nutshell

Make sure that you and the Aquarius you are dating or wish to date have a lot of things in common. Aquarians don’t prefer to be in the company of diametrically opposite individuals unless they are experimenting with something new. Otherwise, he wants to be with someone who can keep up with him and look at things from his perspective.

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