7 Steps To Follow To Create This Stunning Arabic Eye Makeup

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Do you cravefor a look that is exotic and mysterious?

Then raise your eyeshadows and kajal. Be ready for anArabian theme inspired eye makeup.

We have seen that Arabian women have big and dark eyes. They know just how to enhance them to achieve that glamorous look.Arabic inspired eye makeup is known for its vibrant colors combination and dramatic styles. With the help of this makeup,you get to emphasize your eyes and create a very striking appeal for your look.

Mostly people opt for a Smokey look; make immense use of kohl and eyeliners to get an apt Arabic look.

But for those of you who don’t quite get it right, here is an Arabic eye makeup tutorial to set you on the right track!

Caution – You may suddenly be much in demand as the belle of the ball. Many proposals await you and you will have the hard tasks of breaking hearts.Game for it, then read on.

How To Choose Colors for Arabic Eye Makeup?

The colors you choose should be vibrant and pearlescent (if possible) .You should opt for a highlighter to complement your skin tone.

  • For a fair-medium skin tone, go for a silvery shade
  • For a darker skin, you can choose a golden shade.

And now for the tutorial!

Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial

Before going to discuss on the Arabic eye makeup tutorial, let’s see the required products.

Products Required For Arabic Eye Makeup

  • Concealer
  • Primer
  • Light Pink Shade
  • Purple Shade
  • Highlighting Shade (I Used Yellow)
  • Eye Liner-Liquid/Gel
  • Mascara
  • False Lashes(Optional)

How To Do Arabic Eye Makeup?

Follow this simple step by step tutorial to get beautiful Arabic Eye Makeup.

Step 1: Conceal Your Eyes Using Liquid Eyeliner

Conceal the eye area to cover spots, dark circles and lines. Preferably, use any liquid concealer for a long lasting look.

Step 2: Apply Primer

Apply a primer for longevity. The idea is to have a smooth canvas to apply eye makeup.A well-prepped eye will ensure that makeup lasts longer and there is no flaking off .

I used faces metallic glow primer that helps

  • The eye shadow to stay longer
  • Provides a true tone of the eyeshadow
  • Save you from unwanted creasing.

Step 3: Apply Pink Eyeshadow All Over The Lids

Take the pink shadow on an eyeshadow brush and tap off the excess.This ensures that you don’t pile on the makeup.

Apply the shade all over the lids, ensuring the shade is below the crease and work from the inner corner to the outer corner.

Extend the eye shadow a bit in a winged style and blend the shadow well all over the lid.

Step 4: Apply Purple Shade On Outer Edge Of Eyelid

Take the purple shade, apply it on the outer edge of the eyelid, extend it below the pink eye shadow, and create a faint wing effect.

Intensify the shade if necessary and ensure it does not go inwards.

Step 5: Make Eyes Pop

A highlighting shade under the brow bone and on the inner corner helps make the eyes pop.

Step 6: Line Your Eyes

Line your eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner, the trick here is to make it appear almond shaped and a bit extended from the outer corner.

Keep it light and blend in with the purple shade.

Also, line the lower lash line keeping it medium thick to highlight the eyes.

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Step 7: Apply A Coat of Mascara

Clean off all fallouts and apply a coat of your favorite mascara. Instead of mascara, you may also apply false eyelashes.

And here is the finished look.

The beauty of this look is the ease of execution. You can pair this look with both Indian and Western wear.Keep the lips light or nude and let the eyes be the center of the attraction. This look is spellbinding and suits both long and short updo.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get the party started.

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