Aries And Taurus Compatibility In Friendship & Marriage

The compatibility of this fire and earth sign is all about a dramatic power struggle.

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Aries and Taurus’ compatibility is often doubted due to their fiery characteristics. According to astrology, Aries (a fire sign) is strong-headed, impulsive, and never shies away from a fight. Similarly, Taurus (an earth sign) is no different. They are strong-headed and stubborn and can go to any extent to prove their point. The Fire-Earth combination is always ready to engage in a conflict. Moreover, while one acts or makes decisions impulsively, the other stays in their comfort zone and thinks twice before acting on anything.

Given these characteristics, you may be unwilling to imagine them together. But you could be wrong! These two zodiac signs can make a perfect pair, subject to some conditions. This article explores how the Ram-Bull combo can fare in terms of compatibility. Read on!!

Are Aries And Taurus Compatible?

Are aries and tauras compatible
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According to horoscopes, Aries and Taurus are not usually seen together because of their contrasting behaviors and preferences. Their styles of communication are conflicting, too. While Taurus likes to taunt, jab, or tease, Aries gets easily riled up because of it. Taurus also engages in passive-aggressive comments, to which Aries only reacts in a cutthroat, blunt, and fierce manner.

Both signs will have to overcome these behavior patterns if they want to build a relationship together. But once they successfully get past this initial rough patch, the relationship between Aries and Taurus blooms into something magical. It is a union with a perfect balance between giving and satisfying.

Let us now look into how the relationship between Aries and Taurus changes based on gender.

  • Aries Man And Taurus Woman Compatibility

A Taurus woman calms an Aries man down, while the Aries man grounds the overly compassionate Taurus woman. They balance each other out and have a healthy and happy relationship. It is surely a match made in heaven!

  • Aries Woman And Taurus Man Compatibility

A Taurus man has a heart of gold, and his immense love for everything makes him gullible and naive. An Aries woman, on the other hand, is headstrong and determined. She may even come off as stubborn, but her loyalty is commendable. While a Taurus man gives an Aries woman someone to fall back on after tirelessly fighting the world, the Aries woman provides her Taurus partner the space and time to grow.

protip_icon Trivia
David Beckham (Taurus) and Victoria Beckham (Aries) are a happily married Aries and Taurus couple with four children.

Despite basic differences, Aries and Taurus provide unconditional support to each other, making their relationship strong and secure. Head to the next section to know how love blossoms and matures between these zodiac signs.

Love Compatibility Of Taurus And Aries

Love compatibility of taurus and aries
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Aries and Taurus are contrasting people. Aries is ruled by Mars, detailed, enthusiastic, and on their feet. In contrast, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and embodies compassion and charm.

While Aries thrives on spontaneity, Taurus requires stability and time to woo their partner. So, a relationship between these signs will be one of a kind once they get past their initial differences. It will pave the way for the most exciting time they can have together. The union of ram and bull can be described as intense, powerful, blissful, and balanced. Their relationship makes one wonder how they can be together despite so many differences.

A match between Aries and Taurus ensures an exciting and adventurous journey together. Can this never-ending fun make both signs forge a bond of friendship? Read on to find out.

Aries And Taurus Friendship Compatibility

Aries and taurus friendship compatibility
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Aries is spontaneous, and this usually results in adventures that you may have never imagined and experiences that you will never forget. Their successful plans are usually those made at the moment of execution. Therefore, they are not pictured with Taurus, a sign that takes pride in thinking through each decision and staying in their comfort zone.

The friendship between an Aries and a Taurus is like that of a hare and a tortoise. The hare likes to leap forward without deliberation, while the tortoise takes slow, measured steps and quickly retreats into its shell when it encounters danger. This friendship is bound to go through more trials and errors than any other friendship, and it will make their bond stronger.

When they learn to embrace their differences, Aries and Taurus readjust themselves according to each other. While they may not completely change their essential being, they will learn from their friend. For example, Taurus may learn to take risky steps, and Aries might learn to practice patience.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can work on being a patient person by practicing mindfulness and being in the moment. Try moving your focus from your stressor to something else, both physically and mentally.

With complementary personality traits, an Aries-Taurus partnership proves to be rocking in every aspect. Let us now see how explosive their sexual chemistry can get. Scroll down.

Are Aries And Taurus Sexually Compatible?

Are aries and taurus sexually compatible
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In Greek mythology, Mars and Venus — known as Ares and Aphrodite — were a couple, thus making Aries and Taurus ‘the couple’ of the zodiac pairings. Ares, the God of war, and Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, were so in love that it made others jealous. They bore Eros (Cupid), the God of passion and desire; Anteros, the God of requited love; Himeros, the God of sexual drive and unrequited love; Harmonia, the Goddess of harmony and concord; and Pothos, the God of sexual longing and desire. Do we have to say anything more?

Aries and Taurus have fiery sexual chemistry and intimacy. The only difference is in their approach towards consummation. While Taurus is all about experience and needs a prolonged lovemaking session, Aries wants to rush in and out of the act. So, to achieve harmony in bed, Aries will have to put in a little more work to make sex enjoyable for the Taurus partner.

Sometimes, your zodiac sign does not match your personality, and you relate to some other sign more. It is because you resonate more with your nocturnal self, the moon sign. When talking of moon signs, the compatibility, too, shifts a little. The essence remains the same, but the relations can change. So, it helps to check your moon sign for more accurate results.

Aries And Taurus Moon Compatibility

Aries and taurus moon comatibility
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Aries, regardless of being your sun sign or moon sign, is spontaneous and instinctive. They act before they think and fight before they take time to take in a situation. On the other hand, a Taurus moon sign or sun sign still strives to observe, contemplate, and assess the cost-risk factor before jumping into any situation. Thus, Aries and Taurus moon signs are opposite, yet they make an extraordinary pair when they overcome their differences.

Aries and Taurus form a unique bond with complementary characteristics, opposite yet compatible. Head to the next section to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of their union to summarize the rollercoaster ride of the Aries and Taurus compatibility.

Pros And Cons Of Aries-Taurus Alliance

Pros and cons of aries-taurus alliance
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  • Pros

Their manner of trusting a person may differ, but their choice of people is always impeccable. These chosen few can also be entrusted with their lives. One of the best things in an Aries-Taurus relationship is the sexual vibe they have. As explained previously, it is unmatched. Such a relationship will definitely rock your world.

  • Cons

Taurus communicates through snide remarks, taunts, or sarcastic comments that easily rile up Aries. As a result, their overall relationship is most volatile, but the boom at the end can either be a mine that went off or the most spectacular fireworks show you have ever witnessed.

Infographic: Aries And Taurus In A Relationship

Because of their contrasting personalities, it isn’t easy to imagine Aries and Taurus as a perfect couple. They are poles apart in the way they perceive and approach life. However, if they are willing to be less stubborn and more accommodating, they can enjoy new things together and learn from each other. Check out the infographic below to view what this ram-bull relationship would look like at a glance.

aries and taurus in a relationship (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

It is impossible to tell what makes a relationship perfect. It is like a recipe whose ingredients change every time, as do the time it takes to master it and even the circumstances. What one person considers their ideal cup of tea may not be the same as another’s. Similarly, Taurus and Aries compatibility is subjective and might vary from couple to couple. In relationships, Aries is fiery and eager to go right in, while Taurus is more grounded, preferring to take things slowly and thoroughly enjoy every moment. They do, however, learn to adjust and balance each other. The Aries-Taurus relationship can take some work, as the Fire and Earth signs are naturally contrasting. However, once they appreciate and understand each other and make room for one another to grow, it can be unique because of the way these opposing tendencies come together to build a harmonious union.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Aries and Taurus be soulmates?

Yes. Aries and Taurus can be soulmates if they are ready to put in continuous efforts and adjust to each other’s needs.

Are Aries and Taurus toxic together?

They may be. Aries and Taurus are stubborn and bossy, making it difficult to form a deep, meaningful relationship.

What attracts an Aries to a Taurus?

A Taurean’s emotional availability and sense of humor may attract Aries to them.

What does Taurus like about Aries?

Aries’ sensuality and straightforward nature may make them likable in the eyes of a Taurus.

Key Takeaways

  • Aries and Taurus are a combination of fire and earth signs, which lends them a perfect balance between giving and satisfying.
  • Taurus prefers stability, while Aries loves spontaneity, so there may be some hiccups in their relationship initially.
  • They may go through more trials and errors than usual in their friendship, but this only strengthens their bond.

Are you an Aries man or Taurus woman, wondering if your love compatibility is written in the stars? This video explores the unique traits and challenges of this fiery and earthy match.

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