Ashley Graham’s Weight Loss Diet And Workout Routine

Get some inspiration from this American model and follow her tips for your weight loss journey.

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Everybody wants to know about new mommy Ashley Graham’s weight loss diet. With her successful body positivity campaign, the plus-size model shot her to fame. Yes, she was called out for “promoting obesity”. But we forget that supermodels are women. And women have different body shapes and sizes. Apart from being an activist for body positivity, Ashley Graham is also the founder of ALDA and was featured multiple times on the cover of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Ashley was also the first plus-size model featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. However, her recent pictures show a slimmer body. And her fans want to know all the secrets behind her new avatar. If you are a broad-boned woman and have reached a plateau in weight loss, this post is for you. Here are Ashley Graham’s weight loss secrets and how you can use them too. Scroll down!

Ashley Graham’s Weight, Height, Age, And Size

Image: Instagram @ashleygraham

Not that Ashley Graham’s height, weight, or age matter. I am simply providing this information so that if you are someone who does not fall under the conventional “beautiful” category, you can see that you don’t have to be under any category, for that matter. Take a look.

NameAshley Graham
Weight200 lbs or 91 kgs
Dress Size14-16
Image: Instagram @ashleygraham

All I can say is, Ashley Graham is a beauty who is super confident in her own skin, and that’s why she looks so stunning in every picture! In a recent photo shoot, she posed without any makeup, and she looked more gorgeous than ever. But how did her success as a plus-size model begin?

Well, for that we have to go back to 2000. She was discovered by I&I modeling agency while shopping at a mall in Nebraska. She was 12 years old at that time. A year later, she was signed up by Wilhelmina Models, and in 2003, she was signed up by Ford Models. In the years to come, she was on the cover of top fashion magazines. She was also a judge on the reality show America’s Next Top Model. Ashley also speaks at high schools about body positivity and is a strong supporter of the Health At Every Size movement. Here’s her inspiring TED Talk on body positivity.

Experience Ashley Graham’s amazing weight loss journey. Watch this video to learn her secrets to success and how she achieved her goals.

Now that you are aware of Ashley’s mindset toward her body and how she wants others to feel, let us take a look at her current diet and workout routine that helps her stay in amazing shape, physically and mentally.

Ashley Graham’s Diet

Image: Instagram @ashleygraham

Ashley mostly consumes healthy food like lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats. But she also revealed to StyleCaster that she eats everything. Take a look at the table below to know what keeps her looking gorgeous throughout the day.

MealsWhat Ashley Graham Eats
BreakfastA smoothie made of kale, ginger, lemon, apple, beetroot, and parsley.
LunchQuinoa and brown rice bowl with veggies, topped with tahini.
DinnerBaked salmon, arugula, and sweet potato.
SnacksChocolate Tree chia crackers.
Cheat Day Lunch or DinnerMac and cheese.

Apart from eating healthy, Ashley also keeps herself active by working out. Here’s her workout routine.

Ashley Graham Workout

Image: Instagram @ashleygraham

Ashley Graham’s Instagram and other social media accounts are full of pictures showing her working out. She trains with Dawin Pena and does HIIT like jumping squats, lunges, burpees, ball smash, scissor legs, and jackknife, and strength training like sledgehammer swings, planks, push-ups, barbell squats, resistance band hip thrusts, and double band sumo deadlifts.

Image: Instagram @ashleygraham

She also ran her first 5k marathon recently and goes for aerial stretching classes to keep her body flexible. But her favorite form of exercise is kickboxing. It helps her burn a lot of calories, improves her reaction time, and strengthens her bones and muscles.

It is clear that Ashley is a fitness enthusiast and loves doing different types of workouts to keep her body fit, strong, and agile. Now, if you want to be healthy and fit, do the following.

Ways You Can Be Healthy And Gorgeous Like Ashley Graham

Image: Instagram @ashleygraham
  • Work On Your Mindset

Body positivity and a healthy body image start in your mind. People around you may have shaped a “perfect” body image in your head, but it’s time to change that. Once you know and accept your body type and develop respect for different body types, you will not be bothered by how skinny or curvy your body is. Make your health and wellness a priority.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Stress, especially chronic stress, is linked with weight gain and obesity (1).
  • Haters Gonna Hate, Shake It off!

Fitness is a double-edged sword. If you avoid it, you are called names for the kind of body you have (“too skinny” or “fat” ). And if you make working out and fitness a part of your lifestyle, you are mocked about it. Don’t let it affect you. Shake it off and do what you need to do to achieve your fitness and health goals.

  • Eat Healthy

Ashley Graham has made healthy eating a part of her lifestyle, and that’s how she gets all the energy and strength to workout so much and not feel tired. By eating clean, you can also change your life and protect yourself from various fatal diseases like cardiovascular diseases, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Jax, a vlogger, attempted the Ashley Graham diet for a day and shared her observations a few hours into it. She remarked, “I actually felt really good after that smoothie, but it didn’t really tide me over, even after my almond milk latte, so I had extra peanut butter with my apple (i).”

protip_icon Did You Know?
Physical activity and exercise training, when combined with diet, help promote weight loss and maintenance (2).
  • Workout

Keep your body active by working out at least three days a week. Enjoy your workout, don’t make it a punishment. You can go for long walks, runs, swim, dance, lift weights, and do bodyweight exercises, TRX training, kickboxing, or yoga.

  • Enjoy A Cheat Meal Day

Yay! The cheat meal day is a personal favorite. But you have to earn it by following a healthy lifestyle, six days a week. On your cheat meal day, you can consume 500 calories extra. So, if you are on a 1500-calorie diet, you can consume 2000 calories on a cheat meal day. This will prevent your weight loss from plateauing. You will also enjoy your food without a drop of guilt.

  • Do What You Love

Lost touch with your hobby? Pick it up again. Doing what you love and not feeling pressured to perform well in it can help reduce stress, improve productivity, and prevent you from feeling overworked all the time.

  • Sleep

Sleeping for 7-8 hours a day is mandatory for your brain and body to function properly. It also helps flush out all the toxins from your body, slashes out all negative thoughts, and enhances your mood. So, if you want to glow like Ashley, you must not ignore sleep.

Ashley Graham comfortable in her skin and size
Image: Instagram @ashleygraham

A survey conducted by Kitchen stories revealed that only 2.73 percent of people in the United States never followed a balanced diet, while more than 36% of Americans ate healthy food on a regular basis during the given timeframe. Check out the below graph for more details.

Individuals Following A Healthy And Balanced Diet In The U.S. 2019

Source: Statista

Infographic: Ashley Graham’s Super-Healthy Diet And Fitness Routine

Want to know the secret behind Ashley Graham’s fabulously toned physique? Well, it lies in her diet and workout routine. The plus-size model has gone through a stunning transformation and inspired millions to follow her lead. She takes meals rich in nutrition that have a good balance of proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. The diva also indulges in cardio workouts and aerial stretching to improve strength and flexibility. Here, we unveil her best-kept fitness secrets – so, take notes! Check out the infographic below.

ashley graham’s super healthy diet and fitness routine (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Ashley Graham, a famous plus-size model, is strongly vocal about body positivity. She started her modeling career when she was only 12 years old and has been called out for promoting obesity, when in fact, she inspires curvy women to be more comfortable in their skin. She lost weight recently, and while part of the internet was curious to learn about Ashley Graham’s weight loss diet, the other part gave her a tough time over her choice to shed some extra pounds. She is a fitness enthusiast who hits the gym regularly and performs HIIT and strength training exercises. To lose weight, she followed a healthy diet rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and proteins besides keeping up her workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks associated with an Ashley Graham weight loss diet?

There are no documented risks associated with an Ashley Graham weight loss diet. However, any diet that requires low-calorie intake may cause adverse reactions like nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, malnutrition, and disordered eating.

How much water should I drink when following an Ashley Graham weight loss diet?

There is no specific limit for water intake while following Ashley Graham’s weight loss diet. But if you are on any calorie-restricted diet, then make sure to drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

What is the recommended caloric intake on Ashley Graham’s weight loss diet?

There is no recommended caloric intake on Ashley Graham’s weight loss diet. However, as everyone’s caloric needs are unique and differ from others, it is better to consult your nutritionist to follow any calorie-restricted weight loss diet.

How does Ashley Graham manage her cravings and appetite while dieting?

Ashley Graham likes to have French fries and hamburgers once in a while to satisfy her cravings and appetite while dieting. In addition, her diet includes nutrient-dense foods like green smoothies that are filling and beneficial for health.

Key Takeaways

  • Ashley Graham is an American model known for her inspiring weight loss journey.
  • This American plus-size actress is also known as an activist for body positivity.
  • She emphasizes the importance of listening to her body and encourages others to focus on self-love and self-care.
  • Her weight loss journey is a combination of healthy, nutrient-dense foods, and cardio and strength training exercises.
ashley graham weight loss diet_illustration

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

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