Top 60 Aster Flower Tattoo Ideas With Their Meanings

Look no further than the Aster family for an attention-grabbing floral tattoo.

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Aster flower tattoos are quite popular when it comes to picking a floral design for an aesthetic piece of body art. Flowers from the aster family have a quintessential flower shape with an evident central disk and multiple petals that flutter joyfully in the wind, making them universally adored flowers. With over 32,000 species of flowers within the aster family, it offers a wide range of options for incredibly attractive tattoos, whether they are done as micro art or large elaborate sleeves.

Look through some dazzling, skillfully created aster tattoos to get some creative inspiration for a beautiful floral tattoo. Additionally, you can browse through some miscellaneous designs that can add a unique touch to these flowers to give you an idea of how you can experiment with these tattoos. So, without further ado, dive in!

Aster Flower Tattoo Meaning

The term ‘Aster’ is originally a Greek word, meaning ‘star’, given to these flowers because of their generously blooming petals. Asters belong to the scientifically termed Compositae family or the Asteraceae family. In common tongues, they are also known as aster, sunflower, daisy, or the composite family. They are one of the largest floral families in the world, alongside orchids. All flowers in the aster family have certain shared characteristics that make them easier to identify in nature, such as the star-like blooming petals and the wide, texturous disk floret. Some of them have additional distinctive characteristics that make these wildflowers widely popular, like the daisy with its wide disk and white petals, the cosmos with a single layer of choppy-edged petals and prominent disk, or the dandelion with its fuzzy disk seeds. Other smaller asters are simply categorized as pretty and resilient wildflowers.

Asters have a rich history of symbolism across cultures, making them a wholesome and meaningful tattoo symbol.

  • Romans associate asters with Venus, the goddess of beauty, love, sexuality, fertility, and triumph. It was a flower often used in folk love potions and thus symbolizes everything it purportedly promised to deliver.
  • In Greece, asters are associated with Astrea, also referred to as the star-maiden, the goddess of innocence, purity, wisdom, precision, and justice.
  • In Chinese culture, flowers from the aster family are extensively illustrated in artistic projects and represent perseverance and faith.
  • Asters also happen to be September birth flowers and can hold deep meanings for an individual born in the same month.

Besides all these traditional symbolisms, ultimately, an aster tattoo can hold a meaning deeply personal to the wearer. In the following section, we will see how these spectacular flowers can be used in body art, adding to the distinct charm of an individual.

60 Aster Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Aster flowers come in a large variety of shapes and colors and even special characteristic features that set them apart from each other. A talented tattoo artist can play with all these elements or add other unrelated complementary symbols paired with their unique tattooing styles and techniques to etch a glorious aster flower tattoo on your skin. Let us explore some tasteful ways to illustrate them.

Small Aster Flower Tattoos

When it comes to a classic floral shape, asters are unrivaled and hence you can go for the most exuberant designs. However, if you are new to tattoos, or unsure of this wildflower’s charm, let the following small aster flower tattoos put you at ease.

1. Black And White Aster And May Bells Above Ankle

The humble charm of the aster gets an aesthetic boost with the addition of some gorgeous May bells or lilies of the valley. While the asters are done with black line shading, the lilies have a subtle gray shading paired with white highlights and both these techniques give a radiant contrast to this lovely little piece.

2. Outline Of Aster With Other Wildflowers


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You can fit multiple flowers into a small-size illustration and this tattoo design is proof of it. Featuring minimal outlines of aster, poppies, and lily of the valley, this miniature wildflower bouquet design makes for an inclusive tattoo where the wearer may dedicate their favorite flowers to their favorite people in a subtle show of affection. Though this tattoo does not have heavy shading or detailed work, the crisp outlines and flowy leaves give it a dynamic touch.

3. Simple Asters In Black And Gray

A cute rendition of asters that can pass off for random wildflowers or dewy daisies, will make a cheerful yet intriguing tattoo. This black and gray aster is filled in with generous amounts of light gray ink which illuminates the white highlight lines on the petals, leaves, and flower disk, making the details pop out.

4. Purple Aster Flower Head


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A post shared by Amber Liu (@ambertattooer)

Using your entire small-size aster tattoo frame for a detailed aster flower head is a great way to show off its lacy ray petals and disk florets. This gorgeous rendition of a purple daisy flower head embraces a realistic art style, playing with varying shades of purple and brown to add depth and movement to the flower. The lightest shades are meant to show the reflection of light, giving them a natural radiant quality that makes this simple design worth a million words.

5. Bookish Aster And Wildflowers

Representing the resilient love for books that all bibliophiles share, this bookish aster and wildflower tattoo is brimming with symbolism. To begin with, as wildflowers, asters can sprout out of unlikely places. Such flowers growing out of a book may signify a love for books that only grows stronger with the turning of each page. It can also represent the belief that books or knowledge can nurture even the wildest of flowers.

Simple Aster Flower Tattoos

There is no dearth of creative experimentation in today’s date when it comes to tattoo artistry. However, if you go by the philosophy “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” then here are a few aster flower tattoo designs that will impress you without much noise and fanfare.

1. Fine Line Asters

One of the best ways to show off the beauty of aster flowers using modern tattooing techniques is to make their numerous petals evident. A sharp fine-line outline style draws attention to this very feature while also exhibiting how skilled the tattoo artist must be to execute such clean and crisp lines. The subtle, gentle curve of the stems also gives an elegant silhouette to the overall look of the tattoo. The subtle shading and dotwork near and at the pistils add to the beauty of the design.

2. Blackwork Shaded Aster Flash Tattoo


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The best thing about flash tattoos is they are readily available at most tattoo parlors and a skilled tattooist can always add tiny bits of customization to it for a charming touch that is uniquely yours. This tattoo uses a simple aster flash outline and fills in blackwork shading to give it the dark, eye-catching vibe to an otherwise cutesy design.

3. Cute Asters With Butterfly


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Butterflies fit in so naturally with floral tattoos, simply mirroring their roles in reality. They are a symbol of various cultural and spiritual symbolism across the globe, with the most popular significance arising from its metamorphosis, standing for rebirth, hope, endurance, and assurance that all shall be well. It may be a simple addition to the aster tattoo but enhances its symbolic value tenfold.

4. Aster Vine Wristlet

Create a permanent accessory piece such as this floral vine wristlet for your aster flower tattoo. The design itself is unassertive with clean fine outlines. However, the way the vine, with its sharp-pointed leaves, wraps around the wrist gives it all the oomph your effortless style can conveniently carry. It is the perfect example of how simplicity also can make heads turn.

5. Colorful Aster And Wildflowers Bouquet

Aster flowers in their true, wild, cottagecore element are nothing short of surreal! Imagine walking through a meadow, plucking out the most striking flowers that catch your eye, and bringing home this heartfully curated bouquet for a loved one! This little unassuming design captures a simple yet impactful act of love and can be used as a memorial or a dedication tattoo to express the significance of deep human connections.

Beth, a lifestyle blogger, talks about the aster flower tattoo she got in remembrance of her late mother and how her emotions intertwine with it, in one of her blog posts. The tattoo features a bouquet of asters with three layers of ribbon wrapping around the stems. The top and bottom ribbon layers have her mom’s birthdate and death date on them. The middle layer has the word ‘Mom’. She lost her mom 15 days before the birth of her child. She writes, “I knew as soon as she was gone that I wanted to get a piece done for her… I went with aster flowers which are the birth month flower for September, which was the month my mom was born. It is a piece that I will never regret getting because that was a way for me to work through my grief (i).”

Minimalist Aster Tattoos

Minimalistic designs differ from small-size or simple designs by how they are illustrated. They need not necessarily be tiny in size or have a simple and easy design or philosophy behind them. What sets minimalist art apart is its ability to use fewer technical details, minus the pomp and show that may distract from the art’s main focus. It is quite straightforward that way and appeals to a considerable section of the masses for its no-nonsense approach to design. Take a look at how this style works with aster flower tattoos.

1. Elegant Fine-Lined Aster Flowers

This simple sprig with two branching asters uses super delicate fine lines. The majority of the shape is just the outline. However, the leaves feature dotwork shading to show depth and dimensional placement in the design, as if the flowers were positioned closer to the viewer while their shadows fell on the leaves behind them. And, more dots are used in the bud of the aster, simply to show the multiple little florets within it.

2. Simple Aster Stamp

This stamp-style aster tattoo has a raw quality as if it was done freehand or the stencil itself was a freehand illustration made by a loved one. Such styles are wholesome reminders that art need not be perfect or pretty as long as it expresses its message or makes its audience feel something. Many people purposely choose this aesthetic because of the unbridled, direct, and refreshing human-imperfection element to it.

3. Dainty Aster Sprigs

This little delicate aster tattoo features three aster flowers in different stages of bloom. For the wearer, all these different growth phases of the flower may hold a significance associated with three important people in their life, or three significant events in their own growth timeline. The highlight of the cute shapes are the fine lines blending to become the shaded center and tiny white accents adding a dewy touch.

4. Single Stippled Aster

This minimal aster flower combines two differently weighted lines to make the illustration unique. The outlines seem to glide smoothly across the screen and the insides of the flowers and leaves feature dotted lines which has a varied visual effect than scattered dots for shading. The nearly circular disk also offers an openness to the design, making for a delightful tattoo design.

5. Block Print-Style Aster

This stick-and-poke aster tattoo has an artistic style that resembles block prints, as if the black outline was done using one block stamp and the other had the little pops of colored parts that were slightly misaligned to make them bleed outside the lines. It has its own charm, again reinforcing the idea that there is beauty in imperfection. Look closer and you’ll see some of the purple bits look like hearts! Overall this is a cutesy and adorable design, perfect for a matching couple or friendship tattoo.

Black And White Aster Flower Tattoos

While asters in multiple vibrant shades have a thoroughly beguiling impact on an observer, from an artistic perspective, black-and-white illustrations of flowers have a timelessness to them. These renditions remain undisputed classics in the world of tattoo art. Check out our list of enthralling black and white aster flower tattoos below.

1. Soft Wildflower Bouquet

This soft, gauzy floral linework features a bunch of different aster flowers like the daisy, chrysanthemum, and coneflower, alongside some wild weeds. It is the softly curving lines of the stem and the clean and neat outlines of the flower that steal the show. Though this tattoo is not heavy on detailing, the crisp outlines and subtle dotwork on the daisy’s pistil bring the design to life.

2. Artsy Aster

This artistic wild aster is done using a skillful mix of hand poke and machine tattooing. The machine tattooing gun helped add in the subtle soft shading that gives the flower a character of its own. The hand poke tool makes the fade-out outlines and the tiny disk florets stand out. Overall, the design is a mark of expert craftsmanship, achieved only by an artist with considerable experience.

3. Detailed Linework Aster

This sharply detailed aster floral, perhaps a chrysanthemum or dahlia, stands out thanks to its cleverly done linework. There are fine lines for the shading and outline and then there are the bold lines on the leaves that make the negative, uninked space between them appear like lines themselves. It makes for a classic botanical tattoo that can easily accommodate other tattoo elements for enhanced symbolism or aesthetic value.

4. Creative Shading Aster Florals


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A post shared by Alicia (@awall_art_)

This beautiful aster flower tattoo has a multi-textured appeal thanks to the expert stippling shading, light dotwork, and solid outlines of the design. On the other hand, the round-shaped foliage has faded outlines and gradient shading that give it a naturally blended effect. It creates a playful imagery and is sure to keep an audience engrossed.

5. Asters With Blackwork Foliage


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A post shared by Chad Webb (@chadwebb_smt)

Here is another tattoo that employs a bit of texture play. The aster flowers have clean outlines and stipple shading. Its florets have white accents for a highlighted effect. And then there are the leaves, endowed with solid blackwork shading that seems to have a bit of a gradient style. It makes the subtly shaded petals pop out in stark contrast against the dark leaves.

Blue Aster Flower Tattoos

Typically, blue aster flowers represent pure and deep love and loyalty towards friends and family. It is a color that is meant to evoke feelings of calm, serenity, hope, and optimism. As tattoos, these aster designs add a unique charm as blue flowers are often overlooked over commonly preferred red and pink shades. Take a look at some love blue aster tattoos below for inspiration.

1. Blue Aster With Smeared Watercolor Art


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A post shared by Kat (@kitty1183)

This uniquely creative artwork is for those who enjoy vibrant color splashes in their art. The design features a watercolor backdrop of splattered blue, yellow, and green ink that seem to be flowing and blending together. Atop it is a simple aster outline, with the blue having bled into the petals. It also looks like the yellow might be bleeding out of the central disk. An extra personal detail is the name tattooed along the stem of the flower. One look at this tattoo is a loud testament to the cheerful personality of the wearer.

2. Blue Aster In Subdued Hues


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These aster flowers in a subdued shade of blue have a vintage vibe. Soft and dreamy, these blue asters represent the same philosophy of loyalty, faith, hope, and wisdom, but in a non-imposing manner. The mixing colors in the design allows the wearer to express their unapologetic beliefs.

3. Blue Aster In Pastels

A gentle rendition like this one, reminiscent of soft pastel watercolors, evokes a sense of nostalgia, sending an observer down memory lane. Each stroke in this tattoo seems to have been done with mindful precision and can have an arresting effect. Blue is a calming color by itself, but when done with such a soft hand, it can also have a soothing effect on the psyche.

4. Vibrant Blue Aster Flowerhead


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This traditional illustration of a blue aster flowerhead solely focuses on the main features of the flower. The petals have an ombre shading style that goes from black, white, cyan, to blue. The disk has a couple of cloud-like curves that are blurred to create its shading effect. The drawing has a comic-style approach which paired with such a vibrant shade has an immediate, magnetic pull.

5. Traditional Blue Aster With Name

Here is another traditional style blue aster tattoo that focuses on a fast-sprouting sprig of flowers. The outlines are clean and the colors have a chalky effect that gives them a texturized, matted appearance. The gradient shading on the petals adds a lovely touch to the overall design. The central stem of the design is fashioned into the name of the wearer’s son in fine-line calligraphy, making it a memorable and treasured piece of body art.

Aster Flower Tattoos With A Name

Adding a name to an aster tattoo increases its personal appeal. Not only can one experiment with various floral illustrations but there are endless fonts to choose from too. Take a look at how the following designs have combined the two into cutesy tattoos.

1. Frail Aster And Violet With Name Stems


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A post shared by Kandi (@baronart_kandi)

This breathtaking delicate tattoo features diaphanous illustrations of an aster and a violet, tied together by a fragile string. The outlines for the flowers have been forsaken to give the design an extra brittle look as if it were made of fluttering stardust – apt considering the tattoo contains a star flower! The white shading on the petals give them a translucent look. The names feature at the end of both stems with a font that complements the overall lacy texture of the tattoo.

2. Abstract Aster With Single Initial


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A splendid abstract version of a yet-to-bloom aster done in warm hues of red and purple perfectly represents a person with a bubbly personality and minimalist style. The enchanting details of the tattoo include those three petals fluttering away, signifying the dawn of a new season, and the stem that curves around itself to form the initial ‘S’. Only an experienced tattooist may be able to create such designs for other letters with similar artistic flair.

3. Artsy Purple Aster With Name Stem


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This sweet little purple aster tattoo features an artistically done flower head and leaves that seamlessly flow into the stem. The entire stem body comprises the name done in a calligraphy font with thin upward and thick downward strokes, while the line from the last alphabet simply glides out in a curved line. The richly pigmented colors go well with the slightly tanned skin.

4. Sweet Dual-Shade Aster With Nickname


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This delightful little aster tattoo has dual-toned petals that look like a blue and purple bubblegum melt! The single-needle fine-line work is impressive, the no-outline shading for the leaves is done with commendable precision, and the short and sweet nickname gives the tattoo an overall quirky but warm personality. It is sure to earn a lot of curious stares and unstrained interest.

5. Aster Stamp Tattoo With Name Initials

This little stamp-size flash tattoo is jam-packed with emotions. It was done as a memorial tattoo, featuring the initials of the wearer’s mother. The rendition of a lively blooming aster shows how the wearer chooses to remember their mother – blooming, cheerful, and full of warmth. The clean lines and beautifully rounded alphabets make the two tiny alphabets look rather pleasing.

protip_icon Quick Tip
An interesting way to include your name in an aster flower and name tattoo is using a foreign language script. This gives you more design, font, and creative freedom. However, research the script properly to avoid accidental spelling mistakes.

Violet And Aster Flower Tattoos

Violets and asters are very different flowers, whether you compare their botanical lineage, their appearance, or their symbolisms. However, they create a wondrous and complementary picture when paired together. Further, their symbolisms can have interconnected meanings. The starry emotions of the aster and the grounded wisdom of the violet create a beautiful balance of passion and groundedness. Take a look at how lovely they look together in tattoos.

1. Whimsical Violet And Aster


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This adorable little portrait tattoo of a floaty sprig sprouting both violets and asters has an irresistible and magical charm. The colors are vibrant and eye-catching while the lines appear to have been drawn with a gentle and light hand. The little pointy stars and dots give it an ethereal vibe, making it a tattoo style that will surely earn the wearer a lot of compliments.

2. Basic Violet And Aster Sprigs

Using an artistic drawing style, this pair of simple violet and aster flowers with crossing stems appear to have been doodled using pastel crayons and display richly pigmented and textured colors to support the vibe. There are no dark outlines that make it look like a realistic portrayal of a sketch from an art journal. The overall raw aura of the tattoo can hold deeply personal significance to the wearer.

3. Violet And Aster In Wildflower Bouquet

Violets also happen to be spring-season wildflowers, making them a great fit in widely adored wildflower bouquets. This black and white outline tattoo features a bunch of other wildflowers besides the violet and aster, such as larkspur, marigold, and carnation, tied together. The design makes for a wonderful family bouquet featuring each member’s birth flower or could simply represent the wearer’s wild spirit.

4. Violets And Asters Flash Tattoo

An endearing flash tattoo with chalky and vibrantly colored wildflowers can surely lift up your spirit on an especially gloomy day. This little sprig features an artistic stylization of asters and violets colored in bright pastel hues. The tattoo exudes a lovable innocence while gently conveying the wearer’s aesthetic preference, pure personality, and efforts in embracing the child within themselves.

5. Neo-Traditional Art With Violets And Asters

The tattoo style boasts such rich, captivating pigments and flawless linework that look like a page out of a professional art catalog. The vibrant purples of the violets and the clever gray-shaded daisies against the gradient leaves create a truly mesmerizing picture. The addition of the honeybees does not just add an aesthetic upgrade but also helps the wearer attach symbolism to the design such as hard work, loyalty, or courage.

Aster And Morning Glory Flower Tattoos

Aster and Morning Glory are the two birth flowers assigned to the month of September. Both flowers have deeply rooted meanings in emotions of love and human connection. While Asters symbolize love and faith, Morning Glories symbolize love and affection. Both flowers are visually quite different and create an appealing picture of contrasts. Discover some cute ideas for pairing them together for a tattoo below.

1. Black Art Asters And Morning Glories

This simple black and gray tattoo of two September birth flowers is done in an excellently harmonized dance of fine line strokes and bountiful stippling shade work. Placed near the shoulder blades, the design exudes a playful or seductive feel by allowing the wearer the choice of managing its visibility.

2. Lucid Outline On Rib


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A post shared by Joey Park (@joeysneedle)

A cute and beautifully detailed clear outline illustration of aster and morning glory flowers along with some gracefully shaped foliage is a great choice for a rib tattoo. Be warned! The ribs are also one of the more painful tattoo placement areas and may not be a great choice for heavier and highly detailed designs. However, this style of design works perfectly here and allows the wearer to conceal the design if they want to.

3. Intricate September Florals

The stylization of the two flowers has a yin-yang-inspired theme. The flowers have similar structures making them appear like twins with the same number of blooms and artistic style as mirror image florals. However, one of them has multiple petals which naturally give it a darker appearance than the other. While the flowers have complementary symbolisms, this design concept and tattooing style posits them as contrasting characters of a story.

4. Pop-Out Floral Pair


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A post shared by Jimmy Sinclair (@otaku__ink)

A traditional and vibrantly colored tattoo of basic aster and morning flower shapes can add a bit of flamboyant charisma to the wearer’s overall personality. These colors can catch the eye from a distance and stand out in beautiful divergence against all skin tones, making for a warm and inviting conversation starter.

5. Whip Shading Morning Glory And Aster

Beautifully twirling and replete with seductive curves, this gorgeous morning glory and aster flower tattoo boasts unmatched shading work, a clear sign of the expert skill of the artist. It plays between a heavily stippled and subtle smattering of ink across the shapes, giving the tattoo a flowy feel, bringing it to life for a light and shadow performance that will leave on-lookers thoroughly spellbound.

Aster And Daisy Tattoos

The distinctive feature of a daisy, that sets it apart from other asters, is its gleaming white petals and larger central disk. However, that may not be quite evident in a black-and-white tattoo, highlighting no difference between the two. A great way to present the contrast between a daisy and other asters is to either get colored tattoos, or pair daisies with other florals within the aster family that have their own significant characteristic. Look at the following designs for some ideas.

1. Day Flowers

Did you know that the term ‘daisies’ from Old English translates to ‘day’s eyes’? Daisies are said to bloom their best during the day and shut themselves at night. Such is also the characteristic of the sunflower that unfurls the widest while it faces the sun. Pairing these two flowers together and letting their colors paint a bright and delightful picture is peak aesthetic genius.

2. Monet’s Flowers


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This artistic interpretation of two of Claude Monet’s famous paintings; Bouquet of Sunflowers (1880) and Bouquet of Gladioli, Lilies, and Daisies (1878), could make a modern art lover weep! The tattoo features a realistic design combining both, giving the impression that it was originally meant to be the sunflowers, but a brush stroke diagonally down the portrait wiped out the entire middle to reveal the daisies and lilies, minus the gladiolus, from another painting. It is an awe-inspiring take on any Monet fan’s dilemma in choosing between the two paintings. The sheer artistry of this design should be applauded

3. Seasonal Asters

These seasonal asters are flowers that grow in successive seasons and may well be depicting a transition. From a summer carnation to an autumn aster, and finally a winter chrysanthemum, this tattoo may symbolize transformation and growth or simply serve as a reminder of the cyclical nature of life. The few odd petals breaking apart from the bloom also symbolize the natural cycle of life, the falling of the flowers that will bloom again. There is also a little signature at the bottom, hinting at a special person the tattoo may be dedicated to.

4. Crescent Asters And Daisies


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A post shared by 園丁Ke (@kegarden)

This half-wreath of asters may comprise just daisies or include other asters, shaped like a crescent moon. From a design perspective, symbolism apart, it is a trending wreath shape and can incorporate a wide range of flowers, depending on the size and placement of the tattoo. It can also help the wearer play with the petal and vine shape to add distinct aesthetic appeal to the overall shape.

Rose And Aster Tattoos

A rose is one of the most universally revered wildflowers across space and time. Their tantalizing layers of petals and their flirtatious fragrances make them the objective of unbridled fantasies. No wonder the flower is a symbol of fierce and consuming love. Paired with an aster, the symbolisms get a balanced countenance. Where the rose rages with passion, the aster tempers it with innocence, gentleness, humility, and purity. Keep reading to find wonderful ways of implementing them in tattoo designs.

1. Warm Floral Bouquet

Note the gold-tinged petals and foliage in this warmly colored bouquet of roses and asters. They have a pleasing sunkissed glow, giving them the perfect late summer-early autumn warmth. In nature, these flowers flourish during these seasons and may express the wearer’s love or preference for this weather or indicate an event where these seasons played a huge role in their life.

2. Old-School Vintage Blooms

An extensive and generously designed tattoo like this makes use of rich color pigments as well as negative space to give the design a well-balanced background. The dynamic shades of all the florals, like the rose, aster, violet, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, snowdrop, and daffodil, along with the warm leaves, fit so perfectly together despite some of them having significant structural differences. It shows the artist invested a lot of time, effort, and care, to ensure the entire design appears like a natural fragment of a vintage wildlife painting.

3. Quirky Sketch-Style Florals

The quirky part of this tattoo is the excessive use of shading outside the lines. While the stippling is concentrated towards the edges within the shapes, they are more sporadic in the negative spaces between different shapes. This makes it appear as if a strong white light is hitting the florals from the front, lighting up the florals while the space between them remains covered in shadows. The foliage does not follow the same lighting rules and the shading within them appears to be how the leaves are patterned. The little sparkle shapes further hint at the focus of the lighting as if it were a magical bouquet of flowers that can pop in and out of places at its own whim.

4. Garden Floral Bouquet

Flowers grown in a garden, even if they belong to wild species, have a polished and delicate sheen to them. After all, they have grown with their owner’s abject love, care, and sincere attention. The bright and clean colors of these flowers give them a pleasant appearance, speaking of hope and patience that even the wildest ones can find warmth and love in a rather hopeless world.

5. Stippled Rose And Asters

Stippling is a very common shading technique that gives the design a dynamic effect and it is no different with these flowers and their leaves. The shading is liberally done with this design highlighting each element’s salient features and how they are shaped. The wearer must regard them both quite highly if they are opting for this design where neither overshadows the other.

Gladiolus And Aster Tattoos

The gladiolus and aster pair have quite the fluidly flowing symbolism for those looking to weave a constantly moving and growing story with their body art. While the gladiolus may signify loss and remembrance, often featured in memorials, the aster symbolizes hope and resilience. These flowers together signify strength, courage, and unwavering spirit, in the face of challenging and life-altering circumstances. Explore some beautiful tattoo designs with this pair below.

1. Birth Florals Arrangement


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A post shared by MEO (mi-oh) (@meojestic)

Gladiolus and asters, both are birth flowers. It is quite convenient that they can fit in a bouquet that includes loved ones born in the months of August (gladiolus) and September (aster). This specific design features the aster as the central floral piece with other flowers branching out of it, perhaps signifying that it is the head of this particular family that nourishes the others. Or it might just be a pleasant floral arrangement done keeping the varying floral aesthetics in mind.

2. Fine-Line Florals With Text

This tattoo of a trio of flowers, namely the gladiolus, aster, and daisy, may hold a multitude of personal symbolisms for the wearer. The stems of each flower converge at the bottom to stretch into the word “blessed”, quite plainly expressing their gratitude and boundless appreciation for whatever significance the flowers hold, whether they indicate people or life events. The fact that the aster is the only flower done with dotted lines can also have some personal meaning for the wearer.

3. Misty Botanicals

This delicate, soft, botanical rendition of wildflowers such as aster, daffodil, gladiolus, nasturtium, and lily of the valley appears to have dew-drenched quality as if they were freshly plucked from a foggy meadow. The bouquet smartly places the gladiolus at the top, with its ambitiously skyward-reaching flowers while the others add complementary weight at the bottom. It is quite a wholesome picture with no lines having an imposing or overwhelming effect.

4. Somber Neo-Traditional Motif


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A post shared by Sasha Day (@sash_tattoo)

This gothic-style neo-traditional gladiolus and asters tattoo has an almost divine quality to it. The colors are quite subdued, but the pale yellow highlights give them a refreshing, warm-light radiance, showcasing that it is all the brightness needed to portray the richness and sophistication of this graciously pigmented tattoo. While the design may not have a clearer appearance on light skin, it looks great on dark skin tones with the gladiolus flowers done in complementary nude colors.

5. Cream Painted Gladiolus And Aster

This gentle little portrait of gladiolus and an aster appears to have been done in creamy paints. It has a hyper-realistic resemblance to gouache paintings with the white ink highlights clearly being the focal point as far as colors are concerned. It could be the tattooist’s original art or it may also be a figment of the work of a favorite artist (of the wearer) replicated as body art. Whatever may be the case, the buttery shades surely stand out!

6. Vintage Embroidered Florals

This raw and deeply sentimental piece is the replication of an embroidery motif that uses raw, artistic shapes of gladiolus, asters, and other florals, embroidered by the wearer’s great-grandmother. It is a great memorial piece and can also be considered a family heirloom for those members who have inherited the artistic streak from the older generations of the family.

Aster Birth Flower Tattoos

As discussed earlier, the aster is one of the birth flowers for the month of September. Sure, one can get a basic aster flower to symbolize a birth date, but why keep it basic when you can have some mind-blowing options? Check out the following aster birth flower tattoos that will positively ensnare the most skeptical beholder.

1. Blackout Aster Flowers

Blackout tattooing is a new trend in the world of tattooing which involves inking large areas of skin in a solid black patch. Artistically, the negative space or uninked skin, becomes the tattoo pattern. Here, the multiple petals are a telltale sign of an aster family flower, although the wearer may have not intended for it to be a specific flower. Many individuals even get their entire limbs shaded a solid black with no designs, but you can use negative space on a blackout backdrop to add an unrivaled edgy touch to your cutesy floral design.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Blackout tattoos are not for beginners or individuals with low pain tolerance. It involves pricking entire swathes of skin repeatedly for several hours to achieve the rich void-like black shade and coverage. Avoid it if you are new to tattoos or opt for multiple sessions across several weeks after consulting with a highly skilled tattooist.

2. Blackwork Geometric Florals

Here is another tattoo style that involves experimentation with an unhinged level of black ink. The shading fluctuates between solid color-fill and stippling to add depth and dimension to the shapes. This specific tattoo flaunts geometric mandalas with pointed multi-petal florals and can serve as the gothic, edgy, intimidating, yet intriguing aster birth flower sleeve.

3. Pet Birth Flower Tattoo

This aster birth flower tattoo features a soft, faded-edge design with a purple aster and a galactic paw print. It signifies the wearer’s love for the flower, the pet, and all things space. However, it can also refer to multiple meanings surrounding one’s birth. It can mean that their pup was born in September and means the world to them. It can mean their pup is always chewing on wildflowers. It may also be done in memory of a pet who lived a happy life and is now gone to be with the stars. Or it may simply be all the wearer’s favorite things in one place with the flower signifying their own birth and not the pup’s after all.

4. Framed Birth Florals

What better way to flaunt a birth flower tattoo’s significance than to frame it? And while you are at it, why not go for a quirky design? This tattoo features two rectangular frames that are not necessarily meant to restrict the flowers’ movements, but instead highlight the fact that the flowers can, in fact, move between the borders. There are three birth flowers here, including the aster done in a playful style where the flowers have a personality of their own, as if they were saying they are aware they are frame-worthy but they shall choose how to be framed themselves.

5. Art Deco Florals

Here is another aster floral tattoo that features a frame but it has a different purpose altogether. Here the florals have broken out and reached far out of the frame, spreading in all directions. The use of geometric shapes offers an intriguing and mysterious element to the concept. The circles have a celestial quality while the shading is fine-lined realism. Ultimately, the symbolism of the tattoo can best be explained by the wearer themself.

So that was our list of some breathtaking aster flower tattoos. Clearly, there are many ways to give a unique and stylish touch to your aster tattoo, such as trying different art styles, combining different flowers with asters, or even including other common tattoo symbols to enhance the overall symbolism of your body art. You can choose from a variety of placement and size options and culturally-inspired designs to fit your aesthetic and tell your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do different colors of asters represent?

Asters come in a variety of colors, each with its own significance. Purple asters signify royalty, dignity, wisdom, and luxury. Pink asters reflect grace, love, affection, and innocence. White asters symbolize purity, innocence, and rebirth or new beginnings. Blue asters enforce hope, loyalty, trust, and faith. Red asters symbolize passion, devotion, or deep love. And yellow asters represent happiness, friendship, and celebration.

Is there a specific meaning behind a single aster flower in a tattoo?

Though the meaning of a tattoo is subjective to the wearer, numbers do play a role in adding symbolic value to floral tattoos. A single aster flower may represent a personal story where the flower shines through like the lone but bright North star. Further, since the flower symbolizes love and devotion, a single flower may represent undying devotion to a single person or cause.

Where are popular placements for aster flower tattoos?

Although ideal floral tattoo placements are subjective and people may prefer all sorts of them, aster flower tattoos are more commonly seen gracing parts of the arm. The upper and forearm are comparatively more popular than the back of the hand, fingers, or shoulders.

How do I care for my aster flower tattoo after getting it?

Caring for your aster flower tattoo is no different than following general tattoo aftercare tips. Follow your tattooist’s aftercare instructions diligently: clean the tattoo a couple of times a day and follow up with a moisturizer. Avoid keeping your tattoo wet. If you notice any inflammation or excessive bleeding, reach out to your tattooist or a doctor immediately.

How do I choose the right size for my aster flower tattoo?

The right size of an aster flower tattoo depends on your preference and its placement. If you prefer the upper arm, back, or thighs, then you can get a medium or large tattoo. The wrists, neck, and dorsal area are ideal for small, delicate tattoos. A tiny, easy-to-obscure size works brilliantly with a behind-the-ear placement too. The size of your tattoo also depends on your pain threshold and how much time you can devote to the tattooing session.

Can I get a temporary aster flower tattoo before committing to a permanent one?

Certainly, some tattoo places offer temporary tattoo services where the designs last from a few weeks to 6 months. This lets you experiment with multiple designs, colors, and styles before you settle on a permanent tattoo. You can also decide to not get permanently inked and keep getting temporary ones in case you want to switch things up.

What should I consider when choosing a tattoo artist for my aster flower tattoo?

This depends on what kind of aster flower tattoo you want. Since the aster flower has a basic shape, a simple aster tattoo can be done by any professional tattoo artist with a few years of experience. However, if you want a creatively stunning piece, you should check out artists with a comprehensive portfolio and see how often they do floral tattoos, especially wildflowers like asters, and if they understand the artistic challenges your design may pose.

Key Takeaways

  • Asters belong to the Asteraceae family that boasts over 32,000 species of composite flowers including daisies and sunflowers.
  • The word ‘aster’ comes from Greek, meaning ‘stars’. This is how their petals bloom and the way they grow in clusters is quite similar to stellar constellations.
  • A popular trend for aster tattoos is pairing them with other flower families.
  • If you want an aster flower tattoo but are unsure of which flower to get, consider going with your birth aster flower.

Asters, with their enchanting star-like blooms, make for wonderful tattoo designs. One of the most popular aster flowers for tattooing happens to be the daisy with its bright white petals. Check out the following video for some cute and lovely daisy flower tattoo ideas.

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