7 Attractive Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes

Lip makeup is vital! It brings our whole face makeup together and offers a proper definition to the face.

But lip makeup does not come in a one shape fits all format! We all have different types of lips—some of us are blessed with fuller lips while others have thin lips. Whether you have thin, even or fuller lips, makeup has the power to make them appear more beautiful and well accentuated. Today, we decided to dedicate a makeup lesson on the different lip shapes and how to do makeup to bring out the best in each of one of us.

Let us have a look at attractive makeup tips for different lip shapes:

1. Top Heavy Lips:

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Majority of Indian women have top heavy lips. Effective makeup tips and tricks can easily make top heavy lips appear even and beautiful.

Makeup for top heavy lips is simple:

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2. Bottom Heavy Lips:

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Bottom heavy lips are actually pretty and attractive! But some women look to hide that pout!

Here’s how you can make bottom heavy lips look better:

3. Uneven Lips:

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If your upper and lower lip shape and size do not match, then you have uneven lips.

Here are a few tips to manage uneven lips:

4. Flat Lips:

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Flat lips have no dimension or depth and appear very flat without prominent outline. It is a best choice to use light and softer lip colors for people with flat lips as dark lip colors will make lips appear very flat and small.

Flat lips can be given a good shape with this trick:

5. Thin Lips:

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Thin lips require more dimension and space.

And we have just the trick for you to make your lips look absolutely stunning:

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6. Overlarge Lips:

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Overlarge lips have the power to dominate the whole face. So, always choose softer lip colors with a rich matte consistency to keep your lips appear soft and even.

Here’s how you can draw attention away from overlarge lips:

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7. Small Lips:

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Small lips look cute on some but most want to have that lovely pout.

Follow these tips to make small lips look more prominent:

Lip makeup definitely requires practice. Study your lips by standing in front of the mirror and try these tricks and tips.

Did you find this article useful? Which lip shape do you have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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