Auricle Piercing: Types, Pain, Healing And Jewelry Styles

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Imagine multiple earrings climbing up the sides of your ears. So cool, right? This is why people are going beyond the ordinary piercings on the earlobes and opting for auricle piercings. Auricle piercings can be a great way to add a cool and edgy look to your ears. The auricle is the outer rim or the cartilage of the ear, between the helixi  XThe upper, outer rim of the ear, extending from scalp to lobe, that is commonly pierced for decorative jewelry placement. and the earlobe, and a piercing placement here allows you to customize and wear various types of jewelry at once. Whether you wear trendy hoops or classic studs, auricle piercings will always make you stand out. If you are wondering where this piercing ranks on the pain scale and about its aftercare, you are in the right place. Scroll down to explore the different types of auricle ear piercings and styles that you can choose from.

protip_icon Piercing Guide: Auricle Piercing
  • Placement: The rim of the ear, between the helix and the earlobe
  • Best Jewelry: Flat back studs, barbells, and rings
  • Cost: $50 to $70
  • Pain Level: Medium
  • Healing Time: 6 to 12 months

Do Auricle Piercings Hurt?

The auricles are made of cartilage, which is harder than what forms the lobe. Hence, an auricle piercing will cause a little more pain than a piercing on the ear lobes, but it is generally bearable. The level of pain also depends on the tool used for piercing, your pain tolerance, and the skill of the person doing it.

Speaking of the tools, while a piercing gun can do it in the blink of an eye, according to anecdotal evidence, it causes more pain. This quick process also exerts a sudden force, which can lead to tissue damage, causing inflammation or scarring. Therefore reputable and experienced piercers strongly disapprove of it. On the other hand, piercing with a needle leads to making only a small hole, which causes less trauma to the tissues. It also offers greater accuracy and reduces the risk of tissue damage.

If you have thick tissues, it is recommended to opt for needle piercing to avoid scarring. Make sure to get it done by an experienced professional who knows the correct piercing angles and techniques. Note that you may continue to feel mild pain while getting the piercing, and then until the piercing is healed, but it is manageable.

If you are ready for the discomfort to attain your dream style, then check out your options for different types of auricle piercings in the section below.

Types Of Auricle Piercings

Since the auricle covers a not-broad but lengthy part of your visible ear, the most common types of piercings are double and triple auricle piercings, as listed below.

1. Double Auricle Piercing

This common type of piercing involves making two separate pricks along the rim of the auricle. You can personalize your look by arranging these piercings in horizontal, vertical, or angular arrangements.

 2. Triple Auricle Piercing

It involves making three piercings on the cartilage of your ears, making for a peculiarly striking look for a bold fashion statement. With a triple auricle piercing, you can fashion a range of jewelry like industrial chains, studs, rings, etc.

protip_icon Trivia
The oldest record of ear piercing dates back to more than 5000 years, when the mummified remains of Ötzi the Iceman with earrings was discovered.

You can experiment with different numbers of piercings and their placements, keeping the anatomy of your ear in mind, as per your preference to embellish your outer ear. You can also choose to get some on one ear for a unique look. Scroll down for some auricle styling inspiration.

Auricle Piercing Jewelry Styles

  • Standard Silver Auricle Studs

If you are unsure about how to adorn your auricles, then these standard studs will always come in handy. This classic piece of jewelry can be worn on the auricle piercing to add a unique and edgy aesthetic to the outer ear. You can pair them with a wavy lobe climber for a fashionable and elegant look on the outer edge of your ear.

  • Paw-Shaped And Classic Diamond Stud


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These diamond studs are the perfect set for animal lovers. They are also made of premium quality implant-grade titanium threaded ends and industrial strength gems. They not only make you look bold but also speak a lot about your caring personality, while embellishing the outer rim of the ear. Pick this set if you want to exude softness with an edge through your auricle piercings.

  • Designer Diamond-Studded Gold Studs

Create a fashionable look for a fancy night out with two designer auricle studs crafted using non-irritating metal gold and dazzling diamonds. This set can be combined with a jacket stud on the rook piercing and an elegant diamond-studded tragus. Add a lobe ring with a dangling zircon star to your ear piercings for a distinctive and personalized look.

  • Star-Shaped Stud In Diamond And Silver


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Style your piercings with a sleek crawler that graces the inner conch piercing, while a subtle stud accentuates the outer conch piercing, making for balanced asymmetry. Further, elevate the look with a star-shaped stud on the auricle and an embellished ear cartilagei  XThe elastic cartilage forms the ear; it is a flexible, connective tissue that provides structure and shape to the outer ear. ring a little under it. Balance the proportions by wearing lobe rings with a delicately hanging crescent moon and star.

  • Minimalistic Orbital Rings

This classic orbital ring on the auricle piercing looks super chic on the outer ear. Complete with some lobe jewelry and helix stud, this embellishment combo keeps the look low-key yet stylish and you can be sure these rings will never go out of style.
  • Embellished Industrial Chain Jewelry

This solid gold auricle piercing style features an industrial chain of three layers connected to two different-looking studs in the pierced holes. The half sun and diamond stud, interconnected with the chain, along with a regular lobe ring provides your auricle with a trendy and artsy appearance.

  • Zircon Floral Stud

Dazzle your ear with the delicate touch of a zircon stud on the auricle, paired with a matching one on the tragus, both embellished with sparkling zircon stones. You can elevate the look with an extra cartilage ring on the auricle, and a ring in the lobe piercing, worn in a hanging chain style, creating a cohesive and elegant look.

  • Silver Auricle Threader

Style your double auricle piercings with a stylish silver threader earpiece to dangle elegantly from your cartilage holes. Complement it with diamond-studded butterfly drop earrings and a butterfly stud in the lobe piercing to keep on theme. The delicate thread elegantly weaves through both piercings, while the sparkling butterfly charm gracefully dangles on one auricle for a sophisticated appearance. Do note that silver is not recommended for long-term wear. 14-18k solid or white gold is more suitable for it.

While you are now set to step into glamor with these standout auricle jewelry styles, you also need to know about how to heal your new piercing and proper aftercare practices for a successful experience. Scroll down to learn more.

Auricle Piercing Healing Time And Aftercare

An auricle piercing can roughly take between 6 to 12 months to heal completely. During this period, it is crucial to follow proper aftercare practices to avoid serious allergic reactions, potential infections, and inflammation. The choice of high-quality jewelry and maintaining overall hygiene can contribute to a smoother healing process.

Hannah, a blogger, shared her personal experience with a cartilage piercing, noting that she felt both exhilarated and challenged. About her healing piercing, she added, “Some people say it takes 12 months to heal; others say 6 months, but you can change it after 3 months (i).”

The healing time for auricle piercing can differ from person to person. Not taking proper care after piercing can increase your risk of infection and healing time. Here are some care tips that you need to keep in mind and some pointers on things to avoid:


  • Use a sterile saline solution to clean the piercing twice a day to prevent infection.
  • Avoid touching the piercing with dirty hands to prevent infection.
  • Opt for high-quality, hypoallergenic jewelry, such as cadmium- and nickel-free 14-18k solid gold, to minimize irritation (1).
  • Be cautious with your hair and clothing, as they may get stuck in the jewelry and pull on it.
  • Minimize contact with phones and headphones to reduce pain and irritation.
  • Gently pat the piercing dry after cleaning and avoid rubbing vigorously
protip_icon Pro Tip
Keep in touch with your piercer for downsizing, that is re-fitting your initial jewelry once past the early healing stages. This helps the piercing heal around the better-fitting jewelry ensuring a smooth healing process.


  • Use harsh cleansers, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Clean more than twice a day as it can disrupt the healing process.
  • Use sleeper-style earrings that may hinder healing.
  • Unnecessarily move or rotate the jewelry.
  • Remove the jewelry too early, as it can lead to closure and complications.
  • Apply heavy makeup or creams near the piercing.
  • Give in to the urge to scratch while the wound is healing.

Now that you are informed about what to do and avoid, check out the pros and cons of getting an auricle piercing to make a well-informed and guided decision.

Auricle Piercing: Pros And Cons

Pros Of An Auricle Piercing

  • Auricle piercings are known for their fashionable and contemporary appearance, which adds a flair to the ear.
  • With this unique piercing, you get to wear various jewelry items, including studs, hoops, danglers, cuffs, etc., allowing you to experiment with your style.
  • Auricle piercings can be creatively combined with other ear piercings to achieve uniquely attractive arrangements.
  • Many individuals find that the pain level during the auricle piercing process is moderate compared to certain other ear piercings.
  • Auricle piercings are less prone to migration and rejection compared to piercings in areas with thinner cartilage.

Cons Of An Auricle Piercing

  • The healing process for auricle piercings can be lengthy, ranging from a few months to a year, requiring patience and consistent aftercare.
  • As with any piercing, there is a potential risk of infection, such as epidermal sepsisi  XA type of skin infection occurring in pierced areas that can result in inflammation, oozing wounds, and pain. , bleeding, trauma, tear, etc., if proper aftercare practices are not followed diligently (2).
  • Sleeping on the side with a fresh auricle piercing may cause discomfort during the initial healing period.
  • The pierced area may be sensitive, making it important to avoid unnecessary touching or pressure.
  • You need to be careful with your hair and prevent it from getting tangled in the jewelry, which could cause discomfort and even tears in the pierced area.

While it is possible to get multiple piercings at once, it might make healing more difficult and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is a good idea to space out your plans for getting them, and it is advised to get cartilage clusters one piercing at a time. This can help with the healing period as well as costs. Continue reading to learn about the price of an auricle piercing.

How Much Does An Auricle Piercing Cost?

The cost of an auricle piercing can vary depending on factors such as the piercing studio’s location, reputation, and the type of jewelry chosen. On average, you can expect to pay $50 or more, for the piercing itself. Keep in mind that this cost often includes the initial jewelry as well. In any case, it is best to ask your piercer to break down the exact cost for you.

It is essential to choose a reputable piercing studio with experienced professionals to ensure a safe and hygienic procedure. Additionally, high-quality jewelry may contribute to a slightly higher cost, but it is crucial to not skimp on this for a successful and comfortable healing process. Always inquire about the total cost upfront, including the piercing fee and the price of the jewelry, to avoid any surprises.

Auricle piercings are a stylish and versatile way to enhance your look. And with the various styling options available for this type of piercing, the opportunity for personal expression is vast. While auricle piercings have a moderate healing time and considerations for aftercare, the results can be captivating. However, they can cause some discomfort and require careful maintenance. Hence, before you get your auricle pierced, understand the aftercare process and choose a skilled piercer for a comfortable piercing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone get an auricle piercing?

Not everyone is suited for an auricle piercing. Factors like your ear shape and the thickness of the cartilage should be considered before opting for it. Consult with a professional piercer for personalized advice.

What is the difference between a helix and an auricle piercing?

The helix piercing is on the upper outer curve of the ear, while the auricle piercing is on the visible outer part between the helix and earlobe, offering distinct placement and style.

When can I change my auricle piercing?

It is advised to wait until the auricle piercing is fully healed, which can typically take somewhere between 6 to 12 months, before changing the jewelry. This will help avoid complications and support optimal healing.

How do you sleep with an auricle piercing?

Sleep on the opposite side or use a U-shaped travel pillow to minimize pressure on the fresh piercing and ensure a comfortable night’s rest. Take extra care while sleeping with fresh auricle jewelry so as not to get it tangled and torn.

How do you clean an auricle piercing?

Clean the auricle piercing twice a day with a saline solution and avoid harsh cleansers. Gently pat dry after cleaning.

How big is the auricle?

The auricle is the visible outer part of the ear, spanning from the helix to the earlobe, and its size varies among individuals. A piercer will assess your anatomy for a suitable piercing placement and types of jewelry to wear.

Key Takeaways

  • Auricle piercings offer a trendy way to adorn your ears with various jewelry styles, from hoops to studs.
  • Expect some discomfort during the 3 to 12-month healing period, depending on how you care for the piercing.
  • Explore unique looks with options like double and triple auricle piercings, allowing for creative arrangements and distinct styles.
  • While fashionable, be aware of potential discomfort, infection risks, and the importance of aftercare for proper healing.

The following video covers the post-piercing experience of the speaker, which she narrates while changing her cartilage piercing. Watch it to learn about the process of switching jewelry after piercing and the complications that may arise.

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