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Ayurvedic Heat Boil Treatments!!!

Ayurvedic Heat Boil Treatments!!! August 21, 2018

Summer time gets the heck out of us , and what if ur having some painful heat boils at this time? Thinking of it only gives u enough pain  .You can get them anywhere starting from your face to neck to back to inside of your ears , or under arms and not to mention ,your private parts. And if nothing else works then its time to try an Ayurvedic medicine for heat boils!

Ayurvedic Treatment for Boils:

So lets check out some Pure Ayurvedic heat boil treatment –

Turmeric paste for boils Pinit

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1.Your kitchen not just helps keep your tummy happy but has a number of resources to keep your boils away also. Turmeric which is the most common Spice present in every Indian kitchen has a number of anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory , and anti-bacterial benefits that also works well as ayurvedic medicine for boils. Take about 4 teaspoons of turmeric powder and dry roast it. Then make a paste of it with plain water and apply on the boil. This will help kill the bacteria and will help the boils to mature fast and in fast release of pus. Should take about 3-4 days to clear out the boils when the paste is re-applied every 4-5 hours.

2. Cumin or jeera is also a very common spice of every Indian kitchen , and in curing boils too this is very helpful. Take about 4 teaspoons of cumin powder and dry roast it. Make a paste with plain water and apply and re-apply the paste at an interval of 4-5 hours. This works very well just like turmeric and helps fast release of puss and toxins from the boil.

3. You can also take in about 1 teaspooon of turmeric powder mixed in lukewarm water internally atleast 3times day to cure boils from inside or turmeric capsules (for the dosage of the capsule you should consult your doctor).

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4.Garlic also available in almost all kitchens of the world is also an effective thing in curing boils and acne. Make a paste of 2 or more cloves of garlic and squeeze out the juice and apply it on to the boil. During the days your having these boils, have 2-3 raw garlic cloves also with your normal diet to help cure them from inside also. Garlic has been considered an effective anti-bacterial remedy for many skin problems. If you can tolerate the odor, then it’s great.

5.Onion is also something all kitchens of the world has. Apply onion juice over the boils and have raw slices of onion (you can always have it as a salad) with your normal diet. Works as good as garlic.

6. Castor oil is a miracle remedy for boils. Take about 5-8 drops of castor oil depending on the size of the boil, on a cotton pad and place it on the boil and tightly secure with a band-aid. It will weaken the boil and drag out all pus from it in just as little as 2-3days at the most. Reapply the castor oil every day.

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7. Tea tree oil is a natural oil which is able to heal and cure almost all types of skin diseases , rashes and itches. After bath you just need to apply 1-2drops of pure tea tree oil on to the boil until it’s gone.

8. Betel Nut Leave (paan leaves) –Tear betel nut leaves about 2 or more as required  into small pieces and put them to boil in about half cup of water. Boil for about 10minutes in low flame and then cool it down and make a paste of this mixture . Put this mixture on the boils and seal with a cloth , secure with tapes. This should be done atleast twice for a week till the boils are gone . This helps in opening the mouth of the boils and fast release of pus.

9. Neem or Margosa leaves- Tear about 20-25 leaves of neem and boil them in the same above process in about half a cup of water till the water is almost fully evaporated. Make a paste of this mixture and apply on the affected part over the boil. Cover with a cloth and secure with tapes. This should be repeated and reapplied 2-3 times daily for a week till all boils disappear.

10. Bitter Gourd or karela– As we all know it’s very good to have bitter gourd in our diet but many of us don’t like the taste of it. You may not have to take it from inside if you don’t want to but bitter gourd juice when applied on the boils can also help soothe the area and help in fast release of puss. If possible you may take internally less than ¼ cup of pure bitter gourd juice during these days until the boils are cured.

Tips: Don’t have aerated soft drinks during this time when you are having boils. Skip aerated drinks in summer if you have heat boil tendencies, and instead have fresh citrus juices , and lots of water to keep toxins out and yourself hydrated. Avoid too much sugar and chocolate intake and obviously avoid oily junk foods. These boils mostly happen due to excessive secretion of sweat, clogged pores or ingrown hair. So try to keep those areas, clean and pollution free as much as possible.