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Top 10 Baby Shampoos for 2018 Available in India

Top 10 Baby Shampoos for 2018 Available in India February 27, 2018

Many of the baby shampoo brands have ingredients with toxins that cause irritation and organ system toxicity. Baby shampoos should be mild and gentle enough for our little ones. We don’t even want to let them shed tears and at the same time be safe enough when being shampooed.

Here are the top 10 baby shampoos:

1. Himalaya – Gentle Baby Bath:

Himalaya – Gentle Baby Bath has a special No Tears gentle formula for your baby’s bath. This contains natural ingredients like chickpea and green gram which will soothe and make your baby’s skin soft and supple. This gently cleanses, soothes and nourishes your baby’s skin. It just requires one step to thoroughly cleanse and doesn’t dry out the skin. It is from the renowned brand in India – Himalaya Herbals that produces baby care products with Ayurvedic formulations and is 100% pure and safe for your baby’s delicate skin. This is definitely the best baby shampoo you can find.

2. Farlin – Baby Bubble Bath:

This baby shampoo is extra mild and contains extracts of Japanese rice to make your baby’s delicate skin, fresh. This has very rich softening and protecting ceramide. It foams delicately, giving the silkiest bath to your baby. It has a hydrating formula that preserves the skin’s natural balance and makes it supple, soft and gentle. This shampoo is paraben free, alcohol free and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. It contains rice peptides that help to protect the baby’s eyes, scalp and hair follicles. It doesn’t irritate and contains edible cleaning ingredients that are safe for the skin and also environment-friendly.

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3. SebaMed Children’s Shampoo:

SebaMed Children’s Shampoo is gentle enough for cleansing and caring for the fine hair and delicate scalp of babies and children. It reduces the risk of dryness or irritation, has a pH value of 5.5 and is clinically proven. It is free from nitro-mochus compounds, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, dioxin, color additives and alkali. This has herbal extract of chamomiles to reduce irritation and it also soothes the skin with its “no tears” formula without stinging the eyes of the baby.  This also makes the baby’s hair very easy to comb and leaves his/her hair fragrant and silky. This is also suitable for a sensitive or dry scalp.

SIZE: 150 g

4. Himalaya – Gentle Baby Shampoo:

Himalaya – Gentle Baby is a very mild shampoo that too has a no tears formula. This will make your baby’s hair soft, nourished and lustrous. It contains 100% herbal actives which makes it a gentle baby shampoo. This will make the hair shiny as well as easy to manage. This contains hibiscus extracts that soften hair; natural proteins from Chickpea give shine and Khus-Khus helps to cools the scalp. This is from the well- known brand – Himalaya Herbals.

5. Pigeon – Baby Wash 2 in 1 – Hair and Body:

Pigeon – Baby Wash 2 in 1 – Hair and Body has a dual usage as shampoo and liquid soap in one. This has a very delicate fruity fragrance. It gently cleanses your kid’s hair, scalp and body. This contains the natural extracts of Jojoba and Chamomile for hydrated, soft, silky and tangle-free skin and hair of your little one. This is very simple to use and lathers well.

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6. Chicco – No Tears Gentle Shampoo:

Chicco – No Tears Gentle Shampoo is again endowed with a “no tears” formula. It is a gentle shampoo. This is especially meant for     the delicate skin of your baby’s scalp. This makes it very easy to rinse without any tangles left in the hair. This product is microbiologically and dermatologically tested. Chicco – No Tears Gentle Shampoo does not contain any soap or SLS. This product range comes from the renowned brand of Chicco Baby Products, an Italian company that manufactures a top quality range of products for infants and children.

7. Mothercare – All We Know Baby Bubble Bath:

Mothercare – All We Know Baby Bubble Bath is Mothercare’s specialist from their baby toiletries range. Their products contain natural extracts such as olive oil- moisturizer, and chamomile- soother. This shampoo range is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, knowing which gives you peace of mind. This is mild and gentle enough for your newborn baby and even suitable to be applied right after birth.

8. Johnsons Baby Top-to-Toe Wash:

This shampoo is milder than any other baby soap. Johnsons Baby Top-to-Toe Wash comes in a convenient bottle. It gently cleanses the baby’s skin and hair without drying. This is very mild and hence does not bring any tears to your baby eyes. It is specially formulated for being gentle for the baby’s eyes.

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9. Baby Magic Blossoms Hair and Body Wash:

Baby Magic Blossoms Hair and Body Wash contains enhanced vitamins and an extra moisturizing formula for gentle hair and body wash. Baby Blossoms is very easy to rinse. It maintains the natural moisture and leaves your baby’s skin and hair clean and soft. It has a mild baby smell and is tear-free, dye and hypoallergenic free. It is dermatologist tested and is pH-balanced.

10. Vita Age® BIMBO – Delicate Bath Cream:

This is specially formulated with a no tears formula. Vita Age® BIMBO – Delicate Bath Cream is a very delicate baby bath cream cleanser that restores the natural pH of the skin. This is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as Rice, Almonds, Chamomile and natural surfactants that are allergen-free. This has a mild and lingering fragrance, coming from the Brand Bottega Di Lungavita.

*Subject to Availability

Have you tried any of these shampoos for your little one?


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