40 Dreamy Backyard Wedding Ideas For An Intimate Ceremony

Written by Sushmita Barman

From Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma to Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, backyard weddings have been on the list for many since the beginning. And, of course, who wouldn’t feel delighted about a wedding where you can include your pets and don’t have to stress about spending a lot of money. After all, saying ’Yes, I do’ in your sweet backyard can’t match any lavish arrangements! Couples choose backyard wedding ideas, like garden themes, based on the time of day the wedding party begins. So why wait? Read these amazing chic ideas for backyard weddings that we have for you.

Best And Simple Wedding Ideas In The Backyard

Courtyard weddings started to save money, but backyard weddings have evolved, and rustic backyard wedding reception ideas have become extremely popular. In today’s time, we all look for a celebration that is on budget, requires less effort with unique decoration, and a backyard wedding with these ideas will give you what you are looking for. From a wild organic sentiment to an elegant reception in a marquee, these simple backyard wedding reception ideas below will prove that a home wedding doesn’t have to be laid-back.

Small Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

A backyard wedding can be a simple and profitable way for you and your spouse to start your new life together. Gather family and friends in a comfortable, casual setting that takes advantage of natural elements, like planted backyard flowers and trees. Some decorations, like lighting, can be added to your list for simple backyard wedding decoration ideas.

  • Seating: Even if you only have a short ceremony, you still offer seating for your guests, especially your parents and grandparents. Most rental companies will deliver folding wooden chairs that can be decorated on-site by tying a large bow to the back of each one. Cover lengths of tulle along each row of chairs to add a touch of elegance. For your small backyard, you can double these chairs as a seat for your reception.
  • Refuge: If your wedding is during the day, rent a tent and dress to match the wedding theme. Tents come in many sizes to fit even small patios. Add large potted plants in the corners to disguise the tent poles. Spread flower petals on the floor, even on chairs, to add color. Hang fabric from the sides and tastefully pull back ties to allow breezes to enter. Tie bouquets in each corner to add another pop of color.
  • Arbor: Most garden weddings are a backdrop for the couple’s ceremony. This is often a simple wooden shaft that can be decorated with casual greenery or luxurious flowers. Take advantage of the natural elements in your backyard.
  • Illumination: Lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up your garden for your wedding. Pendant and recessed plant lights can create the effect of height and space in a small backyard. Hang paper lanterns from trees or under the tent. Use battery-operated lamps on tables.

DIY Backyard Wedding Ideas

Creative DIY backyard wedding ideas


Whether you’re looking for backyard wedding centerpiece ideas or backdrop ideas to celebrate your nuptials, below, we have everything for you.

  • Here’s a great barn wedding idea! Turn those used eggshells into tiny cocoon vases that are sure to captivate your guests.
  • Mix and match your favorite flowers for a colorful tabletop display with a twist.
  • Go for flower kiss balls, hydrangea pomanders out of pink paper petals. Hang them on the corners of the tent or under the trees
  • Make your guests say “oh la la” with the cute little birdcages as centerpieces for the tables. Add a candle, flower arrangement, or another decorative object.
  • Choose eco-friendly items to decorate. Make full use of pampas grass to decorate your venue.
  • Don’t forget to upcycle the items around your house, like those old things you have kept in the storeroom, or use the leaves you gather after cleaning your backyard.

Backyard Wedding Decoration Ideas

Amazing decorations for backyard weddings


An ideal combination of nature, convenience, and economy, backyard weddings have become an enduring trend. However, since backyard weddings don’t come with an in-house wedding team, additional planning, strategy, and execution are required. Here, we give you the most wanted backyard wedding setup ideas:

  • Baker’s Corner: Place a table at the corner for all the aesthetic baked goods. Decorate it with dim and cold colors to get French bakery vibes. Bare cakes, cookies, macaroons, croissants, eclairs, etc., can make your baker’s corner shine like a diamond.
  • Magic Of Diy: Put all your creativity into tie-dye tablecloths and chic white paper-cut flowers. You can also decorate the hanging lights and lamps with jute.
  • Aisle Of Love: Transform the aisle with pretty flower vases on the side and leaves on top of a long carpet. Hang flowers over the top of the aisle, making it look like a hallway to the paradise of love.
  • Backdrops: Choose nature-themed sets to bring out the actual idea of a backyard wedding. You can use your old bicycle and recreate it into a vehicle of flowers. In some corners, on top of a cream or white sheet, place cute tiny cages, wooden boxes covered with wild leaves and flowers.
  • Centerpieces And Crockery: Use little plants you are already growing in your backyard, and if that seems to be less, buying small plants to decorate will be the mark of your new life. For crockery, a white or cream color never goes wrong because of its neutrality.

Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

Creative backyard wedding reception ideas


Need some inspiration for a little backyard wedding reception? Here are some of the unique ideas that everyone desires.

  • A String Of Pendant Lights: From one end of a tree/pole to another, these little magical lights will add to turn your backyard property into a mystique romantic space. Many people use them to decorate their aisle but turn the tables and put them on the trees with a photo attached to each light.
  • Natural Vegetation As Decoration: You can be a little extra and use potted succulents for escort cards for each guest. Pampas grass between some green leaves can never go wrong. For a rocking yet aesthetically pleasing backdrop, dried/fresh palm fan leaves will do the work. Decorate the long tables with grass creepers, and for the small ones, use cute little flower pots.
  • Bring The Trend Back: A crystally pearl chandelier hanging from the top, candle stands that depict a beautiful ballet dancing shape, combination of red roses and white pearls, crockeries that feel like the ’60s, and don’t forget the importance of lace and net. These are some that can help the idea of bringing back the trend.
  • Details Of Baby’s Breath: Don’t forget to decorate your guests’ seats! Go for the baby’s breath flowers which will be the allure of beauty of your open wedding. Baby’s breath has become the cliche of any decoration.
  • Saving Lantern Decoration: Never underestimate the decorative power of used lanterns! These will spread warmth and coziness in your backyard. It will bring glamour to the budget.

Home Backyard Wedding Ideas

Outdoor weddings are very common, especially for spring and summer when venues tend to be reserved anyway. Here are some tips for a lovely celebration.

  • Setting Up A Spring Garden: If your wedding is in the spring and you have plenty of time to prepare, consider planting a garden and decorative plants. Make a map of your backyard and design a garden layout.
  • Create A Hot Hawaiian Luau: That backyard turns into a tropical paradise with a Hawaiian luau theme. Hold the ceremony and reception in the evening during the warm months. The bride can walk down the aisle in a light summer decorative wrap with a bouquet of tropical flowers such as birds of paradise, hibiscus, and ginger.
  • Backyard BBQ Wedding: Get tons of guests to show up at your backyard wedding with a barbecue theme. Make this casual or formal. However, when it’s informal, there is less chance of ruining pretty clothes with barbecue sauce. Have a local caterer or barbecue restaurant, set up a great smoker grill, and start cooking. Bring in rows of picnic tables with checkerboard tablecloths.
  • Simple, Classic Ceremony: It is possible to have a traditional wedding in the backyard. You will need white folding chairs, red outdoor rugs, a lattice arch, small tables, and many pastel and white colors. Prevent grass stains by shortening the wedding dress shirt just above the ankle.

Backyard weddings started as a way to manage wedding costs but have evolved to become a trend so strong that even celebrities are opting for cute backyard weddings. Depending on your budget, the size of the guest list, and the space in your backyard, you can have as low-key or as fancy an affair as you please. Popular backyard wedding ideas include a lot of DIY stuff, a rustic or garden theme, and plenty of great lighting and aesthetic yet simple decor to set the mood and tone for the event. Take care of seating, a tent for getting out of the sun or rain, and food, and take inspiration from the ideas in this post to have a beautiful and memorable backyard wedding in half the cost and twice the comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • The backyard is a budget-friendly venue for wedding receptions, especially if you want them to be simple.
  • Do not leave everything until the last minute. Instead, have a proper plan and execute it perfectly.
  • Make the best use of the little plants in your backyard for decoration. Take special care of lighting.

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