Bad Friends Quotes: Tonic For Toxic People!

Written by Sushmita Barman

Sometimes we blindly trust people who turn their back on us when we need them or act in a way that completely disappoints us. If this is your case, it is natural that you will feel very disappointed, and you would be curious to know why they behaved with you in such an unacceptable manner. So basically, you have two ways out: either you go your direction as if you never met that bad friend or you tell them that you don’t want to be with them for the rest of your life. You can use these bad friends quotes in the way you deem most convenient for the same. This will answer your thousands of whys in your mind and help you speak your heart out while you get rid of that toxic human who claimed to be your best bud!

Best Bad Friends Quotes

Over time, people can surprise you by not being what you expected. Friendship does not emerge overnight; it is like a good dish that is simmered and requires time, affection, trust, and patience. However, it also requires accepting each other’s shortcomings, something that often leads to trouble between the greatest of friends. If you have ever lost someone you trust, you will know that friendship is not always what it seems and that sometimes you are disappointed by those you thought you knew better. If you have someone in mind and you think that that person’s friendship has been a sham, then these best quotes on bad friends that we bring to you are ideal for you. Find these quotes about moving on from bad friends below and dedicate them to those who claimed to be your companions for life.

Best Bad Friends Quotes


Selfish Bad Friends Quotes

  • Selfishness is the poverty of soul and mind. You are no less than a toxic inferior.
  • You are a selfish bad friend who is not even capable of loving yourself; leave about adoring me!
  • I can’t find words to describe this immense pain that I carry in my chest because of the way you have acted with me.
  • I never thought you would do this to me; I never thought you would fail me. I considered you more than a friend; I considered you a sister/brother.
  • I thought that you were my only friend who knew me through and through! Little did I know that you are actually my enemy disguised as my companion! You were always selfish, but I only overlooked it. I shouldn’t have.
  • I hope that time takes care of giving you what you deserve because the saying goes well, “you reap what you sow.”
  • I am going to stop completing my collection of false, bad, and hypocritical friends. But, actually, you were the whole collection.
  • I was always there for you through thick and thin. But when I needed you the most, you only isolated me without a second thought. I wish I knew you were gonna betray me before.

Quotes About Bad Friends and Moving On

  • Maybe it was my fault for trusting you so much. Thank you for this life lesson; I have learned my part.
  • I don’t understand it, but I hope that one day you will tell me. If you are willing to rectify this, then I will excuse you.
  • It’s amazing how people you considered your friends from one day become your enemies the next. We should consider it as part of our history.
  • We all have that friend who is bothered by our brightness and does everything possible to turn off our light. I say to them, “Walk in my shadow.”
  • How funny are those foes that we have as friends! They disappear when we need them, but they show up when they need you.
  • I told you to stop following trends, but you ignored me. It seems that now the new trend is to be fake, and you are being the best at it.
  • I don’t think anyone taught you that true friends speak the truth from the front, not from behind.
  • Why are you writing to me? I thought it only existed for you when you needed something.

Quotes About Friends Who Are A Bad Influence

  • You grow when you realize that the most poisonous people for you are in your family and your group of friends.
  • Some people are so rotten inside that they cannot hide the stench. So they spread their negativity.
  • It is not about doing wrong things, but it is more of wrongly stopping me every time to climb the life ladder that leads to my success.
  • There are many false friends in the world; before pointing them out, make sure you are not the one.
  • Some fake ones will stab you in the back and then ask you in surprise why you bleed.
  • Ask yourself. Have you ever tried to motivate or inspire rather than loitering around and discouraging someone?
  • It is not that you are bad or hypocritical; it is that you never understood the whole concept of being a real person. You live in a lie.

Goodbye Bad Friend Quotes

  • The difference between a true friend and a false one is a “goodbye”. It’s tough to mention to one and painless to another.
  • We all have toxic people close by; learn to identify them to keep them out of your life and say goodbye as soon as possible.
  • A friend who forgets you in their good times cannot hope to find them in your bad times.
  • I toast to all those people who expect me to go wrong and instead suffer when I succeed and achieve my goals.
  • Adieu, my frenemy! I hope we never cross our paths ever!
  • I couldn’t let you poison my life anymore. Letting you go was my only option.
  • I thought you were my most precious pal. But I was wrong. Goodbye!

Karma Quotes for Bad Friends

  • When you love others, life provides you the tenderness that you need to keep your body and mind together. And betraying someone would do the exact opposite.
  • “Everything returns multiplied”- both your good and bad deeds.
  • Worry about what you are going to receive after all your toxic activities.
  • Those who have let others suffer from resentment will never find peace.
  • Like gravity, karma is so basic that we won’t know when it will hit us bad!
  • Karma, when well understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests. Hope you come across it one day.

Quotes About Leaving Bad Friends Behind

  • If one day you regret what you did to me, talking behind my back and lying to me, calm down; I already forgave you, but don’t expect me to be so ignorant as to wait for you with open arms.
  • I want you to know that even if you are no longer my friend, I will wish you the best wherever you go, even when you choose the path of falsehood. Drop it as soon as you can because the friends you make from now on will not be true.
  • Friendship is something that I have always considered sacred. Getting true friends was always my north; finding false ones like you was only a consequence. Thank you for teaching me what I must not allow my future friends to have: Hypocrisy, falsehood, and envy.
  • It is a pity that our friendship was only an illusion, a delusion of my heart that did not want to feel alone. You broke my love, don’t expect that I would go back and find it, for I’m not a hypocrite like you.
  • Don’t be sad about the end of our friendship; I’ve had enough of your actions. And even if you really think we can rekindle, I can’t trust you again. You may go out and look for a new best friend because, with me, you will not be able to tell more.
  • It’s strange how some people claim to be your friends when they only look at you out of interest.
  • The journey of life is hard to walk with the people who can’t tolerate seeing you climb leathers. So, it’s better to walk alone.

So, folks, have you found your most sought-after bad friends quotes in this article? I hope you all have. And whether they are liars, traitors, or envious ex-friends, I hope you have found the most suitable words to dedicate to these people who make your life toxic. It is always better if these fake friends know that you do not want them around anymore, even before the end of your friendship. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make use of these aforementioned quotes that will add more emotions and feelings to your one last message.

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