Barn Wedding Ideas For Your D-Day To Stand Out

Get inspired by these elegant ideas to add your personal touch to your barn wedding.

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If you remember that fundraiser barn party organized in “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, “Gorgeous” and “Comfy” are all you can hear the moment you think about it. The dim outdoor lighting, the decor, the country music….sometimes, this is ALL we want after dealing with the hustle and bustle of modern life. Okay, now think about some barn wedding ideas and imagine your dream wedding in that warm set of the movie, witnessed by your kith and kins. Imagine saying your “I do” with an ambiance like that one. Sure, it sounds like a fairytale. And this is precisely why we have come up with an amazing roundup of elegant barn wedding ideas for you to make your dream come true. From rustic barn wedding reception ideas to barn theme wedding ideas, we have covered it all. And, yes, we have some amazing wedding menu ideas too. All you have to do is, scroll down and find your inspo. So, go on! Give this piece a read ASAP!

Unique Barn Wedding Ideas

Below, we have categorized our ideas as per the most common requirements. So, now read on to find your pick.

Barn Wedding Decoration Ideas

To fill up your wedding space with country-flavored items, you can try out these amazing decor ideas. You will also find some DIY barn wedding ideas here.

  •  Cute Bunting Decorations: It turns out, bunting will never go out of style. This is great because these timeless festive decor items made of paper, fabric, plastic, or cardboard just take the whole event to the next level instantly. You can go with one color while picking these strings or choose colorful ones or grab those that coordinate well with the entire wedding decoration. They will never fail to impress ya no matter what.
Amazing cute bunting decorations for barn wedding
Image: Shutterstock
  •  Float Them Candles: Walking down the aisle that’s lit with floating candles is totally like living a fairytale. DIY some beautiful floating candle votives, place them on the aisle, and let the magic happen. You can also throw some flower petals around those candles for extra charm. But make sure that you and your guests are careful while being near them because you don’t want to play with fire.
  • DIY Firefly Decor: Take mason jars and purchase small-oval LED lights (available in craft stores), tie a shimmering ribbon around the LED, and cut it to look like wings. Tie a string around the LED and take it to the inside of the jar’s lid to create the effects of capturing fireflies. Place on tables and hang around the room for a dreamy night surrounded by curious fireflies.
  •  Say “Yes” To Balloons: Obviously, you can never say “No” to balloons when you are doing a cute wedding decoration. You just have to have them. All white looks great, by the way. You can still go for other colors. But make sure they are large in size. Hang them on the ceiling above all the dining tables to give them all the focus. We love it!
Balloon decoration for barn wedding
Image: Shutterstock
  •  Vintage Chair Covers: If you want your wedding to scream “Vintage”, cover your chairs with some vintage fabric covers. We cannot emphasize enough how super classic and super gorgeous they look. You can transform the most basic-looking chairs into something so exotic with some mere vintage fabrics.

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

The fact that it is a barn wedding itself gives us that rustic vibe. And to emphasize the simple and pleasing vibes, we have curated some barn-style wedding ideas that will give you that rustic feeling. Let us check them out, then.

  •  Drapes For The Entrance: Set the theme right from the beginning by wowing your guests with some whimsical drapery. Leave the barn doors open and hang some soft and loose fabric as curtains at the entry. Choose some subtle colors like blush pink or pastel blue to allow the air to speak of romance throughout the event.
Drapes for the entrance to the barn wedding
Image: Shutterstock
  •  Glitter Bottles As Center: You can never say “No” to these cute glitter bottles when you lay your eyes on them. They are charming and just give more oomph to the whole rustic vibe. So, get some of those in different glitter colors and use them as your table centerpieces.
  •  Burlap As Chair Bow: Burlap can never be missing at your barn wedding. They are perfect for a rustic look. Get some scraps of this fabric to convert them into cute bows to be tied behind the chairs. Cute!
  •  Tie-dye Tablecloth: With tie-dye making a comeback, you can never go wrong with it. So, if you are looking for decorating ideas for a barn wedding reception, then this is it. Give your tables that chic look by covering them with some tie-dye fabric.
  •  Ladder Display: Believe me when we say this: Ladders are undoubtedly useful, AND they are good bohemian decor items! Perfect combo! Colored or not, use them as displays at the barn. You can decorate them with twines or fairy lights too!

protip_icon Quick Tip
Set up citronella candles around the perimeter of the barn wedding venue to prevent bug bites. You may also put together small baskets filled with bug spray in the bathrooms or near the entrance for the guests.

Barn Wedding Shower Ideas

Now, for your wedding shower, which involves showering the would-be couple with immense love and definitely some pretty gifts, a barn setting works wonders too. Keeping this in mind, we have incorporated some smart ideas that you must try. Find them below.

  •  Brown Invites: Brown is THE color for a barn wedding function. So, send your handmade wedding shower invitations that are in brown. The content written on them can be in white as this color goes so well with brown. The color combination will also make the cards look calm and pretty.
  •  Heart Embroidered Table Runners: Think about it— tables covered with runners that have cute little hearts embroidered on them! Super cute! And if you want to bring in the romance more, try the red and white color combination. This also reminds us of Valentine’s day, where these are the go-to colors for decor, gifts, and attires!
  •  Wooden Centerpieces: Raw wood for table decoration is nearly a must for its shabby chic appearance because we cannot deny how cute they look despite being rough. A rough wooden flower holder filled with exotic flowers…what else can we ask for?
Wooden centerpieces for barn wedding decor
Image: Shutterstock
  •  Mason Jars: A barn wedding shower without mason jars? Nope! Not happening. These cute containers make the best glassware. Period! You can use them for shower cocktails or ice teas. You gotta have them, my friend!

Barn Wedding Food Ideas

Now, this is the most-awaited segment: Food! Don’t you think, peeps? The food you offer should reflect the barn theme, and your guests need to feel really satisfied after they are done celebrating your day. So getting the best food menu ready here will require good prior planning. Don’t you worry! We are here to help you with this too. Read our ideas mentioned below to find out what we have in store for you!

  •  Comfort Food: Comfort food in a comfortable setting like the barn just sounds perfect. It goes well with everybody too. Vegans especially love them. Plus, folks who are into gluten-free diets will love them too. And the kids that are going to be frolicking everywhere at the venue are going to love you for offering them hamburgers and Mac-and-cheese! Awesome, then! Comfort classics it is!
  •  Seasonal Food: You are definitely doing that country style when you are planning to have your wedding at the barn. So look for food items that are grown locally and are seasonal to bring to life that most sought-after farm and homey atmosphere—corn and peaches for August weddings and root veggies during January. Carrots, parsnips, and beets are all we think about for the Jan wedding. Hence, based on the season you are planning to do the wedding in, seek those local and seasonal food items to incorporate into the wedding food recipes.
Seasonal food at a barn wedding
Image: Shutterstock
  •  Ranch-inspired Feast: A hearty meal that is ranch-inspired will give you that perfect country vibe. These wedding plates are all about meatballs, ribs, and potatoes in abundance. Add some miniature versions of sloppy joes and hamburger sliders too. And don’t forget the BBQ! Your guests are gonna thank you for this!
  •  What’s For Dessert? The wedding cake is a must anyways. But since it’s a barn wedding cake, you can decorate it with twine and place it on a nice rustic cake stand. Oh, such a sight it is going to be! And when you want to go entirely out of this world, then try s’mores which are made in the wood-fired oven. You can have an ice cream sundae bar if you have chosen the summertime for your wedding.

A barn wedding offers a rustic and charming setting, and choosing the right dress for it is important. Scroll down to the next section for some inspiration.

Barn Wedding Dress Ideas

If you are searching for the perfect wedding dress for your rustic barn wedding, here are some bridal trends to consider:

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style
Image: Shutterstock

Consider a flowy, bohemian-style dress with bell sleeves. This style complements the relaxed and natural atmosphere of a barn wedding.

Lace Dress

Lace Dress
Image: Shutterstock

Lace is a classic choice for a barn wedding. Opt for a gown with intricate lace patterns that evoke a vintage, country vibe. You can pair it up with a tiara.

Colored Dress

Colored Dress
Image: Shutterstock

While white is traditional, you might also opt for other subtle colors such as light blue and blush. This helps add a unique twist to your wedding dress.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Assign a dress code for the barn wedding based on the climate. This will make the guests more comfortable no matter what the weather is like.

There you go, folks. The best ideas for your romantic barn wedding are with you now. Try the ones you like the most, and that you are comfy with. You can also add your own natural touch to our ideas to make them more personalized. Because it’s your day, and it should clearly bring your persona better! But make sure to do your merrimaking to the fullest without causing any distress to anyone. Now immerse yourself into the barn wedding plans quickly before you announce, “Let the celebration begin!” Happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors look good for a barn wedding?

Rustic or fall colors, like shades of green, brown, and red, are a great choice for a barn wedding.

How do I make my barn wedding elegant?

A barn wedding can be made to look elegant with creative decor using satin drapes, florals in complementary colors, and warm lighting.

What is the proper attire for a barn wedding?

If the couple has not insisted on a dress code, a semi-formal look in fall colors will look great. In the summers, you may opt for a frilly skirt with a light shirt or a sundress. In winter, put on a monochrome dress with a smart blazer or a coat in a solid color.

Key Takeaways

    • You can brighten your barn wedding with vibrant and colorful buntings, floating candles, and big balloons. You can also use vintage chair covers to bring some extra spice.
    • Another way to bring your rustic barn wedding come to life is by decorating it with some whimsical drapery, glitter bottles, burlap as chair bows, tie-dye tablecloths, and a ladder display.
    • Comfort country-style food is all you need at your perfect barn wedding. You can look for foods that are locally grown, such as peaches and corn for August weddings and carrots, parsnips, beetroot, and other root veggies for one in January.
    • If you have a barn wedding shower, then you can jazz it up with brown invites, heart-embroidered table runners, wooden centerpieces, and mason jars.
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Get inspired for your special day with these unique and creative ideas and make your D-day multiple times memorable! Check out the video below for 20 amazing barn wedding ideas.
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