Funny And Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

Let her imagination run wild as you spin an adventurous and romantic tale of epic proportions.

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Bedtime stories have been part of our lives, and everyone loves them irrespective of their age. If you are involved in a long-distance relationship, your girlfriend may want to hear your voice very fondly. Bedtime stories for your girlfriend are the perfect choice to create some fun and make some memories. Many people love to listen to some story while sleeping, and more so from their loved ones. Such stories help you fill the gap in your long-distance relationship. They also help you improve your bond. Nothing can match your soothing voice, which also can calm your girlfriend’s mind after a restless day.

Check out our romantic, short, and funny bedtime stories for your girlfriend and rekindle your love once again. We also discuss the various tricks you can use to share these bedtime stories.

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

They say romance tends to fade away with passing time and distance. However, there is always a little girl inside every woman who is waiting for her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet with fairytales and to rekindle the love and romance that is lost. The next few short romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend will definitely strengthen your relationship and spark intimacy.

1. Blind Sight

Story of unconditional love perfect for girlfriend

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Once upon a time, a blind girl was deeply in love with a man. The man cared immensely for the girl, and in return, she felt grateful to be loved unconditionally, despite all her imperfections.

So, one fine day, she expressed her wish to see her beloved, the man who loved and cared for her so deeply. The man assured her that the day would come soon.

Without the girl’s knowledge, the boy donated one of his eyes to the girl, letting her see and experience the beautiful world and meet the love of her life. Although the man was no Prince Charming, he had a gem of a heart.

She realized he was blind in one eye and loved him still, without any conditions. However, she never knew he was the donor of her eye. And just like they say, love needs no sight and no language. It is unconditional if it is pure.

2. Modern Love

Story of a pink envelope that reignited intimacy between a couple

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After all the years of marriage, love had taken a backseat for Sujoth. Candlelight dinners for him with Anusha had turned into business meetings, while late-night walks turned into long corporate parties. Long phone calls were a thing of the past now, and gifts were no longer a ritual. Even buying gifts for her on anniversaries felt like a task that was not worthwhile.

While Sujoth was busy working day and night, Anusha often tried to express her feelings to keep the love alive. He shut her up with just one line: “Everything I do is for us, darling.” So, she kept quiet.

Once, Sujoth had to go to the Netherlands for a business trip, and his parents had traveled all the way from their hometown to meet him, but he didn’t spare even five minutes to speak to them. However, it was nothing new to Anusha, who packed his suitcase and was smiling by the door.

After checking into the hotel, Sujoth wanted to prepare for his presentation and was looking for an important file. He knew that Anusha never missed out on keeping his important stuff. After a lot of searching, he did find the file. However, there was a pink envelope tucked inside the file. An envelope that they used to exchange before getting married.

In the envelope was their family photo with each of them happy and smiling. It took him back in time. It also had a greeting card that read, “Miss you, my teddy bear.” On his way back home, he bought a pair of diamond earrings for her, something solely for her, after years. After all, the love was never lost between them, just hidden. Hence, these little expressions to show your love from time to time are needed.

Quick Tip
Love demands a few sacrifices now and then. However, avoid stories that paint the picture of an ideal, devoted partner making constant sacrifices. It may lead to unhealthy expectations.

Short And Funny Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

You do not always require romance to cherish your relationship. A partner is always a best friend first – a best friend with whom you can have fun and share crazy memories while being madly in love with each other. These short and funny bedtime stories will bring a smile to your beautiful girlfriend’s face.

1. Drunk In Love

Some stories for girlfriend can showcase your loyalty

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One day, a girl had to pick her boyfriend up from the bar. He was very wasted, and her anger upon seeing him in such a condition was justified. However, she had no choice but to drop him home.

On their way back to their apartment, he kept on murmuring, blabbering, and singing random songs. Finally, she somehow dragged him up to his apartment and put him to bed.

He would sleep more soundly and comfortably in his cozy pajamas, so she wanted to change his clothes. Before she could complete her task, he pushed her away, screaming, “Stay away from me, you lady! I have a beautiful girlfriend whom I love way too much. Don’t you ever think of coming close to me or touching me.”

The girlfriend couldn’t resist anymore and started laughing. She kissed him goodnight and went to sleep.

2. A Fight To Remember

Funny stories for girlfriend can be a stressbuster

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One day, a couple had one of their worst fights ever. Each one of them kept calling the other out for some or the other past mistake. At one point, the husband became quiet and said nothing.

This made the wife furious, and she started packing his bags and asked him to leave. But, alas, the husband still stayed quiet. To which, the wife shouted, “May you always suffer in pain throughout your life.”

The husband burst into laughter, saying, “It seems you want me to stay with you then. Alright! I shall take that punishment.” The wife couldn’t hold back her laughter, and both of them hugged each other.

Finding the perfect bedtime store is absolutely crucial as it can make or break your girlfriend’s mood. Learn how to pick the best bedtime story for her in the next section.

Finding The Perfect Bedtime Story For Your Girlfriend

There are plenty of bedtime stories that you can tell your girlfriend. But, while any bedtime story lulled in her man’s voice may sound perfect to your lady love, not every story will convey the right amount of love and warmth. Moreover, every situation demands a different bedtime story to be told.

For example, if your girlfriend loves mystery or action stories, you could pick up a horror or thriller short story to tell her. If she is feeling low, you can tell her a cute and funny bedtime story to cheer her up. If you are miles away and missing her, counting down the days till you meet each other again, a romantic bedtime story will do the job. Hence, understand your girlfriend’s mood, analyze the situation your relationship is currently going through, and then pick the best bedtime story for your girlfriend.

Quick Tip
Fairy tales can never go wrong! If your girlfriend has more modern ideals, find modern retellings of fairy tales that will surely lift her spirits.

Listed below are some tips and tricks for telling bedtime stories in the best way possible. Check them out!

Tips And Tricks For Telling A Good Bedtime Story

Engaging bedtime stories can be a fun tradition

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  • Understand your girlfriend’s mood. Knowing what she is going through personally and professionally can help determine her mood. Figuring out if she is low, stressed, anxious, or happy can bring you a step closer to finding the perfect bedtime story for your girlfriend.
  • Know what your relationship demands currently. If your relationship is going through a rough patch, tell her a love story filled with hope. If you are having a naughty and intimate conversation, a short and exciting bedtime story can spark things up. Knowing where your relationship is headed is an important step to finding the right bedtime story.
  • Follow a relaxing bedtime routine. Set a particular time to go to bed. Light up some scented candles or put out some potpourri to uplift the ambiance of the room. Talk to your partner about their day and tell them about yours. Cuddle up under a blanket while telling a bedtime story to your girlfriend.
Quick Tip
If your girlfriend is going through a difficult time, bring her favorite snacks for the storytelling session. Cheer her up with comforting words and her comfort flavors.

Infographic: How To Make Up A Good Bedtime Short Story Quickly

You may not always have a storybook handy or a story fresh in your mind when your girlfriend requests a story session with puppy eyes and a longing expression. It is better to promptly cook up a story and indulge her than to deny the request. Check out the infographic to get some practical pointers on how to make a story easily and quickly.

how to make up a good bedtime short story quickly (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Everybody loves listening to bedtime stories from their loved ones, irrespective of their age. Sharing romantic and funny bedtime stories with your girlfriend can improve and strengthen the bond between you two. However, it is important to understand your girlfriend’s mood before telling them a bedtime story. If she is feeling stressed and low, telling them a funny or a hopeful story can uplift her mood and bring a smile to her face in a matter of minutes. Create a relaxing bedtime routine and cozy up under your blanket to share some laughs, love, and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bedtime stories good for adults?

Yes, bedtime stories are a fun way to unwind after a long or stressful day. Some people even believe that these stories can affect the dreams you have as you sleep and improve your mood.

What is the best bedtime story for adults?

Unlike with kids, no topics are off-limits with adults when it comes to bedtime stories. So, you can make your bedtime story adventurous, thrilling, and even naughty. Think of it like writing a fictional story.

At what age do you stop reading bedtime stories?

Most parents stop reading bedtime stories to their children around the age of 8-10 years. But if you like reading bedtime stories, you should continue reading them as they are a great way to unwind and get creative. They may also put you to sleep quicker.

Are bedtime stories important?

Parents reading bedtime stories to their children can help strengthen their bond. These stories may also determine the dreams your child has. They can reduce children’s anxiety or stress and may also help improve your child’s reading capabilities.

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