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5 Benefits And 3 Side Effects Of Kratom

5 Benefits And 3 Side Effects Of Kratom October 24, 2017

Ever heard of a drug that could benefit you and also can be harmful at the same time? If not, then you definitely have to read this post. Kratom is not just a capsule for dealing with health problems; it is also extremely dangerous and detrimental to your health.

To learn more, keep reading the post. You will be benefitted.

What Is Kratom?

Recently arrived in America, Kratom has become quite popular these days. It was used in South East Asia earlier but is now used as a sedative. Kratom is basically the name of a tree. Its leaves are used for a large number of purposes. The drug is, however, purchased in the form of capsules filled with powdered leaves. It could be chopped too for use in tea or smoking. Kratom is known as a safe drug to most, and is not illegal yet. It comes with both benefits and side effects.

Following are the benefits of Kratom:

1. Uplifts Your Spirits:

Kratom is best known for boosting your mood. It gives you that euphoric and happy feeling, and stimulates a sense of satisfaction. One dose can remove all negative emotions and put you in a peaceful state of mind.

2. Boosts Energy:

Kratom boosts energy too. Add some chopped leaves to your cup of tea in order to feel refreshed and enthused. It reduces restlessness and elevates your heart rate. Several research studies have stated that Kratom boosts your cerebral energy where you begin to feel that your mind is clear. It also allows you to focus better and balances your emotions.

3. Concentration:

With Kratom, you can concentrate better too. It fights brain fog and boosts mental energy. Students have often said they were able to pay attention in class without feeling distracted. On the other hand, husbands have said they could listen to what their wives were saying with full attention.

4. Fights Stress:

Kratom fights anxiety and stress like a pro. It acts as a sedative, cools you down and helps you achieve that calm and quiet state of mind you always look forward to. Kratom supplements help ease nervousness and physical tension as well.

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5. Health Support System:

Kratom is your health support system too. The leaves are used to treat muscle pain, infections in your intestine, coughing and diarrhea (1).

Side Effects:

The side effects of Kratom are plenty. Daily usage could be harmful to health.

1. Weight Loss:

If you have been using Kratom for a very long period, there are chances of developing anorexia (2). Anorexia is a condition where your appetite is significantly reduced. This leads to unhealthy weight loss.

2. Insomnia:

Another side effect that comes with Kratom is insomnia (3). This also occurs when you’ve been using drugs for a long period. Insomnia is a condition where the person affected is unable to sleep at night. It causes you to stay awake without any reason.

3. Frequent Urination:

Frequent urination and increased urination are both the short and long-term effects of using Kratom.

Other side effects include:

  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Nauseous feeling
  • Paranoia
  • Aggressive behaviour

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If you are addicted to Kratom, you could be prone to the following:

  • Darkening of skin
  • Constant cravings towards drugs
  • Loss of libido

It is best to limit your intake of Kratom in order to prevent the harmful side effects. Prolonged consumption is never good for your health. So, it is always important to be mindful.

How did you like this post? Were you aware of Kratom before? Let us know in the comment box below.

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