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10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Neroli Oil

10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Neroli Oil August 29, 2018

Did you ever use neroli oil? If not, then it’s high time you start using it if you don’t want to miss out on one of the greatest benefits nature can offer. This is because neroli oil has been long used in aromatherapy and other skin treatments. This oil is extracted from the goodness of oranges and plays an important role when you want to take control of your skin and health.

Thinking how you can put this oil to use for a sound skin and health?

Here’s how – the ultimate benefits you can get from neroli oil!

1. Adieu To Acne:

The pink and blue moments of teenagers and the youth happen to be those dreadful acne and pimples. In fact, these troublesome things put down one’s self-confidence many times.

This is when you must try Neroli’s miracle. Apply a few drops of neroli oil on the affected area for a couple of days. Ensure you have cleansed your face thoroughly before you apply this oil. You’ll find flawless skin within two weeks!

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2. Make Your Bath Beautiful:

If you are looking to relax and calm your senses from the comfort of your home, add a few drops of neroli oil into your bathing water. After the bath, you will feel so calm, composed, peaceful and relaxed like you just stepped out of a rejuvenating body spa!

3. Shield Your Skin:

Here is a miraculous benefit of neroli oil for skin. If you suffer from excessive dryness on your facial skin, or if you are recovering from a burn or wound on your face, then neroli is the best go-to for help. You can use 1-2 drops of neroli oil in your face packs or use it in your night care moisturizer.

4. Blend It Up:

All you will have to do is, pump up some moisturizer in your palm, add 1-2 drops of neroli oil into the cream/lotion, blend it well and then use it on your face. You will have a supple and healthy skin to look at by the next morning. Your burn marks/scars will also vanish in no time with the continuous use of this oil.

5. The Constant Help To “Those 3 Days”:

Neroli oil has an amazing effect on menstrual cramps and abdominal pain. Massaging your abdomen with this oil, followed by a warm shower will provide immense relaxation and relief during your periods.

6. Keep Smelling Fresh:

If all your deodorants and perfumes have miserably failed on you and you are still seeking a solution to keep smelling fresh; your search will end with neroli. You could use neroli as a diffuser in your wardrobe or use a diluted form of neroli as a body spray.

Spray it on and around you and try walking into the fragrant air immediately.

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7. The Beautiful Feet:

The Japanese saying on beautiful feet and beautiful mind can be achieved with neroli oil. If you have cracked heels and dry feet, then give your feet the beauty dose. You could massage your cracked heels and feet with neroli and then opt to keep them immersed in a tub of warm water for maximized effects.

8. Eliminate Those Stretch Marks:

Neroli oil is a natural cure for stretch marks. You can get rid of all those ugly scarring and give your skin a whole new dose of rejuvenation. Applying neroli oil directly on those stretch scars before bedtime can do wonders. It will lighten those scars and give you a smooth skin you can be proud of!

9. Fade Away Those Greys:

If you or your close one is suffering from premature ageing, then neroli oil should be your wise choice. You can mix 1-2 drops of concentrated neroli oil and 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil, warm both and apply the mixture to your scalp for maximum benefits.

10. Get Rid Of Those Hair Problems:

If you have split ends, hair fall, knits and lice, etc. then rub your scalp with a medium-diluted version of neroli oil and massage. Then wash off your hair with warm water that’s mixed up with the same oil and you’ll find immediate results.

Now that you have understood the neroli oil benefits, you won’t delay using it, would you?! If you are aware of any other benefits of neroli oil, do share with us in the comments section!

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