8 Important Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

You won't be able to resist having water on an empty stomach after knowing its advantages.

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Drinking water regularly benefits your overall health and may help get rid of several issues in your body. Be it a headache, constipationi  XA condition characterized by slow, uncomfortable bowel motions or less than three bowel movements per week. , or dehydration, drinking water on an empty stomach has many benefits. Our body comprises 70 percent water, and keeping yourself hydrated is essential for regular bodily functions (1). Be it early in the morning or after an intense workout session, drinking water on an empty stomach will keep you healthy and glowing. Without water, our body can suffer through health issues later. In this article, we take a deeper look into some of the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach. Scroll down to read on.

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1. It Speeds Up Metabolism.

If you are on a diet, drinking water on an empty stomach can give your diet a boost as it can help raise the metabolic ratei  XThe quantity of energy measured in joules or calories that an animal uses during a given timeframe. by almost 30 percent (2). Speeding up the metabolism helps in the faster digestion of food, and this helps in losing weight in the long run. It is always preferred to drink at least four liters of water per day for best results.

2. It Boosts Your Immunity.

Drinking water on an empty stomach may boost immunity

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We are aware of the fact that water is essential for our overall health and wellness. What we also need to know is that water is necessary to maintain fluid balance in the body. Making it a habit of drinking water regularly on an empty stomach can prove to be beneficial for our immune system. This can help you fight off infections (3).

3. It Clears Your Bowels.

Drinking water on an empty stomach can assist in regulating the digestive tract. And when you drink a lot of water, you feel the urge to empty your bowels. Practicing this daily can help in regular bowel movements and also contributes to getting rid of waste from your body (1).  This way, you cleanse and detoxify your body. It also prevents bloating (1).

Getting rid of the accumulated sludge also enables faster absorption of nutrients. This results in a healthier colon and an overall healthy body (4).

4. It Prevents Migraine Attacks.

Did You Know?
Drinking water can relieve migraine and dehydration-related headaches within 30 minutes to 3 hours (1).

One of the primary reasons people suffer from frequent headaches and migrainei  XA pulsing, intermittent headache that usually affects one side of the head and is coupled with nausea and blurred vision. attacks is due to a lack of water in the body (1). Dehydration is the root cause of headaches, and drinking water at frequent intervals, especially on an empty stomach, can help get rid of headaches naturally (5). Not only this, but drinking sufficient water also helps in keeping oral or dental problems at bay.

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5. It Helps In Weight Loss.

Drinking more water while on a diet can help you lose weight fast as water has no calories at all, and drinking it at frequent intervals will help in keeping your stomach full. Also, it has no negative consequences. Since drinking a lot of water helps in speeding up the metabolism, it helps in burning calories faster (6).

6. It Subsides Your Hunger

Drinking water on an empty stomach fills up the stomach and subsides the feeling of hunger. According to research, pre-meal water ingestion may lower food intake and help in weight management (7).

7. It Clears The Complexion.

Drinking water on an empty stomach may give you clean and glowing skin

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Drinking plenty of water is the easiest way to get clear and glowing skin. Blemishes or dark patches are usually caused due to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Water can help remove these unwanted toxins from the body. Regular bowel movements also help in achieving clean and clear skin (8). Drinking water on an empty stomach can help in speeding up the process.

8. It Helps In Boosting Energy.

If you feel sleepy or sluggish, drinking water on an empty stomach can make you feel active instantly (9). It stimulates the red blood cells to grow faster, which results in more oxygen and energy.

In this way, drinking water on an empty stomach has numerous benefits.

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The Japanese were the first to introduce water therapy to the world, and they follow it religiously. They drink water immediately after waking up, and this therapy has been backed by various studies as well. Here is a proper tutorial on how you can follow water therapy.

  1. As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink a liter of water before brushing. If you’re a newbie, you can start with a smaller quantity.
  1. After drinking water, you can clean and brush your teeth. Avoid eating or drinking anything for around 45 minutes.
  1. After this, you can have your breakfast.
  1. After your regular meals, do not drink anything for two hours. Then, drink a liter of water again.

This helps you keep many diseases at bay, and you can notice new energy and freshness within a few days. Water therapy has the power to heal blood pressure, gastritisi  XA collective term for a number of ailments that cause the inflammation of the stomach lining. , constipation, and diabetes with no side effects at all.

Did You Know?
The effect of water on your heart rate and blood pressure levels occurs within 15-20 minutes of drinking and may last for 60 minutes (1).

Drinking water on an empty stomach is a habit that can fetch you all the above health benefits. It not only helps boost your immunity and detox your body but also helps in weight loss and prevents migraine attacks. While drinking a liter of water before brushing is advisable, you can start with smaller quantities and build up the habit gradually to see a notable difference in your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you not drink water?

It is important to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Hence, there is never a bad time to drink water. However, drinking excessive amounts of water right before going to bed can disrupt your sleep. So it is recommended to stop drinking water at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Is it better to sip or gulp water?

It is better to sip water. Sipping water slowly allows saliva, which is alkaline, to neutralize the acid levels in the stomach. This helps in digestion and flushes out toxins. However, gulping down water at once prevents the saliva from going down, possibly causing the impurities to settle in the kidneys and bladder.

Why do the Chinese drink hot water?

Ancient Chinese medicine claims that drinking hot or warm water balances the cold and humidity. It helps the digestive system function better and improves blood circulation and body detoxification.

Key Takeaways

  • A glass of water on an empty stomach has beneficial effects such as better digestion, optimum hydration, and enhanced metabolism.
  • It removes toxins from the body by boosting kidney function.
  • It prevents constipation by hydrating the colon and enhancing bowel movements.
  • Drinking a glass of water can improve the skin’s health and increase metabolism and energy levels.


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