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17 Amazing Benefits Of Ghee

17 Amazing Benefits Of Ghee Hyderabd040-395603080 May 27, 2019

Do you love ghee but are wary of the effects it may have on your health? Well, you need not worry any longer. Although ghee, or clarified butter, is unhealthy when you do not control the portions you consume, ‘pure ghee’ does come with a number of benefits that make it healthy.

Amazing Benefits Of Ghee

1. Low In Fat

If you have problems with cholesterol, ghee is a healthier option than butter as it is low in fat. It is also easier to digest because of this. Research has shown that ghee can reduce cholesterol in the intestine as well as the serum (1). If you are looking for a good source of healthy fats, ghee is your best option as it is almost made up of saturated fat.

2. Aids The Digestive System

Ghee is a rich source of butyric acid that is a short-chain fatty acid (2). This acid is connected to an immune response that can help in lowering inflammation and improving the digestive system. Ghee also aids in the stimulation of stomach acid secretion, which, in turn, helps with the proper digestion of food. It does not slow down digestion like other fats such as oils and butter do.

3. Strengthens The Immune System

Ghee also has a high content of antioxidants. It helps in increasing your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from other foods that you consume. This, in turn, keeps your immune system strong. Research has also shown that when butyric acid is adequately produced, killer T cell production in the gut is supported, and your immune system is strengthened. These T cells are mainly responsible for all the heavy work carried out by the immune system against allergens and foreign particles that enter our bodies. Fat soluble vitamins and minerals also boost our immunity, and ghee helps in the absorption of these nutrients in our body.

4. Provides Essential Vitamins

Ghee is rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, which are fat-soluble vitamins. They play an important role in the immune system functioning of the heart, brain, and bones. It also has loads of dietary fats that help your body absorb these essential vitamins and make use of them.

5. Has Anticancer And Anti-Inflammatory Properties

According to researchers, butyrate enemas and oral butyrate supplements can be used for the effective treatment of diseases that cause inflammation in the bowels, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease(3). Ghee is also naturally rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) if it is prepared from cows that are grass-fed.

Animal studies with CLA have shown improvement in insulin resistance and the potential to fight cancer. However, more research is required to understand this acid’s interaction with humans. Also, it is believed that a high concentration of butyric acid, which has anti-viral properties, can inhibit the development of cancerous tumors.

6. Does Not Cause Dairy Allergies

Ghee is produced from clarified butter, which means that it does not contain the milk solids or other impurities that dairy products have. Casein, which is the primary protein in milk, is present in very small amounts in ghee. It is also very low in lactose content. So, if you are lactose or casein intolerant, you do not have to worry as ghee will not cause any negative reactions.

7. Provides Essential Healthy Fats

Your body needs certain fats to make sure that vital functions can be performed. These functions include the protection of the stomach wall against digestive acids, supporting the brain, nerve, and skin health as well as building cell membranes and strengthening them. These benefits are provided by the fats in ghee without the hydrogenated oils, trans-fats or oxidized cholesterol that are found in butter and other oils.

8. Has A High Smoke Point

According to dieticians, ghee is a great medium for cooking, especially when it comes to frying foods (4). This is because of its high smoke point. Unlike the many cooking oils out there, it does not break down into harmful free radicals or generate toxic fumes under high temperatures. Its smoke point is close to 500 degrees Fahrenheit while that of ordinary butter is 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Helps In The Treatment Of Burns

Are you aware of ghee benefits for skin? Ghee is one of the most popular natural remedies for the treatment of burns. It is also widely used for treating swelling in different parts of the body. Apart from this, it can also be used to reduce inflammation on the skin by applying it to the affected area. If you suffer from severe dryness, ghee can also be used as a moisturizer for your skin as well as your scalp.

10. Free Of Impurities

Ghee is pure, which is why it is an excellent cooking medium. It does not contain salt or as mentioned earlier, any hydrogenated oils that are present in butter and many of the cooking oils in the market. You also do not have to worry about harmful preservatives or additives in ghee as it is completely free of them.

As you already know, it also does not contain trans-fats. Since it does not have any impurities, it is definitely a must-have in your kitchen.

11. Provides Energy

Ghee is a storehouse of energy with almost 470 KJ of energy per tablespoon. It has plenty of medium-chain fatty acids, which can be directly absorbed into the liver and burnt as energy. It can release energy even hours after consumption, which means athletes can benefit from it. Even if you eat a teaspoon of it before exercising, you will not feel depleted in the middle of your workout session. In fact, these medium chain fatty acids burn other fats too.

12. Is Beneficial For Skin

Daily consumption and application of ghee can be greatly beneficial to your skin.

  • Ghee is a good moisturizer – lightly massage your skin with ghee to get supple and soft skin in the winters.
  • Chapped lips? Smear a bit of ghee on your lips and get a luscious pout without using cosmetics.
  • Lack of sleep may be leaving panda-like dark circles around your eyes, but ghee will reduce them in no time. Apply it lightly around the eyes before going to sleep.
  • Burns or rashes heal quickly if you apply ghee as a salve.

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13. Improves Eyesight

Are you aware of the cow ghee benefits for eyes? Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal text, swears by ghee and its eyesight improvement properties. Eating ghee regularly can improve eyesight. If you have irritation in the eye, smear a bit of ghee under your eye. Although Ayurveda suggests pouring slightly warmed ghee gently on the opened eye, it is not advised, as the ghee you buy may have contamination and may further irritate or damage your eye.

14. Cures Cough

This is an old home remedy, and is quite effective too. You can either eat a teaspoon of warm ghee directly or make an herbal concoction.

  • Fry a small stick of cinnamon in ghee. Let it cool slightly, and then remove the stick and swallow it.
  • Ginger powder and cardamom fried in ghee can also benefit if you have mucus blocking your airway.
  • Make a paste of Tulsi or holy basil and warmed ghee. Swallow it to have immediate relief.

15. Relieves Constipation

Ghee is a good remedy for those who suffer from constipation. In ancient India, as directed by Ayurveda, ghee enemas were in vogue. However, you need not adopt such an intrusive measure to relieve yourself of constipation. Apart from increased intake of fiber, pregnant women are often suggested to take a glass of milk every night with a teaspoon of ghee. This can ease up constipation and also boost metabolism.

16. Cures Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction is a common disorder among middle-aged women. It can lead to hormonal upheaval in the body along with reproductive problems. Clarified butter or ghee contains no milk solids, and this dairy product is beneficial for those suffering from this unfortunate condition. The gastrointestinal tracts and the immune system, which are both compromised by an abnormal thyroid gland, are protected by ghee. Apart from that, thyroxin hormone is also regulated by chemicals present in ghee.

17. Positively Affects The Mind And Mood

Ghee is said to have a positive impact on our brains’ neurotransmitters, which in turn make us happier. Organic butter and ghee on some crackers will cheer you up not only because of its taste, but also because of its chemical composition that affects the hormonal system of the body.

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How To Use Ghee In Herbal Preparations

Ghee has always been used in herbal preparations in India. You can make your own medicated ghee by following this recipe:

  • Take about half a liter of ghee and heat in a heavy bottomed pan.
  • In a separate pan, heat another half liter of ghee along with cinnamon, powdered ginger, and cardamom. Let the spices splutter, but do not let the ghee burn.
  • Once the ghee is flavored intensely, add the other half and stir for a minute before straining the spices out.
  • Cool the ghee and use it as an herbal remedy for digestion, cough and cold or even constipation. In fact, apart from cooking, this herbal preparation is also good for most of the other uses.

Before indulging in ghee, it is important that you keep these points in mind:

  • Do not consume ghee if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or if you are overweight.
  • If you are obese, it is best to stay away from ghee completely.
  • The recommended daily amount of consumed fat is 10 – 15 grams per individual (5), so do not exceed this amount.

If you are health-conscious, ghee is a much healthier alternative to butter and many other oils that you use for cooking. Although it once had a reputation for being unhealthy, the truth about different oils and fats has been revealed by modern research. This is all about the amazing health benefits of ghee. So, we now know that ghee can be good for you as long as you keep an eye on how much you consume. You will be glad to know that ghee is a healthy fat that should definitely be a part of your kitchen!

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