Top 12 Benefits Of Gold For Skin Care

Learn how this precious metal can be used to improve your skin health.

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The benefits of gold in skincare wellness are many. Though using gold in skin care products has become popular only now, it has been used by Romans, Egyptians, and Japanese for ages to manage several skin conditions. Keep reading to know the top 12 benefits of gold in skin care. Scroll down.

protip_icon Know Your Ingredient: Gold

What Is It?
A precious metal with antioxidant and healing properties.

What Are Its Benefits?
May help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture, and soothe inflamed skin.

Who Can Use It?
Generally suitable for all skin types.

How Often?
In skincare products, 2–3 times per week.

People with a history of skin allergies should be cautious when using skincare products containing gold.

Benefits of Gold for Skin Care

Colloidal Gold is a suspension of gold nanoparticles in a fluid, usually water. Nanoparticle is a particle with a size ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers. Studies suggest that colloidal gold can penetrate deeper into the skin and act as a carrier for other active ingredients (1). It helps improve the efficacy of skin care products. Due to its soothing and rejuvenating properties, colloidal gold is the ideal skin care ingredient for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Medical studies suggest that gold nanoparticles can be used in the treatment of cancers and have been shown to accelerate the wound healing process (2). It is an excellent ingredient for improving firmness, cell renewal, and regeneration. And it adds a touch of luxury to your skin care regimen.

1. Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Spots Can Be Reduced

Woman worried about wrinkles and fine lines
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To have clear skin, free from wrinkles and spots, is every woman’s ultimate desire. Gold nanoparticles, along with ginseng extracts, have been found to have antioxidant properties that reduce wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and marks on the skin to make you look younger (3), (4).

2. Stimulates The Skin Cells

Woman with gold face pack
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The ions present in gold help in stimulating the cells, nerves, and veins in your body. This leads to improved blood circulation. This will increase the metabolism of skin cells and the secretion of the waste. Gold can help to stimulate the cells and give you healthy skin (5)..

protip_icon Trivia
According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, gold was a healing substance. Wearing a gold mask to sleep to enhance beauty was a ritual practiced by Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

3. Premature Aging Of The Skin Can Be Prevented

Woman with premature skin aging
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Dryness of skin can lead to premature aging. The use of gold can reduce the dryness of the skin and help in increasing the metabolic rate. This would prevent the skin from premature aging.

4. Gold Can Lighten The Complexion

As we recollect history, it was rumored that one of the beauty regimes that Cleopatra followed was the use of gold. Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to enhance her complexion and keep her skin youthful, glowing and beautiful (4).

5. Collagen Depletion Is Slowed Down

Woman with gold facial serum
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Collagen is naturally produced in your body which keeps the body flexible. It is responsible for giving smooth skin and shining hair. The collagen level in the body starts depleting from the age of 25 and this is when you notice the changes on your skin. Skin care with gold can slow down the depletion of collagen level in your skin cells (6).

protip_icon Trivia
Gold was known as an anxiety reducer and treatment for nervous disorders in the 19th century. It was widely used to treat alcoholism, migraines, epilepsyi  A central nervous system disorder that causes seizures or periods of unusual behavior due to abnormal brain activity. , depression, and other conditions.

6. Sun Damage Can Be Treated

We all are very concerned about our skin getting tanned under the sun. The production of melanini  A pigment produced by melanocytes (cells responsible for pigmentation) found in the epidermis (outer layer of the skin’s surface). or black pigment in the skin is responsible for tanning the skin when exposed to sunlight. The production of melanini  A pigment produced by melanocytes (cells responsible for pigmentation) found in the epidermis (outer layer of the skin’s surface). in the body can be reduced with the use of gold (2), (7).

7. Allergies Can Be Treated

Egyptians believed that gold has medicinal properties that can help in healing a few diseases. The antioxidant properties present in gold helps in increasing blood circulation which leads to a reduction in acne and other skin allergies (7).

8. Inflammation Can Be Treated:

Gold is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties that help oxygen to enter into the skin for renewal of the cells. This helps in treating ulcers and other inflammatory disorders of the skin. It is also known to rejuvenate your skin (8).

9. Elasticity Of The Skin Can Be Increased:

Woman showin elasticity of the skin
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Skin tends to sag when its elasticity decreases or is completely lost. The use of gold can reduce the breakdown of elastini  A protein that lends elasticity and resilience to tissues and is a key component of the extracellular matrix. and restore the elasticity of the tissues. This will further prevent the skin from sagging. Gold increases the elasticity of the skin, thus making it firm and toned (9).

10. Glowing Skin:

Gold helps in improving blood circulation, hence it helps hydrate and maintains the skin’s moisture level. The small particles of gold get absorbed into the skin imparting a rich glow. This makes the skin healthy, fresh, and radiant (4).

11. Detoxifies The Skin

Colloidal gold is also used for skin detoxification. While no scientific research can back this claim, anecdotal evidence suggests that its antioxidant properties help protect the skin from free radical damage and boost cell activity. It is claimed to remove impurities from the skin, thereby offering flawless skin and natural radiance. It is also believed to exhibit healing and anti-inflammatory effects that combat the premature signs of aging like hyperpigmentation and age spots.

12. Soothes Dry And Irritated Skin

Gold’s anti-inflammatory properties are said to aid in soothing irritated skin and help in providing relief from rashes and inflammation. It also may have antibacterial properties that keep skin infections at bay. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the same.

Gold not only gives a beautiful, glowing, and youthful skin but is also beneficial in many ways. It slows down collagen depletion, increases skin’s elasticity, lightens the skin’s complexion, stimulates the cells makes the skin firm, improves blood circulation, and prevents premature aging, wrinkles, tanning, etc.

Ekta, a blogger, described how using a gold-based serum benefited her skin: “This has helped me so much with dehydrated and dull skin. It has improved the look of my skin. Not that it has made my skin fair, but when I wake up, my skin looks fresh and healthy and not dry and dull as it used to look before. My skin feels so smooth. It imparts a soft glow to the skin (i).”

Do trendy gold skin care products actually work? Check out this video and explore the truth behind these products and their effectiveness.

Infographic: 5 Ways Gold Can Help Your Skin

Gold is increasingly used in skin care products like facials, serums, essences, and facial masks. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties that may help with acne, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and sensitive skin. In addition, it may also show a noticeable improvement in skin texture. Check out the infographic below to know its best benefits.

top 5 benefits of gold for skin care (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The benefits of gold in skin care include wrinkle-free skin, no premature aging, high skin elasticity, hydration, rejuvenation, luminosity, and bright skin tone. These are all the more reasons to include gold in your skin care regimen. While the use of gold may appear to be a nice touch, its antioxidant properties go much beyond that. On the other hand, the richness of gold skin care products remains a drawcard: you feel good about using them and anticipate indulging, which is not a terrible thing. Finally, a golden tint can have an immediate impact on providing glossy, glowing, and healthy skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gold facial good for skin?

Yes, a gold facial is beneficial to the skin. It can increase skin suppleness, making your skin look younger and more revitalized.

How long should we leave the gold mask on?

You can leave the gold mask on for around 5-10 minutes.

Should I use a gold face mask in the morning or night?

If you are using a mask to nourish and prepare your skin for the day, use it in the morning. However, cleansing or exfoliating masks should be used at night.

Key Takeaways

  • Gold may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It moisturizes the skin and may prevent premature aging.
  • It reduces skin tanning caused by sunlight exposure.
  • It tightens saggy skin and makes it glow.
  • It brightens your skin tone and smoothes the texture.
Benefits of Gold in Skin Care

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